Blue Belle smiles as the lights come up in The Arty Johnson Coliseum revealing her standing in the middle of the wrestling ring. “Welcome denizens of Empire, fans of Super Humans Of Crazy Kombat, villains, heroines, assorted rasslin’ nuttahs! Tonight we're gonna Rock the John as SHOCK brings you a grudge match for the title. It'll be US Angel's first appearance since Hellhound kidnapped her and we have quite a match for you as Cinder Block gets a chance to avenge his only loss. Are you truly ready to TRRRRRREMBLE!”

Yeti Taz serves chocolate-chip oatmeal cookie ice cream sandwiches at the concession stand.

Dee concedes to deliciousness at Taz's.

Richard Grayson walks into the coliseum and finds his seat near ringside. He buys a hotdog and soda from a vendor and sits down, dressed in a simple pair of blue jeans, tennis shoes and an black button up long sleeve shirt.

Blue Belle takes a deep breath. "And now I give you our angry challenger... with quite a reputation... for crushing foes and cinder blocks with his bare hands... a huge man... with a chip on his shoulder... at 7'3” 490 pounds... Cinder Block!”

CINDER BLOCK comes out to the blaring Heavy Metal, to Ozzy's "Over the Mountain", his blue and yellow sleeveless jumpsuit clinging to his MASSIVE frame...he walks rather quickly for such a big man, mask covering his face, though his mouth and beard was visible...he didn't look very happy. Walking quickly, he walks up the steel steps and pushing the ropes down, he steps over. Usually he's yelling at the booing fans and high-fives the cheering fans, but he ignores them this time. He's on a mission, watching the entrance ramp like a hawk.

Blue Belle brings the mike close to her apple lips, “And now for the Danger Doll you’ve all been waiting to see... gymnast turned wrestler turned television superheroine and cover model... at 5’ 1” 114 pounds, the indomitable undisputed SHOCK champion... back from her ordeal and ready to kick more ass... the one and only... US Angel!”

US Angel runs into the arena carrying a red white and blue staff that she uses to vault directly from the floor all the way over the top rope, flipping in the air and landing deftly in the center of the ring. As “Angel” by Aerosmith plays she salutes fans with a blue-gloved hand, beaming from ear to ear and bouncing to each corner to point her staff at the crowd before laying it aside on the apron.

Blue Belle slips out through the ropes to find her seat.

CINDER BLOCK would charge the second she turned around, brass knucks now visible on his right-gloved hand. He charged and went for a wild haymaker, already trying to knock her out of the ring! "HRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!"

US Angel beams to her fans, enjoying being back in the ring for the first time in over a month, only to turn around right into a haymaker that nearly snaps her head off her body. She stumbles back against the ropes, becoming entangled in them. “Wha... unnggghhhh...”

CINDER BLOCK gave a snarl, and slipping the knucks off his hand, he bent down to grab her staff, stepping back a bit, already winded from charging so quickly...still, he took aim, and swinging the staff by the end like a baseball bat, he aimed it for her chest area, again, using all his considerable strength. "NOBODY CHEATS ME!"

“Wait a minute! He can't do that! The bell hasn't...” Blue Belle trails off as someone ringside does in fact ring the bell and the ref shrugs.

US Angel struggles to free her arms from the ropes, eyes widening as the huge man picks up her own staff, bringing up her stout shimmering legs to try to kick it away only to miss. She lurches as it strikes her proud chest, the shape of her bosom making the flag emblem appear to flutter like her heart as her breasts jiggle.

Lara Raith raises an eyebrow.

CINDER BLOCK gnashes his teeth, and tossing the staff aside to clutter against the mat, he backed up a few paces...then charged for a clothesline. If it hit, it would knock both of them out to the mat. True, he himself would also take a spill, but at this point, as long as it hurt her more, he was alright with it...

Blue Belle notes, “I guess we DID agree to no rules... no count outs... submission, knockout or pin anywhere tonight... but this is a sneak attack... oh my!”

US Angel lurches violently as she is nearly decapitated, but finally freed from the ropes, flipping over them and spilling roughly to the mats covering the concrete ringside at the John. “Aarrrggghhhhh... UNGH!”

BlackWidow seems to have arrived into the middle of a match. Remains in a shadow.

Blue Belle grimaces. "Don't give up, Angel!"

CINDER BLOCK himself landed on his back, grunting at the impact...he lay there a few moments, before rolling to his knees, he would reach down to grab at Angel's hair...if he managed this, he would roll her up as he climbed to his feet...only to start running toward the security railing, aiming to smash the top of Angel's head into that metal fencing! This was just a damn mugging attempt!

US Angel groans and writhes for a long moment herself, finally shaking her head and rolling to hands and knees, looking up just in time for her eyes to widen as her mussed hair is grasped by a hand big enough to engulf the top half of her head as it pulls her up. She stumbles along, beating her fists against the wrist behind the hand until her head encounters the metal railing. Angel crumples, blood running down her face.

CINDER BLOCK laughs, standing near the fans and holding his hand up in the Devil-Horns, ignoring the shocked silence of the crowd. "HAAAAA HA HA HA HA! CINDER BLOCK, #1 FOREVER!"

Blue Belle is shocked into silence at the mike.

CINDER BLOCK then reaches and knocks a fan on his ass, reaching further to grab a steel folding chair, testing it, not even paying attention to Angel right now... “This might work.”

Yeti Taz gets the fans to start a "You suck!" chant at Cinder Block.

Lara Raith cheers for Cinder Block.

US Angel flops out on her back on the floor, groaning and spitting blood as she comes around, struggling to even turn over, seemingly unaware where she even is.

Harley Quinn climbs into Lara's popcorn bucket.

Richard Grayson chants with the crowd and does a "X" crotch chop in CINDER BLOCK's direction.

Blue Belle white knuckles the announce table. "Get up, Angel!"

US Angel finds the railing and pulls herself up on it, her stout shimmering legs wobbling.

CINDER BLOCK looks down at Angel, pulling herself up, sneering...before hoisting that chair HIIIIIIGH up above his head...and SWINGING it down, aiming it at the general direction of his foe, not caring what he exactly hit. "STAY DOWN, HUSSY!"

US Angel is still a wrestler and by pure instinct throws up her arms to block the chair shot to her head. She goes to a knee and charges forward on all fours, clenching a fist and aiming a nutcracker right up between Cinder Block's legs. “No way!”

Blue Belle exclaims, “Yes! That's it! Fight back!”

CINDER BLOCK is surprised at the chair deflection, and a second later, he gets a crunch, right where it counts! The man is built Ford Tough(product placement), but this is something else entirely! He leans over on the railing, eyes damn year crossing. His mouth makes an 'O' shape.

Yeti Taz starts the crowd to chanting "Angel! Angel! Angel!"

US Angel rolls into the back of the big man's knees, hoping to collapse them backwards and, if successful, roll him up by grabbing his ankles and pushing them past his face.

Blue Belle joins in. "Angel Angel Angel."

Richard Grayson yells, "put the hurt on 'im Angel!"

Somewhere, Kurt Malkomes is watching this on TV. "Make her suffer. I wanna see her beg!"

Black Widow is also cheering for Cinder, just cause she wants to see US Angel suffer.

CINDER BLOCK felt her smashing into the back of his knees, but even distracted like this, the man had a hell of a strength advantage. He merely staggered forward, and out of instinct, shot his right leg backward, the heel of it aiming for Angel's groin, and trying to land it HARD. A body for an eye was Cinder's motto!

US Angel grunts in rather unladylike fashion, stunned into near paralysis by the kick, her blood streaked face contorted in agony as she tries to crawl away.

Blue Belle winces. “Fans, this doesn't look good at all... Angel's in real trouble here.”

Yeti Taz gets the fans started on a new chant. "Cinder works for TNA" *clap clap clapclapclap* "Cinder works for TNA" *clap clap clapclapclap*

CINDER BLOCK takes a little bit of time to recover, but not THAT much...he slightly limps toward Angel, grabbing at both of her ankles, and if he manages, he willd grab both of them, with one hand. His hands are, indeed, very huge...if he manages this, he will drag Angel toward the announce table, where the title belt is.

US Angel squeals as her ankles are clamped together in one big hamhock of a hand, squirming frantically as she is dragged along, shaking her head, upturned plump rump rippling as it rolls about in the shiny nylon tights.

Blue Belle gulps and gets up from her chair to back away as the big man approaches, shaking her head and waving her arms at him. “Whatever you're thinking... don't... haven't you done enough already?”

CINDER BLOCK chuckles and looks at Belle, even as his other hand went to grab that Title Belt. "I ain't even started yet, toots!"

Black Widow cheers.

Blue Belle blinks and gapes at the huge mountain of flesh.

Catwoman grins. “Oh another match?”

CINDER BLOCK chuckles, and then... steps, and HOISTS his arm, going to throw Angel up high in the air, and trying to aim her for the center of the ring, hoping she lands ungracefully...

Catwoman notes, “Sure does seem like a ton of people get title shots that really don't deserve them.”

Lara Raith agrees with Catwoman.

Catwoman adds, “Now that Bobcat, she’s a winner!”

Lara Raith stares blankly. “Never heard of her.”

Catwoman continues, “Well Bobcat’s clearly the greatest SHOCK wrestler there is...although that isn’t saying much.”

US Angel is swung around by the ankles, flailing as she becomes airborne, unable to tuck and land with her usual deftness, but instead landing on her ass and rolling over in a heap. She groans and creeps toward the corner where she sees her staff lying on the apron.

CINDER BLOCK reaches under the tarp, and pulls out...a big bag, kind of like what Santa would have. Chuckling, he put both the bag and the belt in the ring, as he slid under the ropes, slowly, breathing heavily as he works to his feet...he sees what Angel is doing, and begins to step toward her, chuckling at her determination. "Better hope ya get it, kid!"

US Angel falls flat on her face once, then continues to crawl forward, in obvious pain, face covered in blood, her leotard now soaked with blood and sweat as well. The fingers of a blue glove flare as they reach for her weapon, the red white and blue staff she wields so well on her TV show.

CINDER BLOCK only sneers and grabs low at her ankle, trying to SLIIIIDE her painfully away from that tool...and if he managed this, he would lift his foot up HIGH, and try to stomp that massive heavy boot across the back of the Angel's skull. "I had fun kid, but time to de-wing ya, and take what's MINE!"

Blue Belle entreats, “Come on, Angel... you can make it... oh noooooooo...”

US Angel nearly has the staff in her grasp, but she is drawn back a split second before her fingers can close. A second later a big boot bounces her head into the mat with a sick thud. Angel's limbs flop out limply in all directions.

Richard Grayson winces.

Blue Belle gasps. “I... I don't know what to say... this is just brutal... terrible...”

CINDER BLOCK chuckles, and raises his hands as if he's a conquering hero, basking in the silence, and boos from those truly moved by this...then, he reaches down into that bag and pulls out...A CINDER BLOCK! He laughs, waving it around, before placing it down, in the center of the ring...

Yeti Taz gets the crowd started on an "asshole asshole asshole" chant at Cinder.

US Angel lies on the mat, twitching about, unaware of what is happening.

“Wait a minute! Can he do that? I mean... well yes I know it's not officially over yet... and there are no rules... but...” Blue Belle falls as deathly quiet as the crowd in "The John."

Tempest remarks, “Umm I don't think "no rules" allows for assault with intent.”

Catwoman smirks, clapping her hands as she sees the block pulled out.

CINDER BLOCK chuckles and, grabbing Angel by the hair, he would drag her over, only to, very, very her down, place her face against that heavy block, gently...this had to be juuust perfect, as he aims and makes sure, it's the right angle...before standing, and pulling his suspender straps down over his shoulders, signaling it was time...

Blue Belle gapes in disbelief.

Catwoman asks, “Is he going for the Ram Jam?!”

US Angel slumps as if napping on the block, murmuring as she is positioned, the lights sparkling off her shiny hiney as it points up and her head faces down.

CINDER BLOCK stands sideways, he gives out a loud roar, and HOISTS his foot up, like a Sumo Wrestler, holding that mighty, meaty limb up in the air for a sickeningly long time...before bringing it down, hard as he can, aiming straight for the back of that skull, screaming as he intents to break that block, with Angel's face!

US Angel's face crunches through the block to the canvas beneath, possibly breaking much more than her nose, blood pooling under the crumbled pieces of stone around the head of the SHOCK champion, lying face down with her butt stuck up in the air.

Blue Belle audibly sniffles. "That has to be it..." Then with some anger, "That's enough, Blockhead... she's out... you win!"

Richard Grayson chucks his soda at CINDER BLOCK, booing.

CINDER BLOCK isn't one to give much mercy, even in simply pinning, so reaching down and grabbing her by the back of her costume, he would toss her up, just to have her land on her back...assuming this all went off without a hitch, he would grab that title, and then lift his boot and bring it down, gently above her tits, snapping at the ref, and pointing to the mat, wanting him to count...all while holding that title in the air, raising it high.

Black Widow cheers!

Catwoman cheers for the bad guy as is befitting a villainess such as herself.

CINDER BLOCK appreciates the villainesses cheering.

Catwoman may not think this newcomer deserves the title, but still appreciates seeing any danger doll get destroyed.

US Angel flops out as she is tossed to her back, limbs splaying out. She twitches once and doesn't move again as the boot is applied to her wobbly shape of her sweaty chest. She doesn't even hear the count of "One, two, three..."

CINDER BLOCK laughs, and doesn't even let her rest, then...he forces her to a sitting position, to smear the gold of that title against her bloody face, hand gripping her hair tightly. "You see that?! That's for WINNERS! Not LOSERS! Get the hell out of my ring, loser!" Before letting her flop, Cinder Block pushes her with his boot, trying to roll her out of "his" ring, in an undignified manner.

Blue Belle climbs into the ring, taking the microphone long enough to announce, "And your new SHOCK champion... the brutal Cinder Block..."

US Angel spills out on the floor in an unceremonious heap like a sack of fertilizer.

CINDER BLOCK chuckles, and goes over, sweaty, breathing VERY hard, arm draped around Belle like it is natural...he places that title on his shoulder, it being too small for him to wear. "That's right, America, I'm the best, and tonight, I proved it! Anyone wants a shot, any time, anywhere, BRING IT ON! CINDER BLOCK. FOREVER!"

Magic Juggler chuckles.

Lara Raith wonders if any new Danger Doll will have to go through such torment.

Catwoman laughs. “It’s a shock that pitifully loser kept the belt this long!”

Blue Belle appears to be sobbing as she rushes down the steps to kneel by Angel. "Callie... you're gonna be alright... I forced you to come back too soon... it's all my fault..." Belle calls for a stretcher and one is brought down immediately.

Catwoman shouts out to Cinder to "thrash her some more!"

CINDER BLOCK shouts back. "She's done! That skank is toast!"

Kurt Malkomes grins at the scene on his television screen. "Best. Day. Ever."

Catwoman jeers at the Doll being carried away on a stretcher. She sees no reason not to continue the abuse, if only because it would upset Belle.

Blue Belle eyes Cinder Block as she exits with the broken former champion. "Angel will be back... and you'll pay for what you did here tonight!"

US Angel clutches Belle's hand as she is carried from sight into the back.

Richard Grayson shakes his head and gets up, making his way out of The John. Man that was one-sided, he thought. He was hoping for a better match but that cheap shot was the nail in her coffin. Hope she pulls through.

Blue Belle returns to end the broadcast. "Well that's it for tonight's show folks... tune in for more SHOCK in the coming weeks."

(Oct 2010)