Blood Rushed


Prism sits up on a rooftop, overlooking a small street cafe, busily positioning a thrall unit with a large sniper weapon mounted into its shoulder, so that it has the perfect arc of fire. Agent Joshua Carter is about to get his retirement package in a big way, she thinks to herself.

Kunoichi Kei waits at the ER while Tsunami gets bandaged up. "If you're good to drive the car back to the Tower on your own, Nami, I'll just walk back to get some air." "As you say, Miss Kishimoto." Kei enjoys the way her lavender silk cheongsam parts along her leg when she walks, giving a glimpse of powerful thigh all the way to the waist with ever step.

Samsoni whistles and shouts, “Ditto for me!”

Kunoichi Kei grins at Sam, decides to stop at a small street cafe on the way home to get a soda and watch the people pass as she sits out on a nice evening in the city.

Blood Rush sat quietly on a rooftop, looking out on the city, idly dragging his tongue along his bone knife as he waited for the target he had been hired to assassinate to arrive.

Kunoichi Kei continues to sip her soda and watch the people from her seat in the corner cafe.

Blood Rush strokes the jawbone he is wearing as a sort of armor on his face as he watches the city quietly.

Kunoichi Kei checks her myWand to see if Tsunami made it back to the Tower safe and sound, gapes as she sees an alert from Joanie that there could be a sniper on the rooftops. Kei blinks and glances up.

Blood Rush continues licking his bone knife, crouching on the rooftop, his yellow eyes scanning the café below.

Kunoichi Kei sees nothing at present, but realizes she better be on alert if the airship has spotted potential lurkers up above. Kei sips her soda and tries to text Agent Carter.

Blood Rush tilted his head to one side as he spotted Kei, twirling his bone knife before sheathing it on his back and leaping from his precipice, going about halfway down the building before his feet find the wall and he starts running down instead, his super speed kicking in. He hit the ground at a run, zooming along the ground to skid to a halt in front of Kei.

Kunoichi Kei heard something before she saw it. She brought a knee up under the table to flip it up like a shield between herself and whatever was approaching so fast, lifting her drink in her hand as she did so. "Wha... the... who... are you?"

Blood Rush slowly tilted his head to one side, his neck cracking several times as he grinned at Kei from under his skull helmet, the jaw bone he wore as a bottom half to his helmet only adding to the effect. "Kei?"

Kunoichi Kei nodded. “Hai, I'm Miss Kishimoto. What can I do for you?”

Blood Rush grinned all the more as he dashed at Kei with incredible speed, leaping over the table and drawing a femur blade from his back, a human femur turned into a small sword, swinging it at Kei.

Kunoichi Kei instinctively tried to sidestep, but there was no time. The glass of soda in her hand exploded as she atempted to block the strike, sticky soft drink spraying everywhere. “Yikes! What the...”

Blood Rush skidded to a halt behind Kei, turning into a low crouch to face her again, lifting the femur blade to his mouth and slowly licking a small drop of blood from it. "I am here to end you." He said before dashing at Kei again.

Kunoichi Kei blinked and whirred into motion herself, trying to anticipate a similar attack to the first, barely able to follow the blur of the man in the suit of bones as he rushed at her. She yelped as his bone knife caught her across the midsection, the opening in her dress revealing a red slice on the abs. Kei gulped and looked about. "I hate speedsters..."

Blood Rush turned quickly, drawing his other femur blade and advancing on her quickly, stabbing at her midsection in rapid succession, his super speed making the flurry even worse.

Kunoichi Kei found herself backing into another table as the front of her dress was turned into lavender confetti and her concave abdomen bloodied. She kicked up a heel as she rolled backwards over the table in an effort to escape to stabbings, lavender silk fluttering in her wake.

Blood Rush stepped to one side in a blur, smiling wildly at Kei as he suddenly dashed away from her to the other side of the street, holding up four long thing bones between each finger before throwing them at her in high-speed succession.

Kunoichi Kei had already picked up the table to advance on him, the knives embedding into the makeshift shield with a series of thuds. She began to run forward, ignoring that her dress was gone below the waist in the front and blood was already darkening the tops of her lavender thigh-high stockings.

Blood Rush tilted his head as Kei charged before dashing towards her left and then back towards her, rushing by and slashing at the back of her knee.

Kunoichi Kei screamed out as her leg buckled and she went down, whipping the table in her hands around behind her in a wide arc and letting it fly as she sprawled, hoping to hit something. Her head was on a swivel as she struggled to get up.

Blood Rush widened his eyes as he went through the table as Kei swung it, spinning and tumbling, rolling several meters before skidding to a halt on his back, eyes glazed over some way away from Kei.

Kunoichi Kei finally managed to stand there bloodied and panting for air, eyes furtive as she limped toward the shadow of a lamppost by the street. She took a fighting stance in front of the pole as if to make her final stand.

Blood Rush slowly rose to his feet, shaking his head to try and clear his eyes. He looked up at Kei with a hint of suspicion as he began to circle her, giving her a good twenty foot radius as he studied her.

Kunoichi Kei narrowed her eyes and kept her back to the pole as she circled with him. "Why are you trying to kill me? Who are you? Who sent you?"

“I do not get paid to ask questions. I am told where good food is and am sent to get it, nothing more." Blood Rush hissed out before charging her again, blades at the ready to cut her in half.

Kunoichi Kei was indeed seemingly cut in half below the overhang of her boobs by those blades, the lavender dress was slashed in two, but then it became clear the fluttering lavender silk was empty. Kei knew she had one chance to make her shadow trick work. From the far side of the lamppost she whipped out her yoyo, trying to bind her foe to the pole while he was engaged in slashing her dress.

Blood Rush moved with lightning reflexes, cutting the dress in two before continuing on. His eyes widened in surprise at Kei’s shadow trick right before they crossed. Kei’s yoyo didn’t quite bind him, instead binding his feet together, causing the speedster to go face first into the lamp post, his arms and one foot going on either side of the pole, his skull helmet cracking and his femur blades flying past to embed themselves in a brick wall.

Kunoichi Kei blinked as the blades flashed past, one slashing the ribbon in her hair, allowing the chestnut locks to fall across her face. She exhaled slowly, realizing that could have been her life flashing by.

Blood Rush slowly fell backwards off the pole showing the face-shaped dent in it as he hit the ground, his eyes crossed and the would-be assassin out cold.

Kunoichi Kei was on her foe as quickly as she could be, looking to finish binding him before he regained his senses, leaving him to the police as they arrived, desperately needing medical attention herself, bleeding out over her lavender undies and stockings.

Blood Rush was carted off to a police cruiser. The police couldn’t seem to remove his skull helmet. Later it was reported that the car he had been put in was found a mile from the station, the inside covered in blood and both officers missing.

Kunoichi Kei was still in the ER when she heard the news, grimacing for the officers first and then beginning to worry about who wanted her dead and why.

(June 2011)