A Bit Of A Stretch


Flex heads to an ATM, intent on stealing it.

Luis Skullnick heads over to the dojo, hoping to get to at least watch a workout. He still isn't allowed, under doctor's orders, to perform any strenuous activities due to stitches in the hind region.

Kunoichi Kei stops by the hospital to see Kid Crossbow. After a time she gives him a kiss on the cheek and heads on to the dojo, warm in her snug skisuit despite the brisk evening air.

Flex follows his normal MO. He stands about ten feet from the ATM, and extends both his arms to about fifty feet long.

Luis Skullnick has a seat on a cushion on a bench in the dojo and watches whoever might be working out. No wonder Forrest Gump stayed in the hospital so long with a bullet wound to the ass. Sucker hurts!

Kunoichi Kei hopes Kid will eventually be able to move his legs again, but in the meantime he's going to be kept in intensive care. Kei scowls at Flex as she spots him messing with an ATM machine not far from the dojo.

Flex coils his arms into two tight springs, and then releases them like pistons to crush the brick around the ATM, letting the metal housing sag.

Kunoichi Kei blinks as she recognizes this stretchy guy's MO, realizing he's the guy that US Angel recently apprehended doing the same thing.

Flex grins, moving forward to pull the ATM fully free from the wall. Life is good.

Kunoichi Kei takes a myWand out of her backpack and notifies the authorities immediately before approaching the scene. “Hiya, Rainbow Snake! Put that down now!”

Flex frowns, glancing at the pretty little Asian gal, before returning to his loot hoovering. The priorities must be observed.

“Hey, I'm talking to you, Stretchy! You just don't learn do you?” Kunoichi Kei poses with hands on hips of her white and lavender skisuit.

“I'm kinda busy here. Why don't you go sing some karaoke or something?” Flex twists his arms into triple cables and pulls apart the ATM.

Luis Skullnick hears the commotion and peaks outside.

“Because I'm Kunoichi Kei and you're under arrest!” Kunoichi Kei 's eyes widen at the show of strength.

Flex winces as he draws back in his arms, returning to a more normal configuration. “Uh... who?”

Luis Skullnick gapes. “Wow, Kunoichi Kei! She's one of the Danger Dolls!”

“Oh, good, thanks.” Flex looks around for USAngel. He had a score to settle with her. “Is Kuno...whatever...Japanese for overstuffed snow bunny?”

Kunoichi Kei grins and points at the face at the window of the dojo across the street. "Point to the..." Kei glares. “Yeah right, just a harmless bunny... I'll show you!”

“This should be good...” Flex stuffs cash into the pockets of his new motorcycle racing suit.

Luis Skullnick shouts, “You show him Kunoichi Kei!”

Kunoichi Kei frowns and rushes forward to leap into a flying drop kick, aiming to walk a series of kicks right up the front of Flex as he stuffs the money in his pockets.

“Ow! ow! ow!” Flex grunts as he gets kicked, again and again, before he gets a chance to fall on his ass in the snow. “Great. I've found the snow bunny from hell.” Flex uses his legs as a sort of springboard to get to his feet. “If you have vorpal teeth, I'm quitting.”

Luis Skullnick does his best Keanu Reeves impersonation at the way the villain springs to his feet. "Woah..."

Kunoichi Kei back flips off the last kick, landing on her feet. "A what? Well if it'll make you quit I have 'em..."

Flex grins, and stabs a fist across the space between them, stretching as needed, to try and plant it in the pit of her stomach. "Man, you got to watch some movies."

Leopard Lady finishes gobbling down another spicy sausage before continuing her search for criminals that need to be brought to justice.

Kunoichi Kei oophs as she doubles over the punch in the gut. She stumbles back two steps. Kei glances over at the dojo. "You're Penny's friend, Skillnot or someting like tat aren't you?"

Luis Skullnick nods. "Yeah, I met her Why?"

Flex takes the opportunity to collect up some fallen benjamins.

“Go get some cable and hook it to the winch on the ring ropes, then bring me the other end...” Kunoichi Kei rummages in her backpack until her hand comes out with her yoyo.

Luis Skullnick blinks. “Really? I mean, yes, I can do that!”

Kunoichi Kei nods and grins.

Flex stuffs the last of the bills into a pocket. "Time for me to flex out of here."

Luis Skullnick runs into the dojo. "Okay, cable, where can I find some cable. Wow! I get to help a Danger Doll stop a criminal! Penny will like be soooo impressed." He gets a bit too excited and trips over his own feet. "OOF!"

Kunoichi Kei flicks out her yoyo, aiming it to wrap around ankle of the man stealing the money, quickly moving to tie her end off to the nearest lamppost.

Leopard Lady leaps from rooftop to rooftop keeping an eye and ear out for anyone that might be in trouble or need or want help.

Flex frowns again as he starts to head out. "Hey, let go!" He is clearly not happy about the yoyo on his ankle. He sends both fists stabbing towards his young Asian assailant.

Kunoichi Kei is prepared to be attacked this time, doing something akin to a wushu dance move, dodging and attempting to catch the wrist behind one punching fist in one strap of her back before twisting it to do the same with the other, hoping to pin both together as she twists the straps ever tighter.

Luis Skullnick watches Kei in silent amazement.

Flex curses under his breath. "Nimble mynx, isn't she?" Then he grins, and proceeds to lengthen his wrists and arms, coiling them around both backpack, and the Asian heroine. "Well, maybe we'll put the doll in danger, after all."

Kunoichi Kei attempts to run across the street toward the dojo, not letting up on her twisting of the pack straps, but not having expected the arms to be able to keep extending enough to encircle her body. "Eek! Watch where you put those things you pervo!"

Leopard Lady looks around as she stops at one corner of a rooftop, spear held in one hand. She thinks she hears some scuffling down the block, leaping off in that direction, quickly coming to a stop, seeing Kei fighting off someone. She pauses, knowing that Kei is a respectable heroine, in her opinion at least, and she waits to see if the other heroine needs any help.

Luis Skullnick watches with the cable in hand, seeing Kei getting into a bind with those stretching hands. "What do I do now?" he yells at her.

Flex grins tightly, and starts drawing her towards him, by the simple expedient of shortening his arms, his grip getting stronger the closer she is dragged. "Pervo, huh? You are asking for it, aren't you?" In the interests of slowing her down, he tries to slam her into a random light post in passing.

Kunoichi Kei braces and tries to hold her ground, but finds herself overpowered. Her eyes widen as they flash to the kid at the dojo door. "Bring me the loose end if it will reeeEEEEEEEeeEEEEeeeep!" Her squeal ends with a thump as she is slammed into a lamppost.

Luis Skullnick nods and runs towards Kei, wincing as she is slammed into the lamp post but keeps heading towards her with the end of the cable.

Leopard Lady grits her teeth, seeing Kei get tossed around by the man’s flexible arms. Her grip on her spear tightens, restraining herself, trusting in the Danger Doll intern.

Kunoichi Kei winces, looking a bit dazed after the impact, shaking her head as she reaches out a gloved hand. "Tanks, Skullnocker..."

Flex scowls at Luis, but keeps dragging Kunoichi towards him. His arms remain constrained by the straps of the backpack, which becomes more of an issue as the arms shorten. "Oy."

Luis Skullnick nods. "It's better than being called Fartknocker," he says as he backs away and hopes whatever he did helps out.

Leopard Lady has had enough. She holds the spear with both hands, leaping down to land behind the man wrapping up Kei, swinging the flat of her blade towards the man’s shoulder hoping to stun him enough to give Kei some slack to escape.

Kunoichi Kei cannot escape herself but attaches the backpack to the cable clasp. "Unngth... now go back and start the winch!"

Luis Skullnick nods. "You betcha!" He takes off running, again trips over his feet, but catches himself and rushes into the dojo and starts the winch.

Flex finds himself in a rather annoying situation. His ankle is still held by the yo-yo, his arms by the backpack. The slamming of the spear on his shoulder drives him to his knees, though hitting him seems a lot like punching a wall of hard rubber. He looks up at Leopard Lady, and his jaw drops. "Wow. What are you, Tarzan's little sister?"

Kunoichi Kei desperately tries to struggle free before the winch begins to tighten, her plan being to stretch out the man between the lamp post on one side of the street and the ring post inside the dojo on the other side, that is if she isn't caught inside a loop of stretching flesh.

Leopard Lady looks a bit confused at the question, before getting serious. "Unhand Kei and things will go easier for you," she says with cold confidence, twisting the spear in hand, pointing the point of the blade at the man’s throat.

Flex narrows his eyes, and does the best thing he can think of. He literally swivels impossibly at the waist, swinging the struggling Kei, backpack and all, like a club at the spear wielding jungle beauty. "You want her, take her!"

Leopard Lady’s eyes widen at the man’s impossible movements, just barely pulling the dangerous spear out of Kei's way as she is swung towards her, not wanting to skewer the sister heroine.

Kunoichi Kei squeals as she is swung around, limbs flailing wildly as she is swung at the jungle heroine. "HeeeEEEeeeeEEeeeEEEEELP!"

Luis Skullnick looks back out into the parking lot and then back at the winch. "I don't think this plan is working."

Flex takes the opportunity to slide his arms free of the backpack, and starts to leap away. Of course this lasts till the yoyo brings him up short. "Dammit!"

Leopard Lady drops the spear, her arms moving to catch Kei and help her get free as the man pulls his arms away. She growls at the fleeing man, but smirks a bit when the yoyo stops him from getting away.

Luis Skullnick blinks and looks around, and heads back to the winch to make sure it doesn't break or what-not.

Kunoichi Kei drops a shoulder and rolls as she is released, finding herself in waiting arms instead of coming to her feet. She spins around to see the crook has freed himself of the pack. She scowls over at the dojo. "Skulldick! I told you to start the winch!"

Luis Skullnick frowns and flips the winch off and on switch again. Must be out of service.

Leopard Lady lunges forward to tackle into the villain’s midsection, hoping to knock the wind from him.

Kunoichi Kei scowls. "It's too late now in any case, Numbskull!"

Flex grunts as the leopard clad blonde slams into him, foiling his efforts to work free of the reinforced yoyo line. He goes down on his back in the snow, arms splayed out. The only response he can manage is to look shocked.

“Give me some slack on the line again... maybe I can get hold of him... and we can try again...” Kunoichi Kei races across the pavement to pick up the backpack, being dragged across the street like a lure on the end of an industrial-strength fishing line.

Luis Skullnick keeps flipping the power switch to the winch. "You sure? I think it's broke!"

Kunoichi Kei slumps and nods.

Leopard Lady arms attempt to wrap around the fallen man in a bear hug, hearing Kei's shouts, trying to keep him held for Kei, knowing he must have done something wrong.

Luis Skullnick kicks the side of the winch real hard and the thing hums to life. "Woah! Okay, Kei! It's working!”

Kunoichi Kei is trying to untangle her pack straps by this time and gets jerked off her feet as the winch starts up unexpectedly. “Yikes!” Kei faceplants the pavement.

Flex normally might have been rather pleased at having a tanned blonde haired beauty wrap herself around him. However, this is not the best possible time. She's cursed strong, though, and his arms are pinned to his sides in short order. Which leaves him no choice but to stretch them out, and bring his fists slamming at Leopard Lady's ears.

Luis Skullnick quickly turns off the winch. "Oops."

Kunoichi Kei staggers drunkenly to her feet, oblivious to the fact that her skisuit has been torn open down the front. "So... ungh... give... me... some slack..."

Luis Skullnick nods and turns the winch to feed the cable outwards for Kei.

“AUUHHHH!!” Leopard Lady howls in pain, her head ringing as her equilibrium is knocked silly, forced to let go of the man. Her hands rush to her as she rolls off to the side growling and cursing in rage.

Kunoichi Kei wobbles toward Flex with the backpack in gloved hands, the nipple of one boob peeking out of the rent in her skisuit as if to spy on the action. She drags the line behind her as she stumbles toward the escaping villain in hopes of ensnaring him.

Flex turns to see what the Asian snow bunny is up to, and grins, seeing her wardrobe malfunction. That neatly explained the wolf whistles he was starting to hear from passers-by. Still, he had more immediate problems, and his fists double in size before he tries to smash them down on Leopard Lady's head.

Kunoichi Kei lunges forward and aims to loop the straps of her pack around the huge axehandle blow poised over Leopard Lady's head.

Leopard Lady grits her teeth as she begins to rise, opening her eyes only to have giant fists slam down on her head, making her buckle, dropping down to a knee with a groan.

Flex is not happy to have that loop settle around his neck instead, since his arms got out of the way. "Grrrrkk."

Luis Skullnick rushes back in to turn the winch on.

Kunoichi Kei grimaces as the Leopard Lady crumples, but upon seeing the loop around the neck she spins and motions Luis to start the winch.

Luis Skullnick starts the winch!

Leopard Lady starts to rise, cursing in a primitive language as she shakes her blonde mane, stumbling to her feet, blinking, trying to see straight.

Flex has just a moment to think, "This can't end well," before he is dragged across the ground, his bound leg stretching as the winch stretches his neck.

Kunoichi Kei pumps a gloved fist, her boob bouncing free as a result. "Hai! We've got 'em!"

Flex will at least get to see all the digital photos of Kei's boob that her adoring fans are now taking, later.

Luis Skullnick looks and sees the result and sees the ...other result. In his best Keanu Reeves voice, he watches the boob bounce and says..."Woah..."

Leopard Lady rises, flipping her hair back, not realizing she’s had her own little malfunction as she glares at the rapidly stretching man, lunging to kick him right in his face.

Kunoichi Kei is forced to expose herself even more by running out into the street and waving her arms over her head to prevent an oncoming trash truck from crashing into Flex. The sanitation workers catcall even as sirens approach.

Flex grunts as Leopard Lady's foot crushes his face. He doesn't even get to see more of Leopard Lady's lovely curves, as the kick moves him from conscious to unconscious and really, really, stretched out.

Kunoichi Kei holds a hand over her breasts as she moves to meet the authorities and explain to them that the man stretched across the street was trying to steal an ATM... again!

Lard watches the fight, eating out of a giant trashcan filled with fries.

Leopard Lady fumes a bit, walking over to Kei, seeing the people pointing and taking pictures of her as she approaches. "Thanks...and I thought I was helping to save you."

Kunoichi Kei smirks and winks at Leopard Lady. “Well you did as it turns out since we had a problem with the winch. Tanks. So easy a cavegirl could do it..."

Leopard Lady looks a bit confused at Kei as she makes the cave girl comment. "I’m from a jungle...not a cave." Clearly she did not get the joke.

Lard notices all the wardrobe malfunctions and drools.

Kunoichi Kei turns the unconscious Flex over to the police and notes it probably is not much of a stretch to think he'll be after the Dolls at some point in the future.

Leopard Lady doesn’t seem very concerned about her display of nudity.

Luis Skullnick comes out and sees the two heroines in all their glory. "Umm, well, I only have one jacket..."

Flex is returned to his nice, warm cell. Revenge will be sweet. Damn you Danger Dolls! And Leopard Lady too!

Leopard Lady looks to the skinny man quizzically. "Why would we need a jacket...it’s not that cold..."

Luis Skullnick scratches his head and shrugs. "If you're good..."

Leopard Lady looks around at everyone gawking at the pair of them. "Why is everyone staring at me?" she asks, a bit uncomfortable at all the attention.

Kunoichi Kei giggles. "Give her your jacket, Numbskull!"

Leopard Lady looks down seeing the left half of her fur piece to the side "ohhh...." she then quickly readjusts "your silly city and its hang ups..."

Luis Skullnick grins as Leopard Lady fixes her bikini and so wraps his jacket around Kei, to a chorus of boos from the onlookers.

One of the lead booers is suddenly tased, while Morgan Drakewing whistles innocently.

Leopard Lady asks, “Kei...who exactly was that... odd man?”

“US Angel collared him a month or so ago... she called him Rainbow Snake, but I tink he calls himself Flex.” Kunoichi Kei nods.

Leopard Lady nods, "Well...in any case I’m glad I was able to help you...for a little bit at least."

Kunoichi Kei grins. "I appreciate it! And you too, Skullsnicker!"

(January 2011)