The Black Van

Red Hornette patrols the streets near Empire University in her cheer outfit, a white sweater with red trim and hornet emblem and a short red skirt. She is on high alert. With Kei and Panda both having been recently attacked by the copkiller Bloodrush and Joanie attacked by dealers of that new drug Transcend the Debs certainly had their hands full despite finally having put Michael Vescovi behind bars.

The Black Van cruised around, 'Ozzy' blaring on the shitty stereo, but the interior was soundproofed enough that not a sound was heard. They had a collection of gags in case they had a real screamer on their hands, but those mostly collected dust. Ski masks on, hoods drawn, the 3 of them were on the prowl, something...classic, something that'd fetch a fine price. "When a Yakuza's in town, you don't fuck around!" And so they didn't...and they saw her. Lovely blonde locks, luscious curves, barely contained in that sweet little uniform of hers? They trailed along behind her, a block or two...the driver wanted to get a look at her face, first. If she was a butterface, they'd have to pass her by. And if they had to pass her by, tonight was going to be very bad for them...

Red Hornette in fact had that cute innocent face of a young woman ready to take on the world before she's even discovered it. Still she did seem to be paying close attention to her surroundings as she swished along, that short red skirt splashing and flowing over the tumbler's curves of her stout thighs. It would not be that easy to approach her without her noticing. Her chest was pushed up proudly against the Hornet emblem on her sweater.

The driver puffed a cig, swigged a beer, then put the bottle down in the cup holder. He decided to take the direct approach, pulling down his hood, and rolling up his mask until it just looked like some hat worn by seagoing workers. He drove up the street until he was next to her, slowing suspiciously...he looked at her, straight at her with blue eyes, and a somewhat handsome, but forgettable face. His buddies were in the back, out of sight...after a moment he rolled down the window, music blaring until he lowered it. "H-Hey...miss? Uhh, I'm kinda lost, can you help me?"

Red Hornette turned and gave a sweet smile, her steel blue eyes giving the black van a quick glance as she bounced over to the curb. There were no windows in the back but that was nothing out of the ordinary really. It didn't look like one of the Green Man's armored vehicles. "I mean sure. You're two blocks from Empire U..." She pointed past the van. "It's that way. Chinatown and then Seacourt are like in the direction you're headed..."

The driver nodding, he pulled out a map, both hands off the wheel, and opening up the folded paper. He squinted at it, hoping he conveyed enough harmlessness to lure her closer. Meanwhile, on the other side of the van, the sliding door opened as silently as it could, the bigger one trying to mask it under the engine and music, both... "Now, Seacourt, what's in Seacourt? I have a package due for the docks, but this map, I can't make heads or tails of it..."

Red Hornette sighed and stepped off the curb, coming over to the van. "I mean if you turned down that music you could hear me. The docks are all the way through Seacourt on the ocean side." She went up on tiptoe in her red and white sneakers to stick her head in the van window and point a ringed finger at the map. "I mean you're right here... and most of the docks are like right along here..."

The driver nodded, playing along and asking her little questions as the two others crept along the long way, admiring her lovely, powerful thighs but not stopping. The driver, seeing his move, hoped she didn't notice the side mirror as he threw the map at her face, even as the smaller one rushed along, boots crunching gravel as he swung both his fists in a big, clubbing axehandle, aimed for her kidneys. They didn't want to hurt her face too much, and besides, she was a girl! They didn't want to damage her so much that she lost value.

Red Hornette stood high up on her toes to lean into the van, calf muscles flexed like fists, her protruding round bottom hoisting short red skirt enough to reveal a glimpse of white panty between her loins. The loud music masked the sounds of the other men until she heard boots crunching. She gasped and pulled her head out of the window only to be caught by the blow to her back before she could spin around. Hornette slammed against the door of the van with thud, her breasts nearly popping from her sweater from the force of the impact, her head once more inside the van even as she gamely back kicked with one of those short but powerful little legs.

The small man smirked, proud of himself...until the sole of her shoe smashed into the area just below his stomach. He was short enough that it worked, and got lifted off his feet, landing hard on the ground and rolling into the gutter. He couldn't believe how close to pissing himself he was, and how much pain he was in. The driver, wide-eyed, lunged clumsily at her. He wasn't prepared to do any work, but his gloved hands went to clasp at the back of her head, hoping she wasn't fast enough to pull away. He had the faint idea in his head of pressing her throat against the doorframe, and choking her out until she relaxed a little, even as the big lug of the group snarled, and clenched his fist. " hurt my buddy."

Red Hornette felt good about her kick making solid contact, but not for long as the gloved hands of the driver her caught her by twin ponytails and jerked her head down inside the van. She sputtered, her hands desperately grasping at the window to lift herself up and take pressure off her throat. "Ungh... you're... err... making a b... gurk... mistake!" As her feet came up off the pavement outside, stout little legs flailing, she heard with dread the angry voice of the third man behind her.

The driver held her there, his muscle against hers, hoping he can just get her to calm down, get her to thrash a bit less...and just then, that big lug would grab the back of her top, arrogantly tossing the top of her skirt up. Assuming she didn't then stomp his foot or otherwise kick him like a mule, his right hand would reach down, to grab at her get himself a good grip, the 6'2, 300 pound bruiser snarling. "You hurt my buddy!" The rage in his voice was audible, and again, assuming she didn't find a way out of this, the driver would leg go of her pigtails, finally...Using his strength, the big lug would hoist her up, and almost behind him (making good use of that grip on her panties!), and trying to throw her against the side of that van, to flatten her. He didn't know that she was a premier superheroine, albeit a rookie. He didn't know about her strength and agility, he didn't think she was anything but a little girl, about to get flattened...

Red Hornette choked out a rather shrill ear-piercing squeal as she felt the big lug's hand grab her ass. Her legs were too short to stomp his foot, but she was flexible and powerful enough to kick his crotch like a mule even as the lifting action of his hand gripping her panties lifted her higher while giving her a nasty wedgie. Her shoulders were now inside the window, her hands grabbing at the driver's wrists in an effort to get him to let go of her pigtails while her legs flailed outside the van.

The big bruiser smirked, lifting her as easily as one lifts a bag of groceries, but that was before the heel of her shoe found his groin. And her grip found the wrists of the driver, easily overpowering the surprised man...but, that attack led to problems. The big lug behind her, he dropped her, rather quickly. And at the moment, he had nudged her forward a bit unintentionally when the sudden pain flooded his senses, meaning her tits were right over where her neck used to be. So, unless her hands could quickly find their way back to the car door to brace herself...

Red Hornette landed her kick and pulled the driver's hands free of her hair with a satisfied smirk that lasted less than a second before her midsection dropped against the unforgiving metal window frame. The impact popped two buttons off her sweater and dislodged her left breast from its bra cup, the buoyant young flesh bouncing out, pushing the hornet emblem aside. Her smirk was erased as the wind rushed out of her.

The driver saw his chance, the driver fishing in the glove compartment, and pulling out a rag, and a vial that he hurriedly twisted open. The fumes hit the entire van, before he poured it into the big white rag...meanwhile, the smaller one was up again, and saw her ass hanging over the car window, maybe more depending on if that skirt was over her hips or not...smirking, he staggered forward, fist clenching, and aiming a straight punch, right at her cunt. He put his entire body behind it, hoping he wouldn't hit the metal door, instead. His black hood didn't hide the malicious sneer. This wasn't helped by Big Lug's last move, pulling her panties down purely as a reflex, gripping them tightly as he was on the ground, gasping...

Red Hornette sputtered, gasping for breath and struggling, half in half out of the van window, eyes widening as she felt the big hand that had hold of her panties drag them down to her ankles as it's owner crumpled. She shook her head at the whiff of chloroform and frantically tried to wiggle back out of the window. Hornette would have made it if not for the KO punch that impacted her wriggling exposed sex at that very instant with a loud wet smack. Her face was driven forward against the rag. Her eyes rolled and her limbs flailed. Her lids fluttered once and then her body slumped, her bare breast pressed against the steering wheel, her already swelling upturned sex outside seemingly gaping in disbelief.

The driver held that rag against her mouth and nose with his other hand around the back of her head. When she stopped struggling, when she went limp, he nodded to the others. The smaller man lifted her skirt up over her hips, and enjoyed giving her ass light smacks, a couple handful before bending down, and helping the lug, slowly, to his knees and then feet. Even injured as the two were, they had no problem pulling her roughly out the door, carrying her around, and dumping her heavily on the floor. As the door closed, the smaller one rolled her face down, straddling her with his groin against her ass, as his hands grabbed at her wrists, to hold them behind her tightly, and dry hump as his buddy grabbed for the handcuffs.

Red Hornette was blissfully unaware of the smacking of her ass and the rough dumping of her body to the hard floorboards. It wasn't until after her wrists were cuffed behind her back that she even groaned for the first time, seemingly in response to the grinding of denim against her bare ass. As consciousness slowly returned she became aware that she was cuffed, lying there with panties still around her ankles, short skirt flipped up and nipple of left boob almost painfully tight as it rubbed against the cold metal floorboards. Even more disconcertingly there was a denim crotch trying to burrow between the half moons of her ass.

The smallish man ground against her ass, his covered crotch indicating it's thickness...however, he moved to the side of her, his hand slipped along her pussy, middle finger rubbing her lips, thumb brushing against her ass...he was checking her purity, as the van went over speedbumps..."Jeez, guys, this is prime stock...That Saito bastard is gonna enjoy this."

Red Hornette was indeed a virgin and squirmed frantically as the fingers explored her sex, smooth and shiny, swollen even more tightly shut than usual after being punched. The menacing words and probing fingers made her desperate. She raised her head and let out a shrill scream unlike any other. Her meta-scream immediately blew the speakers in the van. It would knock the men out in seconds if they didn't do something fast.

The men gritted their teeth, the big lug behind her grabbing at her panties, his great strength snapping them away from her ankles. Tossing them to the smaller one, the masked, hooded abductor balled them up and gripped her hair tightly, shoving them right in her mouth...sneering, he kept his hand over her mouth, his finger now pushing into her lips, of course stopping at her hymen..."Hey. You spit these out, we have no problem breaking your goddamn jaw! A bit less on the market is worth our goddamn brains staying in our skulls, understand?" The big lug, his groin recovering, ran his hand up her leg and thigh, while the smaller one spoke.

Red Hornette struggled frantically as she was muffled, inching across the floorboards in the process. She shook her head at the taste of her own panties in her mouth and uncooperatively tried to bite the hand that held them there as she strained against the cuffs.

The bitten man snarled, he pulled his hand from her bite attempt and responded by grabbing her pigtails, and throwing a big slap, right at her face, sneering. From behind, the big lug grabbed her thighs, and with his strength, tried to pry them apart almost painfully, kneeling between them if he succeeded...He figured a small dose of tranqs might calm her down...not enough to send her 6 feet under, but definitely make her woozy. The driver shook his head, calling back. "Jeez, you guys having trouble with that girl still? Do I need to taze Ms. Fatass there 'till she's frothing at the mouth?"

Red Hornette spit out her panties as soon as the hand was pulled away but her attempt to use her painful scream again was cut short by the slap, the loud whack sound echoing off the metal walls of the van. Her head rebounded violently back and forth as well, blond hair exploding outward each time she was hit, the thin man keeping her busy with an ongoing series of backhands and slaps. Hornette meanwhile realized her legs were being spread apart by the huge man behind, the fingers of his huge hands digging in as they gripped just above the knees. Her leg strength might have been a match for the big man's if not for the back and forth beating of her reddened face by his little partner. The lug discovered she was flexible enough to do the splits and her sex still remained swollen shut.

The thin man bludgeoned her face back and forth, keeping it vaguely in place by his tight grip on her pigtails, but letting it bob and lash around, for the fun of it. For a moment, he stopped and even let go of her pigtails, his features hidden by that ominous hood and the natural shadow of the dark van, as the lug moved her skirt up over her ass, smacked her right cheek firmly and roughly, then followed it with a needle, poking right through her flesh and injecting that vile stuff into her, slowly, and just a little...they wanted her at least somewhat awake, after all..."Just, relax..."

Red Hornette nearly faceplanted the floor as her pigtails were released, blinking and sputtering as she tried to catch her breath after the beating. She yelped as her ass was slapped and then felt a prick. She stiffened, her heart racing as she felt the dread of realizing she was being drugged. She swallowed hard and tried to remain calm and focused. Oddly enough it worked, or was it the drug?

The big brute nodded, the smaller one smirking, and lifted her pigtails yet again...reaching down, he reached for her other tit, to undo her top and let both mounds out and bounce freely. Sneering, he grabbed her panties again, and while the big lug undid his belt slowly(wanting to pay her back for crunching his balls back there), the smaller one slowly shoved the panties back into her mouth, the one in front started to undo his pants, as well... "You kicked me in the you know how much that fucking hurt? How bad I have to take a piss right now?"

Red Hornette blinked uncomprehendingly at the words even as the panties were shoved back into her mouth. She had feared she was about to be raped coming and going, but then why would he regag her. As her unbuttoned sweater was pushed back to her shoulders it revealed a plain white bra beneath. Soon her right boob joined her left in being exposed as a rough hand squeezed it from its cup.

The smaller man sneered down at her, the man in front grabbing her by the jaw, and pressing his fingers to keep her mouth 'open'...he still didn't trust that she wasn't going to bite down, even as he brought out his semi-erect cock. In too much pain to really get it up right now, he rubbed his cock along those wonderful lips, before attempting to push the head in... "I think those panties need some flavor, thunder thighs!" laughing, he held the cock there, until the pressure built up at the head, and finally released. A powerful, hot stream of urine splashed against those white panties, quickly filling that mouth of hers and soaking the cotton material...he did this until he pulled back, holding the cock and aiming it all along her face, groaning. "Oh, yeah..." meanwhile, was almost to their destination, where they would wash her off then get her ready for auction. Saito would be pleased!

Red Hornette crossed her eyes watching as the cock was pressed to her red lips. Those blue eyes blinked as the cock was pushed past them, then flew open wide as oceans as she tasted the urine filling her mouth and trickling into her throat. She was already choking on the burning sensation in her throat as the man pulled back and showered her face and chest with copious amounts of the same foul liquid.

The nasty little man smirked, keeping the long stream going until it trickled...and as the van pulled into a big complex, the lug folded his belt, and grabbing her hips, forced her ass up, up into the air. Noting how much jiggle there was, he raised the belt, then brought it down, aiming right for that derriere...followed by another, and another, even as the smaller man at her front kept her head up, staring at her face with every impact..."Feels good, huh? That's why you don't fight us, bitch, ya got that?"

Red Hornette was still chokng and gagging on the acrid soaked panties as the belt landed on her ass for the first time. She coughed out the panties on the floor even as her plump rump reverberated tightly with each successive blow. The drug had left her lethargic and there was seemingly little fight left in her at the moment as she simply grunted, "Ungh... ungh... mmph... hungh..."

The men treated her roughly, not forgetting her earlier fight. Though, as they strip her, slap her around lightly, fondle, spank, molest and finger her, and scrub and wash her like you would a dog in the backyard, they don't give her another tranq. In their experience, that was all you needed, even for a Meta Bitch like her. After the shower, they treated her somewhat softer, brushing and grooming her hair, applying makeup (that made her look a bit whorish), and giving her back her uniform...although, with her tits hanging out, her skirt ripped to be next to useless, and her panties nowhere to be seen. With a shiny red ball gag and her arms tied behind her, this was how they led her to the auction, all the way across town. The driver, now masked, leading her with a hand on her bicep, sneering. "Now, just play nice, while we get a shitload of money for you, ok?"

Red Hornette was humiliated by all the hands on treatment as she was cleaned, but actually began to feel more like herself after the process was complete. She though it odd when they put her dirty outfit back on her, but realized perhaps they wanted to prove her identity to the buyer. She had heard some creeps would pay extra for known superheroines. Hornette was filled with dread and apprehension as she was led into a large room by the arm, padding along in bare feet, her tattered red skirt constantly affording glimpses of the tightly swollen mound of smooth flesh beneath. Her sweater with its missing buttons simply draped from her shoulders, leaving her buoyant young breasts to swing free.

The hooded men led her to a small room, filled with angry looking Japanese men with uzis and raybands. They wore immaculate suits, but the leader wore all white, looking at her and them with a handsome face. His hand immediately went to a breast of hers, squeezing and fondling it before it went to the nipple, pinching and twisting, idly. Any reaction of hers would bring one of joy to his face, as he spoke in perfect English. "Ahhhh, I see you did not fail me, my friends...she's beautiful!"

Red Hornette curled out her lower lip into a pout as she turned her suddenly hot face and tried to pull away. She felt so humiliated. If she could just free her wrists from those scatchy ropes. She continued to saw on one with the taser ring on her right hand. But until she could free her hands and remove the gag she would have to bide her time. There was little she could do against so many men.

Grinning, Saito-San turned his attention down below, waisting no time in rubbing that swollen pout, two fingers pushing rudely into her sex as money was produced for the three men in black hoods. Saito-San was an honorable man, and besides, if he killed these three, it wouldn't be long before he built up a reputation, a reputation he did not need...he looked at her, a cruel smile on his face. "You will enjoy Japan, little one...It is clear, I've much to teach you..."

Red Hornette tried to clamp her strong loins together to prevent his exploration, the swollen hot cleft of her sex being very tight indeed. A single tear rolled from one of her eyes as she stared back at him, sniffling, her face distorted in dismay as she shook her head at his words, her now loose blond hair swishing. She gulped at the cruelty in the slanted eyes of her buyer, her finger sawing desperately on the rope.

Saito-San chuckling, he felt her resistance and focused on that, the bulge in his pants large (disproving that old stereotype...), his left hand going to her ballgag. As the three goons left and approached their van, Saito briskly unsnapped her ballgag and pulled it down her neck, going in for a kiss after to violate her mouth with his least it would be better than urine?

Red Hornette hesitated only briefly once the gag was removed from her lips. Her eyes grew defiant as the evil man forced his tongue into her mouth in symbolic violation and she brought a knee up hard into the man's bulge, and as soon as his tongue withdrew, screaming with that voice that could peel paint, shatter glass, bleed eardrums and make men pass out. In her mind she was counting men and watching to see who went down.

Saito-San took that knee right to his balls, groaning and slumping to the ground. At that scream, almost all the guys ended up dropping their guns, and a few dropping to their knees. Being tough motherfuckers they didn't knock out, but they were practically easy pickins. One in front of her sneered, looking at her and obviously, albeit slowly, going for his uzi...

Red Hornette strained with all her might at the rope she had been sawing but it still didn't break so she ran forward and leaped into a flying dropkick at the man with the uzi, going vertical in the air, skirt streaming back from her naked nether regions as her stout little legs bicycled in the air. She aimed to walk a series of kicks from chest to chin to cheek and flip away to face the next thug.

The thug didn't get to reach his gun as he got pummeled with kicks, her bare feet indenting into his flesh, the sight of her bare cunny and lovely ass distracting him for a second before his face snapped back and he fell, KOed. The next thug, like all of them, were trying to get their bearings. Which was good, since those submachine guns of theirs weren't any laughing matter!

Red Hornette finally felt the rope on her wrists snap as she landed deftly back on her feet and spun into a sidekick at the next thug, once again flashing her fist of sex. With her hands now free she activated the taser ring on each hand so as to deliver her sting with each blow. She began punching away at the thugs as she waded into them, her sweater trailing like a cape, her pert jiggling boobs bouncing wildly about her chest.

Saito’s thugs fell easily before her. They were tough men, but distracted, disarmed, and she had the element of surprise. With every blow they fell, not moving, save for rolling around or breathing. Finally, Saito-San got to his feet slowly, rolling his neck and checking his groin...he glared at her with heavily slanted eyes, an element of violence in them that wasn't there before. He spoke, slowly and gingerly taking a stance. "Who...who are you?"

Red Hornette finished the last of the thugs and turned to face the Japanese slaver, pointing a finger at him as she posed, the nubs of her proud breasts seemingly pointing at the ceiling, her voice confident and accusatory. "I mean I'm Red Hornette of the Danger Debs! Like who are you?" She nodded. "Ready? Okay, then you're going down!" And with that she ran forward to leap into another flying kick.

Saito-San was not as easily felled as his men, and charged as well. However, he rolled under her leap, getting to his feet gingerly, and a bit slower than he'd like due to that bruised groin. He danced toward her, patiently, before crying out. "KYYY-HYAAAAH!" and throwing a straight Karate punch at her torso, if she'd turn around, or at her kidneys, if she didn't for some reason...

Red Hornette made a face as her kick was ducked, but managed to land on her feet, albeit with some awkwardness. She spun around just in time to double over the punch to her midsection as it drove the air out of her lungs and lifted her off the ground. She flew through the air into the wall behind, hitting it with a kerthunk and dropping to the floor in a heap. Such power in that punch! Was this guy a meta? Hornette bit her lip as she looked up from hands and knees through the matted blond hair that had fallen across her face, too winded to even speak, her sweaty chest heaving as she desperately tried to breathe.

Saito-San smirked, he raising his hands cockily at the power...he limped over to her slowly, predictably grabbing at her hair as he attempted to raise her up, speaking softly. To him, it was over. He didn't see how she could withstand one of HIS punches, punches that regularly killed bulls in public exhibitions... "Red Hornette, hmm? I'll show you real sting!" Saito smirked, fist clenching, for perhaps a final blow. He'd hold back. Not!

Red Hornette grimaced as she was lifted by the hair, croaking as she tried to take in air, pretty sure at least a couple of ribs were cracked. The man's extraordinary strength was again displayed as her feet came off the ground, short little legs flailing as he easily held her up at arms length and prepared to finish her. Hornette punched out to deliver her sting, but her short little arm couldn't reach him. Her eyes were furtive. If only she had one of those guns from the floor. She looked back up. His fist was cocked and he was smiling cruelly. She punched out with her left and activated the mace compartment in that ring. If he dropped her she planned to roll across the floor to an uzi.

Saito-San took a dose of mace to his face, dropping her unceremoniously and crying out, holding his face and backing away, cursing her out in Japanese. She had a clear path, even as he frantically started ripping off his jacket, clearly prepared to rip her head off, the moment he could see a bit clearly...

Red Hornette somersaulted across the floor in a wild show of tits and ass from every angle if only the Japanese gangster could have seen it. She snatched up an uzi and trained it on him. She blurted out in gasping breaths. "Okay! I mean hold it... right there!" She experimentally fired over his head briefly. "I've like... got you... covered!"

Saito-San heard the spray of gunfire, then looked at her...his eyes puffy and red, he slowly nodded. He wouldn't be in prison for long, and then, Saito-San would have his eye on these..."Danger Debs", even as he raised his hands in graceful surrender. "Anything you say, Red Hornette..."

Red Hornette kept an eye on the Yakuza slaver as her hand searched the pockets of a downed thug, finally pulling out a phone which she used to call Detective Charlene Chan, the Debs friend on the force. "Charlie! It's Hornette! Trace me and come quickly! I mean I caught a gang of human traffickers!" The police were soon rounding everyone up, not to mention freeing a few slaves. Hornette had by then knotted the buttonless sweater under her boobs, feeling the eyes of officers and slavers alike on her ass showing through the tatters of her skirt as she talked to Detective Chan. "Yes ma'am, and there's still a Black Van out there somewhere... but I can like describe one of the faces..."

(July 2011)