Bloodrushed Too

Glockwork was obviously packing as she patrolled the streets this day, twin glocks tucked into shoulder holsters and a shotgun swung over back, all worn over the black cheer costume with the big scarlet P on the front. The usual smiley face button was in her hair. She appeared to be hunting for something or someone as she checked for clues about the sight of last night's apparent killing of two cops.

Bloodrush watched Glockwork quietly from the shadows and growled quietly to himself. His next target. Quietly he began following her as only an assassin could, grinning as she drew closer to where he had laid his trap.

Glockwork searched the area for tracks or blood or any sort of trail that might lead her to the perpetrator, the bizarre assassin who had slashed up Kei last night before escaping from the murdered policemen. "Cha got a badass body bagger after you now..."

Bloodrush grinned and leered out at her from the shadows so she could see the face of his skull mask. He grinned wickedly at her before lifting a bone covered finger to his lips, making a shh motion before disappearing into the shadows again.

Glockwork drew her glocks as she ran forward after the freak with the bone armor as he slipped away. "Stop or I'll open up on cha!"

Bloodrush cackled from the shadows always just far enough away for glockwork to see him disappear again, if she was using her brain she would realize he was leading her somewhere, but if she had let her emotions get the best of her...

Glockwork knew she was being led on, but she was anxious to avenge her friend and her crosstrainers with the scarlet fuzz balls pounded the ground. "I warned yo ass..." She fired two shots immediately at the next cackle, her hearing excellent, her markswomanship better.

Bloodrush barely dodged the bullets, laughing like the maniac he was, as he darted around another corner. As soon as he went around the corner he put on a burst of super speed, dashing up a wall and into a window he had opened earlier, waiting for the heroine to come around the corner and see what was left of the two officers.

Lion Lord walked past the dumpster, finishing a drink and throwing the bottle into the dumpster.

Samsoni gets hit by an errant bottle. “Oowwwwwww!”

Glockwork narrowed her eyes as her shots failed to hit anything. He couldn't be fast enough to dodge bullets could he? She made a face and continued her pursuit, cautiously coming around the building with her weapons at the ready. Her jaw dropped at the sight of the two police officers bodies.

Bloodrush grinned watching her from the shadowed window, lifting a blowgun made from bone to his lips and puffing, a long thing poisoned dart shooting for Glockwork’s neck.

Samsoni crawls up outta the dumpster, mumbling and grumbling, stops into a pharmacy, then sneaks back onto the roof of Miss Muscles gym.

Glockwork was hard to shock, but gaped for an instant at the two mutilated bodies hung from barbed wire wrapped about their ankles. She gulped as she waved her glocks around the alley, eyes searching the building facade. Something clanked off the gun in her right hand as she brought it around quite by coincidence at precisely the right instant. "Wha the... a dart... shit!" She opened up on the open window up above, firing several shots.

Bloodrush took only a moment to blink at her unbelievably good luck before having the good sense to dive away from the window, grabbing some bone knives and waiting for her to reload before throwing them.

Glockwork indeed emptied one entire clip, keeping her other gun trained on the window as she ejected the empty clip and reloaded a new clip from her shoulder harness. "Give it up! Now!"

Bloodrush grinned as he dashed across the window, letting loose three knives at her at super speed as he slid to one knee on the other side of the window.

Glockwork fired at the open window at the first glimpse of movement, getting off three shots before the first knife knocked gun she was firing from her left hand. The second and third knives embedded in the front of shoulder and thigh on her left side. Her face contorted in agony as she screeched out her pain.

Lion Lord smiles and waves to PSI. “How are you doing PSI?”

PSI Princess waves to her teammate. “I'm good, but what in the world?”

Longshot is lying under Rolling Justice, out of the line of fire and chaos.

PSI Princess looks about at the chaos, spots Longshot and gasps. "Quick, Lion Lord! Help me lift this thing."

Lion Lord gasps, sheathing his sword and using his strength he begins to lift with all he can!

Longshot sighs. “I was hiding under it.” Longo crawls out. “You can put it down.”

Lion Lord softly puts it down, "Twas risky being under there..."

“Oh.” PSI Princess looks relieved and annoyed.

Longshot ducks as a pistol shot whines by. “See? It's kinda unhealthy.”

Lion Lord brings out his shield as he deflects another.

PSI Princess flinches and dives behind Lion Lord's shield. "Good Lord, man! Can someone explain what is going on?"

Longshot guesses, “It's Sunday night?”

Lion Lord glares, "Tis not natural there be this much fighting!"

PSI Princess blurts out, "Don't tell me this is the Church crowd let out. I mean I know some sermons really fire up their group, but sheesh!"

Longshot yanks open the side hatch of Rolling Justice and gestures. “It might be safer in here!”

Lion Lord sniffs the air, "I smell blood! Someone his hurt I can be sure of it!"

PSI Princess summons up a wind current, tossing her rug out, hopping on. "Which way, Lion Lord? Hop on."

Lion Lord hops on the rug with her and sniffs the air, pointing east, "That way! It’s coming from the alleys!"

Catwoman sips some wine as she sees a flying carpet pass by and sarcastically remarks "Of course...why wouldn't that happen in empire..."

PSI Princess nods and starts to fly there as fast as she can. Just in case of stray bullets she has Lion Lord in front with his shield while she kneels behind him, steering the currents.

Lion Lord kneels with his shield out as he peers over it still following the smell of blood, something he had gotten used to in battle.

Bloodrush peeked out the window and grinned, tossing out two more thin bone knives from hiding.

Glockwork was in excruciating pain but not immobilized. She fired the gun in her right hand as the bone man peered out of the window. An instant later she grunted as two more knives embedded themselves in her flesh. She staggered back, looking like a human pincushion with the four bone knives protruding from her body.

Bloodrush ducked back when she shot, growling to himself. He reached down and picked up a rather large nasty looking crossbow made of human pieces, mostly bone and suddenly appeared in the window, firing the crossbow at Glockwork, a sharpened femur firing towards her belly.

Glockwork was still firing even as the arrow of bone hit her in the tummy, right below the P. It knocked her back like a punch to the stomach and two flailing steps later she went down on her back, five shards of bone sticking from her body, blood pouring forth from the wounds. “Shit... I guess... he can... dodge... bullets...”

Lion Lord sniffs as he points to the ground, "There! It’s strong!"

PSI Princess dives and soon she sees Glockwork injured on the ground. "Good lord! Are those...bones?" She looks for Glockwork's opponent as she lands the rug moving the current into a shield as she strafes sideways to move the shield in front of her and Glockwork.

Lion Lord leaps off the rug as he rushes a bit forward to see if he could find the attacker.

Bloodrush tilts his head to one side as help arrives, putting down his crossbow. He silently drew the two femur blades from his back before dashing at Lion Lord at super speed, bringing both blades forward towards the hero's neck in an attack aimed to decapitate.

Lion Lord eyes glare as he could hear the dashing coming up from behind him, the training helped greatly as at the last second ducks and elbows with his sword behind to nail him in the gut, "Chhhitttt!"

Bloodrush dodged to the left at the last possible second as Lion Lord reacted, skidding to a kneeling halt several feet away, the bone covered assassin glaring at the three of them as he twirled the small swords made of human bone. "You interfere with my dinner."

Glockwork gurgles a bit, instinctively ejecting empty clips and slamming new ones into her glocks even as she bleeds out on the asphalt of the alley, blinking as some unknowns intercede. She spots something coming out of the window and starts firing again, bullets pinging of the brick facade as she tries to track the blur.

PSI Princess cries, "Hey watch it. You'll just hit my partner with my winds deflecting bullets! " She disperses the current so that Glock can aim better. "Fleshcrafter!"

Lion Lord glares as he twirls his Crystalis Sword and glares, "Demon! You shall not pray on the innocent!"

Glockwork curses as her clips run out just before the speedy one stops. She tries to pull the shotgun out from around her shoulder and fire it at the crazy in the bone armor.

Bloodrush slowly cracked his neck before looking up at the two mangled corpses hanging above him, blood dripping down onto him. "No?"

Glockwork’s shotgun fires with a big BOOM!

Lion Lord flinches from the sound of the shotgun and dives back to make sure he is not hit as well.

PSI Princess grins as Lion Lord dodges and follows Glock's aim, attempting to drive a powerful current at Bloodrush to pin him against a wall.

Bloodrush saw Glockwork lift her shotgun and, in an amazing display of acrobatics, bent at the knee to land on his shoulders, dodging most of the buckshot as the gust of wind actually aided him, keeping him low enough to avoid harm.

PSI Princess mutters, “Agile bastard...”

Lion Lord glares as he focuses on his sword, using the power of the water he shoots ice to try to freeze the bone demon in place.

Bloodrush was gone before the ice got there, rolling at incredible speed before leaping to his feet and dashing up a wall, raining thin bone darts down on the group, if examined the doctor of the group might recognize them as finger bones.

Glockwork blinked as her blast was literally dodged. She slumped back as consciousness began to swirl away. The shotgun slid from her hand and her arms flopped out limply.

Lion Lord gasps as he puts his shield up again as one of the daggers slashes his right leg as he tries to hold back the pain.

PSI Princess has to blast the current outward but one of the finger darts cuts through and slices along her arm. "Argh!"

Glockwork lurches with the impact of each little projectile that hits her. “Ungh. Ungh. Ungh.”

Bloodrush perched on a rooftop, growling at the group below as yet another joined the fray. He spat down at them before sheathing his bone blades and dashing away, too fast to hope to catch.

Lion Lord gets up as his right leg bleeds some as he comes over, "Are you both alright?"

PSI Princess can't think of following as she stumbles back to Glockwork, clutching her arm. "She's in critical condition. Help me slide her to the rug."

Lion Lord nods and helps lift her to the rug as he limps onto it as well.

PSI Princess drags the rug closer and then kneels by the woman's head, sliding her hands, one of them bloody under the shoulders. "Wait...I need you to help me lift the rug so I can get a current under it..."

Lion Lord nods deeply, "Aye of course..." He flinches as he lifts the rug despite his leg wound, "Hurry..."

Glockwork is a ragdoll and bleeding profusely as she is manhandled onto the carpet, numerous bones protruding from her body. She gurgles. "Didja get 'm...?"

PSI Princess winces herself, straining but manages to get the rug slightly off the ground with the woman, just enough to summon the current under and get it to hover. Then she and Lion Lord climb on and head to the hospital. "No, I'm sorry. He got away. I've never seen such reflexes!"

Lion Lord groans softly, "Aye, tis not a man, its a demon, anyone will be in grave danger."

Bloodrush is glad everyone is so properly terrified.

Glockwork slumps back, her eyes closed. "Sorry... Kei... I failed..."

PSI Princess pushes back the hair from the woman's forehead. "Hey, you did your best. That's all anyone can ask for."

Lion Lord nods, "We got him to retreat like the coward he is... at least its some sort of victory..." He looks at his wound, hoping its not an infection.

Arik Cabral watches the heroes and heroines from above, thinking on his recently taken captive and the bloody battle he just observed.

Glockwork coughs up blood and dreams of happier times shooting things.

PSI Princess gets them to the hospital and Glockwork is taken on a gurney to the emergency operating room, and the others are stitched up.

Lion Lord stands with the bandages around his wound as the pain isn't as great as it was.

PSI Princess asks to keep the finger daggers and other pieces extracted from Glockwork as she makes a call...

(June 2011)