Twas Beauty Bashed the Beast!


Godzilla enters with a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound.

Longshot72 quips, “Okay, who let their pet out?”

Crystal comes skating into town, gliding along on the tops of the icy paths she creates (Though today there seems no need for this). She skids to a halt, two large icicles in either hand, grinning away before launching them through a near by shop window. BASH! BASH! Crystal looks up to Godzilla, then to Lady B. “Hummmmm's.”

Lady Behemoth peers at the Blue Oyster Cult Godzilla.

Godzilla pulls some spitting high-tension wires down.

Lady Behemoth kicks Godzilla in the foot and tells him to knock it off.

Godzilla spots Bambi and puts a foot down before eyeing Lady Behemoth and suddenly his red eyes becoming heart-shaped.

Longshot72 makes a face. “Oh ick!”

Crystal teases, “Longshot, he is stealing your girl!”

Godzilla reaches down with a clawed hand.

Lady Behemoth knew this was coming... she just knew it...

Godzilla attempts to pick up the dragoness in his mighty palm.

Lady Behemoth is easily picked up... rests her elbow on the creature’s paw and looks a bit nonplussed. "Hmm... Who saw this coming? Show of hands?"

Longshot72 raises his.

Crystal raises hers as well.

Godzilla picks up Lady B and doesn't put her down as he wades through the buildings toward the center of town.

Lady Behemoth has an idea on how to slay this mighty beast. As soon as she gets a chance she pops out of 'zilla's grip, balances on his hand and gives him a sweet little kiss on the side of the snout.

Godzilla blinks and looks down on the lovely creature who dampened his snout. “ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!”

Lady Behemoth sways a bit, balancing on one high heel for a moment in the paw before regaining her balance.

Godzilla closes his claws tightly and extends a serpentine tongue.

Lady Behemoth squeaks and ducks her head down into the claws.

“GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!” Godzilla opens his mitt, looking for the missing beauty.

Lady Behemoth is hiding on the outside now... you can tell by the manicured pink nails clinging to the back of his hand.

“Eww dinosaur peril, me not gonna watch!” Ms Virtuous hides behind Longy.

Godzilla appears puzzled as the clawed hand seems empty.

Lady Behemoth is a magical dragon... obviously.

Godzilla roars and rips up a subway train, looking inside.

Lady Behemoth squeaks... and magically reappears quickly on Godzilla's wrist!

Acheron is content to watch Godzilla destroy the city. The beast could do far more damage than he, and in a shorter span of time.

Godzilla throws the subway train back down with a frown that turns upside down as he sees his desire once more.

Ms Virtuous waves to Mister Galaxy as he arrives on the scene.

Mister Galaxy heroically rescues Ms Virtuous somehow.

Lady Behemoth sits down on the giant kaiju's arm and crosses her legs, "I don't have a date for years and the first one is apparently with Mr. Citybreaker..."

Godzilla snorts smoke out the nostrils on his snout and breathes fire seductively at Lady Behemoth.

Lady Behemoth blinks, "Oh and he's hot to trot too... oh boy..."

Godzilla twitches and licks his chomps.

Godzilla opens wide and lifts the green woman in pink toward his gaping maw.

Lady Behemoth thinks that this is a good time to panic... and when dragonesses panic they do one thing... breath fire... or in her case a giant ball of plasma... which she aims right for the giant dinosaur's open mouth while leaping backward from his paw!!!

Godzilla roars and attempts to cook her by bathing her in a stream of blue fire which projects from his throat, causing a huge explosion as it meets with the would-be meal's own fireball.

Lady Behemoth 's back hits in the middle of one of the building's that Godzilla was headed for and with a snarl she quickly slams her long nails into the wall and holds herself there, bringing her long legs and pressing her high heels to the steel.

Godzilla spins angrily and his whipping tail takes out an entire block. He aims his own backhand at the building to which Lady B clings.

Acheron mutters, "Good..."

Crystal points to Mister Galaxy, points to Godzilla. "Well... do something!"

Mister Galaxy looks at the huge fire-breathing lizard, mouths silently and then, as soon as he finishes mouthing silently, speaks while his mouth is closed. "Ohhh Godzilla!"

Crystal nods to Mister Galaxy. "Yes... Godzilla... or are you going to leave it to the real heroes around here? Where the Danger Dolls?! eh?"

US Angel snaps to attention and salutes.

Mister Galaxy also rushes towards the battle, getting clocked immediately by falling debris.

Lady Behemoth leaps from the building just as the hand smashes across where she once stood. She growls to herself as she sails toward the looming giant. She tips her head back, clenching her teeth, a second ball of exploding plasma filling her mouth before she lets it fly... this one a bit larger, about the size of a beach ball... and ready to explode with block-leveling power. Lady Behemoth also notes that that block was already leveled... NOT HER FAULT THIS TIME!

Godzilla roars as the blast of plasma hits him in the chest and he topples over backwards, collapsing another building around him as he falls.

US Angel rushes toward the fray, gasping at the sight. “Wholly shit!”

Lady Behemoth notes... that may have been her fault...

Acheron wonders how this city manages to rebuild so fast after all this destruction.

US Angel stammers. “Err... I just play a heroine on television... really...”

Crystal goads the scared heroine. “Doesn’t Godzilla just play a dinosaur on TV?”

Lady Behemoth falls from the sky, landing with a asphalt-shattering slam into the street, her high heels making two matching crater's beneath her feet.

Godzilla grumbles, rolls over and stands up, enraged. He looks all about.

Lady Behemoth points at Godzilla, "Hey you mister! You cut this out... this isn't any place for you and your shenanigans!"

Ms Virtuous runs around pulling people to safety from the havoc.

Mister Galaxy stumbles about, holding his head and then falls into one of the craters.

US Angel rushes forward and thrusts her staff at the monster’s foot, shocking him with max taser function.

Godzilla looks back and forth between Lady B and Angel, eyes narrowing as his foot is tasered. It tickles. He picks the foot up and puts it back down on top of Angel.

Crystal decides to make an ice wall over the top of the crater Mister Galaxy lies in. Best for everyone.

US Angel disappears under the crushing weight of the massive foot, a couple of still twitching limbs all that can be seen.

Lady Behemoth stomps up to Godzilla's other foot and kicks him right in the big toe... a bit like... oh... say... a bullet train slamming into your big toe at 400mph... while wearing a pink high heel... because it goes with the bullet train's dress.

Godzilla throws back his snout in pain and emits a burst of flame that knocks down a hovering news chopper.

Ms Virtuous rescues more civilians from the destruction.

Godzilla grinds the foot on Angel into the pavement as he lifts the other to stomp Lady Behemoth.

US Angel’s cries and movements are completely stifled.

Dr Duran Duran wanders into a Godzilla attack. ''HOLY SHITE!''

Lady Behemoth squeaks as the downed chopper crashes right behind her. She looks up just in time to see the descending foot and with a growl she pushes her hands up, the ear beneath her sinking as she braces her body to hold up the gigantic creature's foot.

Godzilla gets a puzzled expression as his foot is caught, though Lady Behemoth would be driven though the pavement into the sewers as he shifts his unbelievable weight over her.

Mister Galaxy taps on the bottom of the sheet of ice, trapped inside the crater. "Damn, it sure froze over fast!"

Lady Behemoth umphs as she plops down into the sewers, landing in a rather icky mess. Her eye twitches as she screams in anger and aims a blast of plasma back up through the hole she came through... toward the bottom of 'Zilla's foot.

Ms Virtuous runs over to US Angel's position and starts trying to dig at the debris to get to her.

Dr Duran Duran moves swiftly through building alleyways and such following the massive Godzillasaurus Rex. ''I thought they put that bastard back to sleep'' He muttered and then tried to remain out of view from the chaos and destruction that was following.

Lady Behemoth stomps through the sewers, grumbling furiously about fashion violations and how big the dry cleaning bill would be before she leaps upward through a storm drain, shattering it open wide enough for her excessive bustline to get through. She flicks her hands to get the ick off them.

Godzilla roars and lifts up his foot with the suddenly red-hot glowing toe, causing him to hop up and down on the other foot, seemingly grinding Angel into oblivion as Ms V approaches.

US Angel appears there in the foot-shaped crater, a mangled mess, each time the foot hops up, only to disappear as it comes back down.

Ms Virtuous eeeks and leaps on top of US Angel before bringing up her force field, extending it into a sphere large enough to shield herself and US Angel knowing she can't really do much against a huge Godzilla. “Bash Day is supposed to get Longo and Kei and such stomped, not anyone else!”

Godzilla loses his balance as something unseen suddenly inserts itself under his hopping foot. In a long shot he topples over on a hidden ninja’s position.

US Angel groans and convulses.

Crystal sighs and thinks she might as well help out. It is BASH day she supposes, the day for villains to play heroics. She gets as close as she can without becoming a clear target, and begins to ice up the ground. The entire street beneath the beast becomes a slippery threat to the beast, to help prevent it getting up so easily.

Dr Duran Duran watches the chaos enfold, hidden, his eyes narrowed as he pulled out one of his satellite phones and dialed a phone number. ''It's awake, yes I know you can see it on the TV... An Air Strike is ordered... Yes understood.''

Ms Virtuous hurries and starts pulling the debris off US Angel, then picks her up and starts carrying her away, but not having any kind of super strength it is slow work.

Godzilla rolls over to get up and finds him self skating away on the thin ice of a new foe, sending vehicles and such flying in all directions as he flounders.

US Angel slumps limply over Ms V's shoulder, her upturned rump gripped by the heroine's hand.

Dr Duran Duran dives just in time to have a car narrowly miss him but still scrape part of his arm through the armored trench coat he wears. He muffles his scream of pain and then finds a new spot to hide.

Crystal winces as she sees a car battered down the street towards her, in a circular sweep of her arms she creates a wall of ice around herself like an igloo. The car bounces into it, cracking the ice but not smashing it, panting beneath the weak ice shield.

Mister Galaxy knocks harder on the sheet of ice above him. "Umm, I WOULD save the day. As soon as somebody gets this ice off of me!"

Ms Virtuous finally gets US Angel a block away, carefully sets her down on her back on the street and checks her pulse and breathing, hoping she isn't dead.

Godzilla roars and emits a ring of fire, melting all the ice about him.

Mister Galaxy gets drenched by melting ice turning to water. "Spitter sputter!"

US Angel gurgles and twitches, amazingly already recovering.

Crystal looks around as the weakened shield melts away "Oh... great... where my sis when you need fire control." she winces and dives behind the rubble to evade the fire blast.

Godzilla rolls back on his tail and rides it forward like a rocket sled on rails, aiming to drop kick the perceived source of the ice diving into the rubble.

Dr Duran Duran watches in fascination as Godzilla does something he's never seen before. ''Impressive!''

Crystal attempts to dive out the way... but lets face it.... no way.... as she goes soaring back through a building window, and lies groaning on the ground.

Ms Virtuous is glad CPR isn't necessary, kneeling next to US Angel to keep the randomly falling glass and cars and telephone poles off her with her force field.

Dr Duran Duran nods to himself as in the distance a squadron of F-22 Raptors are heard flying at high speeds, they fly in attacking at the Monster with their Gattling Cannons first.

Mister Galaxy charges at Godzilla and then suddenly halts and dances in a circle as the Gattling Cannons splatter shells all around. "Ohshitohshitohshitohshitohshit!"

Lady Behemoth rushes quickly to the downed chopper (GET TO THE CHOPPA!) and with a snarl pulls its rotor blade away. She takes a moment to straighten the tortured metal and then turns to find her target. She lifts the blade over her head and begins to spin it more and more quickly in her hands... taking careful aim at her adversary.

Godzilla gets to his feet, shielding his eyes with his clawed hand as he looks up to the source of the gunfire bouncing off his scales, harmless, but annoying enough to get his attention. The monster roars and lets loose with missiles of flame at each plane in turn, aiming to knock them from the sky.

Lady Behemoth turns the blade over and over, the area around her billowing with more wind than the helicopter ever produced. "Hey tall, dark, and destructive... give us a kiss..." She snarls as she whips the screaming rotor at Godzilla like some over-charged lunatic buzzsaw, aiming for something vital, like a head... that's vital right?

Ms Virtuous huddles with US Angel. “I sure hope folks are insured.”

Godzilla swishes his tail and knocks over the CirCee transmitting tower, by pure happenstance, right into the line of the thrown helicopter blade, which cuts into the mangled metal more than halfway before becoming wedged in the falling tangled mass of tru-steel.

Dr Duran Duran winces as three Raptors go down, their pilots ejecting safely. Two Raptors increase their attack speed and launch a set of Fox Missiles at monster from two different angles in an attempt to do some harm.

Godzilla disappears in a cloud of billowing smoke as the missiles strike him from opposite directions. For long seconds there is only churning smoke.

Dr Duran Duran awaits anxiously to see what has happened.

Ms Virtuous makes sure US Angel is okay, then rushes back in to get more people out of harms way.

US Angel groans and nods. "I heal amazingly well..."

Crystal due to the wonderful rules of Bash day recovers swiftly from being drop kicked by Godzilla, and staggers clean out of the building she was bashed through.

Godzilla stands there apparently unharmed as the smoke begins to clear, his red eyes searching his surroundings until coming to rest on Duran Duran. Those eyes narrow. His jaws open. A stream of blue fire erupts.

Dr Duran Duran looks at the flame coming and simply says ''Oh shit.'' Fire erupts all around him in an instance almost as if he has been vaporized...

Mister Galaxy runs to the left and gets cut off by Gattling gun shells and then to the right and gets cut off by a giant fire-breathing lizard. "Ohshitohshitohshitohshitohshit!"

Lady Behemoth decides that as a heroine... this would be a good time to slap the living hell out of Mister Galaxy as he runs by... you know... to be heroic.

Ms Virtuous runs over to Mister Galaxy and uses her force field to deflect the gun shells coming from one side.

Mister Galaxy heroically hides behind Ms Virtuous.

Godzilla roars in triumph and stomps onward into the city, looking for a snack.

Lady Behemoth growls as she scrambles for the tallest building she can find, scaling its outside in record time with her claws and the spikes of her high heels. Once at the top she surveys the destruction, spotting the rampaging dinosaur two blocks away. She narrows her eyes and nods, "Ok... this worked in that video game..."

Godzilla hears the voice of his missing morsel and turns to find her.

Dr Duran Duran pops up from a manhole that was inches in front of him, his face smoky and charred as he looks at what just happened. ''Damn it...''

Crystal shakes her head as she watches Godzilla stomp away. “Now’s a good time as any to go to Taz's Treats for a light snack.“

Lady Behemoth exhales into her palm, a small glowing ball of plasma held in her fist. She kneels and leaps into the air, sailing like a dinosaur-seeking missile at Godzilla's chest. A shimmering sheath of glowing blue plasma envelopes her body as she screams toward the beast and with a shout worthy of any heroine. She screams at the top of her lungs. "BEHEMOTH.... PUUUUUNCH!"

Ms Virtuous grabs Mister Galaxy's wrist and starts running away from the center of destruction, a figure in white within a shimmering force field speeding along the streets trying to get Mister Galaxy to follow quickly "Lets get out of here!"

Mister Galaxy starts running and then somehow shifts his positioning so he can scoop Ms V up in his arms...just as soon as they are out of danger so that when they turn a corner, it appears as if he is rescuing her!

Godzilla narrows his eyes as the heroine becomes a missile of blue plasma. The impact results in a blinding flash of light and a concussion wave that flattens everything for three blocks in all directions.

Godzilla is gone as the smoke clears, seemingly destroyed by the selfless act.

Lady Behemoth notes that it is damn selfless! All that plasma melted her dress!

Mr Jackal never really thought Lady B's dress concealed much in the first place.

Mister Galaxy manages to make it in front of a television crew just as Godzilla is destroyed. He sets Ms V down and then poses heroically. "All in a day's work for a true hero, ma'am."

Ms Virtuous splutters, almost speechless. “H-hey! Hands off me, what’s the big idea eeek?!”

US Angel watches on a television in the ER. "Wow! Isn't Mister Galaxy just the most!?"

Lady Behemoth growls as she emerges from the rubble, cut, bleeding, and entirely nude, the draconic heroine's blonde hair filled with debris and dust. "Someone answer that phone, damnit," She snarls!

Samsoni looks up and ogles Lady B.

Dr Duran Duran moves about through the chaos and destruction managing to find what he needs and takes the samples of Godzilla's blood. He stores the samples in a safe location and wonders if Godzilla will return.

Ms Virtuous walks away smoothing down her skirt, grumbling.

Lady Behemoth grabs Samsoni by the collar and picks him up, snarling at him, "Bring me lotion... NOW... or I stuff you in post office box..."

Samsoni gulps jumps down runs away looking for lotion finds some runs back huffing and puffing you go sexy lizard lady.

Lady Behemoth sighs quietly and nods, "Thank you... I'm going to go shower now... and... dry scales are bad... and someone answer their damn phone!" She says as she trudges toward her home in a huff.

(Jan 2010)