Blonde Justice


Michael Vescovi walks out the back door of the complex known as Sanctuary, giving only a vague wave in response to the greetings sent from those loitering in the alley, each contributing to the cloud of pot smoke that lingered around them. Tossing duffle bag onto passenger seat, Michael starts the vehicle and drives off for the heart of downtown.

Blonde Justice trails the vampire on the back of a big Harley as he heads downtown, long blond hair fluttering back from her visored face like streamers.

Michael Vescovi drives on, cutting through downtown and toward the loading docks of Empire City, turning the Lexus registered under Stephanos' name into the alley of an all but abandoned block. Fenced off lots and a run down apartment building scheduled for demolition in the coming week. It would be this building Michael ascended, the aged fire escape rattling as he climbs up to the roof.

Blonde Justice cuts off her Harley's engine and coasts around the corner just beyond the alley, parking the bike and doubling back quickly, loading hollow point oak rounds into her handguns with leather gloved hands. "This should do the trick on that monster..."

Michael Vescovi stands at the edge of the roof looking through binoculars at a distant warehouse, observing the same elements he had on the night before. The movements of security, what they were armed with, loading and unloading activity and lastly who came and who went

Blonde Justice catches a glimpse of Vescovi ascending to the roof and stays back, waiting until he is out of sight on the roof before following, taking the fire escape cautiously in brown leather boots.

Again, the fire escape was old, rusted and noisy. Michael had made no effort at all to muffle the sounds of his ascent, the ringing of aged metal echoing on for blocks as he'd gone up, but it was doubtful anybody had heard it or was even around to hear. For Justice, using the fire escape to make her ascent undetected would be a challenge, progress would need to be painstakingly slow, but time was on her side, the vampire wouldn't be going anywhere for several hours.

Blonde Justice indeed takes her time, positioning each foot securely before shifting her weight, her athleticism and long legs making this take less time than one might think. Still there is the occasional creak of shifting supports, her visor looks up each time, watching closely.

Michael Vescovi pays little mind to the creaks coming from the fire escape, attributing the noise to the wind as the old metal wasn't exactly securely fastened anymore. Hell, if a fair gust came along and the damn thing could just up and collapse while he was up here scouting the warehouse, which was why he'd brought along some rope. Never knew when it might come in handy.

Blonde Justice reaches the top of the rickety iron stairs, blond hair fluttering in the breeze as her visored face peeks over the edge of the roof to locate her target, gloved hands already reaching for her guns, the long athletic body in the black full-length bodyglove tensed and ready to go.

Michael Vescovi lowers binoculars as a gust of wind rustles disheveled hair, gloved hand reaching up in an attempt to smooth the unruly locks into some semblance of order. His next actions were a blur, the vampire dropping to a knee as he spun about, 9mm drawn and fired before the *click* of thumbing back of hammer even reached the ears of the heroine, the target of the single bullet to be upper thigh.

Blonde Justice is also firing by the time she takes the roof, running forward, a pair of shots aimed at the upper torso, wooden bullets designed to fragment on impact. She sprawls forward on the chat of the roofing as her leg is knocked out from under her. "Shit!"

Michael Vescovi barely registers the impact of the custom made ammunition. Having gotten tired of his shirts always getting ruined, the vampire had taken to wearing a vest when working. Didn't save his coat from getting holes punched through it, unfortunately.

Blonde Justice grimaces as she crawls forward and her visor looks up at the vampire, using two hands to aim the one pistol she still holds, targeting the forehead of the annoyed-looking vampire even as the leg she is dragging bleeds out on the tar roof.

Michael Vescovi slowly rises to his feet. "What is it with you bitches?" Gesturing angrily with firearm as he spoke. "Always seem to have the need to pop in and fuck up every little thing I do." Eyes narrow as he watches Justice aim her gun for his head. "Go on, pull that trigger. I guarantee you only one of us will be dyin' up here tonight. Doesn't have to be that way though..." Taking a single step closer to the wounded heroine. " could live to see another day, or you can try to bring about my end and die here, alone."

Blonde Justice knows vampires only lie and if she is going to die it will be fighting. A leather-clad finger depresses the trigger. The muzzle flashes as it sends its answer, reflected in the vigilante's visor almost like a light flickering on in her eyes.

You know those movies where vampires move so fast it's almost like they're teleporting? Well, Michael can't do that. He -can- move fast enough to dodge bullets, however. And as the muzzle flash lights up the rooftop, the vampire merely sidesteps, a blur of an action from Justice' viewpoint, the next second ending with the barrel of his weapon pressed against top of her head. "Looks like you had your turn, sweetness. Now I guess it's time for mine."

Blonde Justice 's face is contorted in agony as she stares up at the vampire although all he can see in the mirrored visor is a reflection of nothing holding a gun to her head. Her gun is still in her hand and pointed at his crotch now as she fires again before he can finish his threat.

Ouch. Kudos to Justice. That's gonna sting. Michael staggers away as the wooden bullet rips through his groin, unfortunately the vest didn't offer protection to that portion of his anatomy. It didn't have the vampire screaming, not in pain at least, Instead he was yelling out string after string of curses, gritting teeth as he fought back the urge to put a bullet in Justice' head. "You fucking bitch! Goddamn it! Auuggghhh!" He turned multiple times, each one in continued effort to resist putting her out of his misery. "It isn't good enough I need to get a new coat, but you had to ruin my pants too!!?" The vampire hissed as he aimed the barrel of his gun at her skull. "Do you have any idea how much it's going to suck digging those fragments out?" Features rippled between expressions of anger and restraint, a decision reached as aim shifted to that of Justice's apparent favored gun arm and plugging a single bullet into matching shoulder. "Tag, you whore, you're it!!"

Blonde Justice yelps as her right shoulder is hit, gun flying from her gloved hand as the whole arm lurches. She rolls sideways, left hand shooting out, clawing at the rooftop, other shoulder straining as she reaches for her other gun, fingers finally grasping the handle as the vampire curses, lifting it to fire at his knee, shaking with pain as she tries to take aim.

"No, no more shooting." Michael berates as he stalks forward, grinding heel of boot into wounded shoulder. "You've been naughty enough, ruining my clothes like that. If this keeps up I'll need new boots too."

Blonde Justice screams as the boot comes down, the gun held by her quivering good arm wheeling upward at his face as she squeezes off the shot meant for his knee before losing a handle on the gun completely, shuddering in pain beneath the vampire's boot as the gun drops to the tar and chat.

Michael Vescovi barely has time to react, the bullet sending out a spray of blood as it tears through his cheek, tilting his head upward with the force. As gaze turns back down upon Justice, only a single gray eye stares at her, the other having been torn to shreds by the bullet's exit path, the bone ridge above the eye missing. The beast was roaring in his mind, demanding that it's lust be sated. Teeth grating loudly, knowing that his will was not strong enough to hold his thirst at bay forever, Michael reached down to wrench the heroine up, gloved fingers digging into the wound at her shoulder. "Tell me...why I shouldn't kill you now...TELL ME!!"

Blonde Justice twitches as she is hoisted up, the flesh encased in the skintight bodysuit shivering, though whether in fear or from the cold touch of the night air it cannot be said for sure. "You're a monster! Uncle Cordell says all vampires are monsters... you are programmed to kill... you couldn't control your blood lust if your life depended on it..." her voice quavers, hanging in the night air much as she does, waiting for the verdict.

"And yet here you are, still alive..." Michael replies, forcing her to look at his bullet torn visage. "...for now." Single eye peers at the visor, finding the barrier unpleasant but not of a mind to remove it. "In time, the loss of blood will weaken you to a point of unconsciousness, soon after I suspect you will bleed to death. But that not need be your fate. I can save you."

Blonde Justice sputters, coughing and gulping down blood before she can retort through clenched teeth, "I can only pray that my Uncle Cordell will put an end to me if you try to enthrall me, Monster!"

Michael Vescovi raises a brow at her words. "Uncle Cordell, is it?" Now he had a partial name to go on. "Very well, if you wish to assure your end then I suppose I have no other choice but to grant your request." Dropping Justice, Michael holstered sidearm and took out his knife, kneeling then at her side and placing hand beneath chin to lift her head, edge of blade positioned at her throat. "Are you quite certain?"

Blonde Justice gulps, creasing her throat slightly in the process. "I... I knew... coming up here... it was you or me..." A bloody glove reaches up to touch the silver star pinned to her left breast, falling away as her body slumps.

The blade draws a trail of crimson as it passes across her throat, Michael dropping knife and swiftly leaning down to press mouth over the bleeding wound, pale lips stained as he feeds on the dying woman's vitae, the beast rejoicing in his mind as he drinks. Once his thirst is sated, Michael lays the woman down gently, leaving her as she is while he prepares to leave the rooftop. In silence, the vampire climbs down the fire escape, walks to his car and begins the return drive to Sanctuary. He'd not be using this location for surveillance again.

Blonde Justice lays there bleeding to death as the moon shadows lengthen, one becoming a ninja in red silk who scoops up the bleeding woman, tosses her over a shoulder and disappears over the side of the building, once more merging with the shadows.

(February 2009)