Broken Angel

Et Cetera swarms Callie asking for autographs.

Swift merely swarms, seemingly everywhere, blurrily.

“Like whoa!” Callie Sacramento starts writing, "Best wishes from US Angel, Callie" over and over again.

Swift blurs into view, looks aghast. "My word, there's no more petty, minor and major crime... nothing, nowhere, only remains to foil organized and super crime!"

Callie Sacramento asks, “Do those even exist?”

“We can all retire!” Miss USA pauses. “Oh, wait. Didn't hear all of that.”

“Not really, as there's still organized and super crime.” Swift grins.

“Hmm... looks like my pretty crime investments aren't paying off,” Bloodspirit notes. “I'll have to pour more resources in.”

Swift eyes Bloodspirit. "Uhm, you do know your exposition is out loud?"

Bloodspirit shrugs. “Maaaaaybe.”

Swift twitches.

Bloodspirit clarifies. “But the rookie heroines need SOMETHING to practice on to become worthy of my attention.”

“Ah, righto, proper plot and stuff, like in the funny pages, carry on!” Swift zooms to and fro. “What? Plot? Funny pages? Rookie heroines? what what?” Swift twitches more.

“I play a like rookie heroine on my TV show... but our plots tend to have me going up against something more than petty criminals... the audience wants to see the over-matched heroine triumph over long odds in the end after all!” Callie Sacramento grins.

Mr Jackal once again goes looking for something unusual or original to rob besides banks, Harry's beloved museums, or science labs. He finally settles on one of the major business centers in town, on the belief that one of his wayward artifacts was used in the bronze statue they keep in the lobby.

“Well, this isn't a TV show, this is real life!” Swift coughs, eyes furtive.

Callie Sacramento blinks at Swift and points out the margins. "Psst... comic book..."

Swift exclaims, “Gosh!”

Miss USA adds, “Is it really? Hmm. Someone should put together a panel and look into this!”

Aurora groans.

Callie Sacramento grins and steps into the next panel, suddenly having changed into her costume. She is now known as US Angel.

Mr Jackal introduces himself to the corporate lobby dramatically, by hurling an empty taxicab through the glass and steel front window. The fifty-food wide array, designed to let light into the lobby and make it feel open, shatters loudly at the impact of airborne vehicle.

US Angel jumps at the sound, telling the Etties that will be all the autogrgaphs for today, using her staff to vault out of the middle of the throng of like-looking women, running as her footies hit the pavement, in the direction of the crash.

Mr Jackal stomps into the lobby, glass shards shattering further under the weight of his obsidian stone form. Glittering sapphire eyes focused on the few guards that huddled within, pleased that they weren't going to bother shooting at him. He always hated it when 'norms' decided they could fight metas and pester him. He had things to do here.

US Angel vaults over a car and catches a ride on the top of a city bus, hopping off three blocks later in front of Pigeon Place, a recently constructed modern business office complex. She rushes up the steps on her short stout legs and leaps through the opening in the shattered glass. “What's going on...” US Angel twirls staff and poses heroically like she might on her show. “ oh crap... it's like you again!”

Mr Jackal stomped up to the desk the horrified receptionist was sitting it. Her eyes just got wider as he neared it, then leaned on it to say, "Mr. Jackal. I have an appointment with the lobby..." he started, before hearing a voice of growing familiarity. With a look over his shoulder and a sound of repressed fury, he ripped the desk out of the ground. "Everywhere I go there's a god damned Danger Doll!"

US Angel points her staff at the towering stone figure. "That's right! We're like on the job protecting this city from nutjobs like you!"

Mr Jackal lifts the desk over his head in one black taloned hand, using the other to point at US Angel. "This time... you're gonna get it." A quick shift of the grip and then a heave, and the desk went hurtling through the air towards the Doll.

US Angel activates the taser function of her staff as she rushes forward, flexing legs shimmering in pecan-tinted tights as she runs, her eyes widening at the sight of the flying desk, but she plants on end of her staff and manages to vault over it as it tumbles across the marble floor, her legs churning as she aims a flying 123 dropkick at the stone figure.

Mr Jackal is finally getting used to her agility, fully expecting her to fault the desk like that. His reflexes weren't good enough to evade the blow, but he managed to cross his arms in front of himself to block the force of the kick, before uncrossing them violently to try and hurl her away.

US Angel lands her kicks to palm, forearm, and tricep rather than the chest chin and cheek she intended. Still she backflips away from the last kick, barely pulling her ankle away from a reaching stone hand, swiping the taser end of her staff at the huge foe as she does so. “Like oh no you don't!”

Mr Jackal glares at her as she flips away. The brush of tazer, the triple kick, the sense of deja vu is as annoying as the shock from her staff is. He charges towards her as she lands, one massive hand spread out and aimed at her throat, the other reaching for that damned staff she always had to hit him with. "One of these times you'll stop getting lucky!"

US Angel lands deftly back on her feet, twirling her staff to bring it back around, eyes widening as she realizes the huge stone creature is already on top of her. The same eyes nearly pop out of their sockets as her throat is gripped and flailing feet come off the ground, her gloved hand desperately trying to hold on to her staff. “I don't think so... urk... grrk... hrrmpk...”

Mr Jackal keeps charging, shifting his grip to drive her head backwards and down, slamming the actor/heroine (and not the other way around) back-first against the ground, sending cracks through the marble and dragging her across the floor. Glass shards were swept aside by the transit, as he moved her on a beeline towards one of the walls head-first. "Maybe next time you wanna play heroine, you'll get one of Chickfighter's belts instead of just a stick!"

US Angel grunts as her form is dashed to the floor, more than just the floor cracking from the impact, squealing through the gurgling sound in her throat as she is dragged across the floor, her white leotard bloodied and shredded as the flesh inside collects glass shards like a wet mop. “Nngh... hel... hrrk... nnn...”

Swift would of course help, but is forbidden to do so by contract, because she makes fights too short and nobody can see what happens.

Mr Jackal releases his grip on her throat, letting her slide the last few feet into the wall instead of smashing her into it at full speed. Mauling a heroine was one thing, but cape-killers didn't tend to last long. He turned his back to her, marching back over to the statue he'd come for in the first place, and started tearing the bronze off in search of the piece he wanted. "I'll be back for you in a second, 'Angel...' "

US Angel thumps into the wall and lies still for several seconds before coughing up a little blood. The sound of the obsidian figure's voice seems to rouse her however. She rolls to hands and knees, grimacing as she looks up, gloved hand still wrapped tightly about her staff. US Angel mutters to herself, "Maybe the blow torch function..."

Mr Jackal digs black claws into metal, peeling away art deco design to find the piece he really wanted. With a dark smile, he peeled something out from the inside of the statue, a metal braclet that made the air darker around it and showed up only as a blur of static on the lobby's CC cameras. Even as he turned back towards her, all of his attention was on the object. "The clasp of Apep... hidden away from prying eyes for thousands of years... moved from statue to statue... now mine!"

US Angel struggles up, chest heaving as she gasps at excruciating pain, nipple of her left breast briefly peeking out through one of the many rents in the bloody leotard before disappearing again like a terrified mouse. But if Angel is afraid she doesn't show it, gritting teeth and staggering forward, blue flame erupting from one end of her staff as she thrusts it at the nine-foot tall foe.

Mr Jackal is still rambling about the relic in his hand as the battered, tattered heroine lunges forward with the staff roaring with fire. He doesn't even look down until the pain reaches his brain, seeing the blazing tip of blue-white light ripping into obsidian flesh. Blinking a few times as the information registered, the villain let out a roar of pain and swung a hand in a clumsy, violent defense of himself.

US Angel intently tries to burn a hole right through the chest of the blue figure, this effort taking all her fortitude, her legs wobbly, her costume soaked and clingy with blood, pieces of embedded glass protruding like fins in odd places. She never sees the clumsy backhand until it explodes in her consciousness at about two o'clock like a blinding flash of light. US Angel loses her staff as she goes tumbling across the marble, sprawling as she comes to a stop against a pillar.

Mr Jackal collapses to his knees, hacking loudly and coughing up something closer to tar than blood. The injury on his chest is deep, burned almost through to the other side, and is only slowly healing. He staggered to his feet, only to drop back down, his strength failing him. Gripping the clasp in one hand, he crawled on the limbs towards the shattered front of the lobby. "Time.... *wheeze* for a t-tactical... *gasp* retreat..."

US Angel lies there groaning for a moment, slowly raising her head, blood from her broken nose in her eyes, fingers of a gloved hand flaring, blindly searching the floor for her weapon, unaware it is a mere six inches away. "Like gotta move before he's on... me... ahhh..." She slumps back, unable to continue.

Swift readies the first aid kit, twitches.

Mr Jackal consoles himself with the knowledge that he got the artifact this time, as opposed to the last two times he fought her and just lost outright. It's a comforting thought, at least, since he keeps coughing up the black, tar-like blood. "Next time... *wheeze*... she'll really pay for getting in my way..."

US Angel finally begins to come around, shuddering as she tries to move, whimpering as she crawls to her staff, struggling to her feet, using the staff as a crutch as she staggers to the door, obviously in need of serious medical attention.

Swift blurs, and before US Angel can even blink, all the glass shards have been removed. She slows down "I'll take you to the ER if it's okay with you?"

US Angel 's voice is a little hoarse as she croaks out, "Thanks Swift... just take me back to the DDSTV Tower... one of Sara's stasis tubes will help me heal faster..." US Angel slumps against the slender woman.

Swift nod nods, but has already bandages the more serious wounds, steadies the wounded warrior and guides her towards the DDSTV tower. "Okies."

Mr Jackal claims a moral victory at least as he retreats to his secret lair.

Swift could of course have gone after Mr Jackal, but that'd mean leaving US Angel on her own, and so it's no real contest.

US Angel leans on swift, getting swift's costume bloody, but never letting go of her staff as she drags it along.

Swift doesn't worry about the blood, her suit can be cleaned, she does however worry about the danger doll. “Jeez, why do you attack a fellow that large and strong on your own?”

US Angel oddly already seems to be recuperating even as she strips to get into the stasis tube of artificial spinal fluid. "Err... well... I think I can be more than just a television heroine..."

Swift is rather quick about things, while US Angel ponders an answer, she blurs and sets her broken nose nicely which probably hurts like the dickens, but it's over in a jiff. “I see *crick* And so you are, brave and all that.”

US Angel groans, “Thanks.”

Swift replies, “No problem!”

Orb nudges Longo. “She's naked right now, you know.”

Longshot begins to nod, then does a take. “What??”

Orb hovers. “Yup.”

Longshot asks, “When did this happen?”

Orb replies, “Says so right here in the script.”

Mr Jackal plots revenge on all of the Danger Dolls, watching the Abominable Dr. Phibes for ideas on what to do to them.

US Angel grins wanly and plops into the glass tank in the basement lab of the DDSTV Tower, floating there in the all together.

Longshot begins pushing Orb. “Gogogogogogogogogo...”

Orb snorts. “And no, I'm not going anywhere.”

Swift smiles, salutes US Angel, then blurs and goes to change her uniform.

(April 2010)