Battling Bune

After a failed rebellion by the Skeltonians against the tyrannical Bune in which thousands of lives were lost, the high council sent out a desperate plea for help, knowing their act of betrayal would not go without retaliation. Even now the massive planetoid Bune rules from drifts toward the doomed world, its hope for existence fading with each passing minute as all on the surface do the only thing they can. Pray.

Space Angel is the answer to the plea of the Skeltonians, sent to intercept Bune before the wicked entity can take his revenge, whatever that might be. The buxom young Space Ranger tells the Skeltonians she will do anything and everything she can to stop the approaching menace. She pats the ray gun on her hip, puts the big fishbowl helmet on her head and flies off on her powerful rocket bike.

As Angel approaches the looming fortress of the oppressor, she sees the bodies of frail Skeltonians still floating in its wake, a symbol of their brave sacrifice held in place by the planetoids gravity. It is also as Angel grows closer that its defenses are turned upon her, surface laser batteries opening fire as two squadrons of fighters fly out in formation from launch bays on either side of the planetoid.

Space Angel activates the shields on her rocket bike and prepares to engage fighters if necessary, even as she tries to hail the planetoid on her comlink. "This is Angel, I am the Space Ranger for this sector and I'm here to convince you to turn back before any more innocent lives are lost." She takes evasive action as the fighters close, demonstrating the maneuverability of her bike.

"Your arrogance amuses me, Space Ranger." A single inhuman voice answered as Angel was indeed forced to engage an enemy quite intent on destroying her. "You alone dare to believe you can defeat the mighty Bune!?" Metallic sounding laughter followed. "COME THEN, O ANGEL OF THE STARS! SHOW ME THY CONVICTION!" And there the transmission cut off, rocket bike systems alerting Angel to the presence of four more incoming squadrons of fighters.

Space Angel frowned at the inhuman sound of the voice and then gulped as an energy blast deflected off the screen on the front of her bike. There was no time to think about how long the odds against her were, she simply drew the blaster from the holster on her shiny blue white thigh and began returning fire as she went weaving through the first squadron of fighters. “You're the one who's going to face a conviction once I bring you to justice, Bune!”

Several of the drone fighters were easily dispatched by Angel's precise aim, soundless fireballs flaring briefly in the cold blackness of space as the defender of worlds weaved expertly among her numerous enemies. A well-timed barrel roll took her out of a pursuing fighter's line of fire, bright energy blasts obliterating one of its own, proving that there was no comparing to a human pilot. And during all this the barrage of surface fire continued, automated turrets struggling to lock onto Angel's swift movements, more than once destroying enemy fighters in pursuit as they tracked her space bike.

Space Angel noted the predictability of the fighters and realized they were drones. She looped and swooped this way and that, leading one to crash into another, even pulled along side one and with a kick of her boot sent it plunging into one of the surface turrets below. However, just as Angel took aim on the last of the drones and fired, a blast from below caught the tail of her bike sending it careening. Angel managed to straighten out the diving bike and pull up just before impact. For a long second it looked like she would succeed in pulling out of the nosedive, but the bike caught the edge of a crater and rolled. For a moment there was no movement at all before Angel crawled out from under the bike, shaking her head as she removed her helmet, the atmosphere breathable.

Bune was watching it all on surface cameras, immediately issuing orders to reanimated drone soldiers to proceed onto the surface and capture her. Obediently they went, all nearly identical to the next as they emerged from surface tunnels, reborn by demon magic and science to share a visage sharing in likeness to their creator.

Space Angel set the helmet on bike and, ray gun in hand, set of to search for Bune. She peered over the rim of the crater into which she had crashed only to see an army of drones with laser rifles already coming for her. She took a deep breath and began to exchange blasts. Angel must have disintegrated fifty if she disintegrated one, but that barely put a dent in their numbers and her blaster already needed recharging.

Bune taunted Angel as his laughter seemingly came from everywhere. "Your wings are broken, Angel of the Stars, your hope is lost. Surrender now and I may yet find some way for you to amuse me. Continue to resist and I shall stand your corpse upon a pike as a message to all who would defy me!"

Space Angel blasted four more drones and gulped as she her blaster went dead and the laughter echoed in her head. All she could do was raise her hands and step out of the crater one big boot at a time as an army of drones surrounded her with laser rifles leveled at the uplifted and protruding shape of her proud chest in the shiny snug spacesuit. "Take me to your leader..."

The soulless masses that comprised Bune's soldiers surrounded Angel as again his voice boomed over the landscape. "Secure the woman and bring her to me." Bune commanded of his drones, two of which complied swiftly, disarming her of spent blaster and placing her hands in heavy fully enclosed restraints before marching her to the central throne room where the tyrannical Bune waited.

Space Angel was marched into the throne room with hands enclosed in a restraint behind her back, causing her impressive chest to press out even more against the shiny blue white material of her suit. The stout little blond ranger did her nickname justice as it was indeed the face of an angel that looked up at the demonic figure in the robe holding a scythe like a scepter in his boney hand. Angel endeavored to look determined and uncowed, but even brave as this ranger was, as she recalled all the bodies she had seen floating in space behind this planetoid, the twitch at the corners of her mouth and the quaver in her voice betrayed her fear. "Bune, I demand... you release me... and... turn back... now."

As Angel stood before the cowled Bune she quickly learned that the expansive chamber served as more than just a throne room. It was a central command center, monitors of various sizes lining the wall behind the exquisitely carved throne of black stone on which her captor sat, consoles manned by higher ranked soldiers. Higher ranked in that though they too had been converted to share his image, they retained free will. It also served as conference hall, a massive table surrounded by chairs, almost as if a council of sorts met here. Most importantly, as Angel saw from where she stood, the chamber served as arena, for she herself stood within the high walled pit, dry earth stained red with blood from countless battles. Hunched in shadows, metal talons rapped idly upon stone arm of throne as Bune initially reacted to her words of surrender with silence...then came the laughter. Soft at first, metallic and raspy, a growing crescendo of madness filled the chamber. "Fool woman! You dare to make demands of Bune!!" He stood, lifting an arm to point at Angel, calling two of the myriad chains strung across the ceiling to strike toward her like serpents, wrapping about the woman's neck and waist to lift her into the air and bring her closer to her captor.

Space Angel nibbled at her lip as that maniacal laughter echoed in the chamber like a myriad of voices in a devil's choir. She gaped as the chains struck, gasping as they wrapped around her body to raise her writhing form from the pit into the air before the throne, sputtering as she choked. She strained at the restraints on her hands and kicked her boots frantically, all to no avail.

Bune found amusement at her plight, joy at her frantic and pointless struggles. "Oh, do not worry my Angel, I'll not kill you yet." Bune spoke as he reached out, a flood of nanites scurrying along extended arm, traveling along shaft of his weapon as he touched tip of scythe blade to her hand restraints. The swarm enveloped her, a tingling of cool liquid metal upon her skin as the restraints were deconstructed atom by atom and reformed into more nanites. When they were called back, Angel found her hands now free but would have precious few seconds to enjoy it, for more chains snaked down to encircle her wrists and ankles, pulling and stretching her limbs to present her spread eagled before Bune. "Pleasures of the flesh are... rare."

Space Angel yelped in surprise as with a sudden yank the chains pulled her limbs to each of the four winds, pulling her shuddering shiny form as tight as a guitar string. She shook her head, honey blond locks dancing about her comely face, presently contorted in terror, earthy brown eyes open wide and transfixed on the figure in the hood who seemed to control the tentacle-like chains with his very thoughts. “I'm like n n n not... the flesh... you're... looking for...?”

Bune smiled, more felt than seen from the shadows he kept his visage hidden within, as tip of scythe was pressed at the neckline of her suit and drawn gradually downward. "But you are the flesh before me..." Sharp point felt as it passed between ample breasts toward her belly. "...and I mean to see it used."

Space Angel's jaw dropped as the fantastical weapon traced along the zipper line of her suit, parting the space-worthy material as if it were hot butter. Her proud heaving breasts pushed the material aside as it parted, taut nipples coming slowly into view like the dark eyes of a timid shivering creatures peeking out of a place of hiding to see if the big bad was still waiting outside. She swallowed hard.

Bune took unexpected delight in her exposure, drawing dangerous edge of scythe back as he looked upon firm mounds of living flesh. "Too long... far too long..." Bune uttered softly, then abruptly straightened and thrust an arm skyward. "But it is not enough!" Bellowed as he called more chains, these tipped with deadly blades that slashed along Angel's arms and legs yet never cut her flesh, leaving her to wonder if they'd even touched her at all.

Space Angel hung there in the tight X shape, trying not to twitch as the razor chains rushed about her, seemingly leaving her untouched. So keen were their edges that it wasn't until long seconds later when the shiver ran down her spine that her suit and boots began to fall away in confetti-like pieces. The Angel before Bune began to tremble with cold fear as her naked flesh appeared out of this snowstorm.

"There we are." Bune praised as he looked upon Angel's nude form while additional chains slowly coiled and tightened around protruding mounds, another sliding between her thighs and hooking itself to those wrapped about her waist before going taut. A single cold metal link split bare cleft, the length of chain shifting slightly, almost as it were alive, subtle side to side movements as it pressed against her clit.

Space Angel had an amazingly tiny waist for a woman so powerfully and generously built, and the chain tightening about it only accentuated that effect. The space ranger could not help but pant for air as the crotch chain worked its way into the tight slit between smooth lips, sending a shiver rippling through her flesh. Knuckles whitened as they gripped at the chains that held her spread eagle, cold sweat beading up.

Bune stepped forward, nanites scurrying across outstretched fingers as the villain reached out, the faint increase in illumination hinting at the presence of a metal mask beneath that cowl. Thumb and forefinger pinched left nipple, the dark nub standing at attention rather inviting the action, a slight tug and twist as Bune entertained himself further, desiring to hear the young Ranger's moans of painful protest.

Space Angel did not disappoint as a plaintive wail escaped her lips at the cold touch of those dread fingers, teasing her already tight congested nipple. She shook her head, whipping blond hair all about. She strained at the chains with all her might. There was no give, only increased pull if anything. She groaned as this resulted in a certain link disappearing completely inside her glistening mound. "Nngh... noooooo..."

"It is such delicious agony, is it not?" Bune taunted as his amusement grew, releasing one nipple only so he could torment the other, tugging even harder as he reveled in watching her squirm. "Waves of painful ecstasy coursing through your entire body, all from a simple touch."

Space Angel writhed frantically enough to rattle the chains even as tight as they were, thus proving how stout she was even in this utterly helpless position. Her large gravity defying boobs rolled about even as their bruised nubs began to swell from the manipulation of his boney fingers seemingly seething with some sort of nanotech that kept them animated. Angel's tortured eyes, big and brown, begging for mercy, tried to find Bune's own, but could not see past the dark shadow that hid the face inside the cowl.

"Such delightful suffering." Bune offered as dark praise when hand closed around firm punished mound, nipple pressing against rough metal of his palm as talon-like fingers dug painfully into her soft flesh. "...but I will hear more! I will hear you scream for me, not just offerings of painful moans! I will see your body soaked in sweat as I torment you well beyond the verge of exhaustion!" Bune passed scythe on to a subordinate, enabling him to place more focus on his prize, fingertips of now freed hand sliding along the links of the chain snaked between her thighs, each successive impact on the links resulting in a faint vibration.

Space Angel sucked in a shuddering breath, her ample chest rising as she did, the flesh of tortured mammary oozing between the metallic fingers digging so painfully into it. She lurched about in the chains as the vibrating chain in her sex rubbed against her swollen clit. Bodily fluids drooled from her lips below and above. Angel did her best not to give him the pleasure of hearing her scream out, the teeth behind the lips of her mouth clenched so tight as to grind together as she fought against the wave of orgasm threatening to overwhelm her.

Bune laughed in the face of her internal battle of will. "Your defiance will not last, my Angel." Shifting his painful iron grip on her breast so that index finger could send repeated flicks at her nipple. "I will see you broken. You will give me what I seek! Sing to me your song of torturous bliss!" The chain between her thighs showing more life than before as metal warmed and wet from her juices shifted and rolled in serpentine manner.

Space Angel sobbed as her hips seemed to gain a mind of their own, rolling about and trying hump the chain working inside her tingling twat. Sweat poured from every inch of her shuddering body, matting hair and spraying from the tip of flicked nipple. A moment later earthen eyes became glassy and distant as she lurched, stiffened from head to toe and let out a loud scream of release. "Aaarrghhhhhh..."

Bune laughed, not briefly as before but a continuous mocking as he saw the woman betrayed by her own body. "You are broken..." He spoke as the chain buried between her aching slit went slack, tension fading as it slithered back through her thighs "...but your suffering has only just begun." At his words another chain, thicker than the last, coiled around her right leg, forcing her to experience dread anticipation of what was to come. The chain that invaded her was cold, as if it had been prepared in ice, several links disappearing as through force of will Bune commanded it to penetrate his victim. "I will have more! Let your screams echo loudly in this chamber!"

Space Angel gulped and widened her eyes in horror as she felt the size of the cold chain coming up her leg. She grunted as it punched inside her hot dripping folds like an icy fist. It proceeded to push inside her, one link after another, coiling, overfilling, painfully bloating. She tried to scream, but produced only a weak croaking noise from deep in her throat. Angel began to swoon as the throbbing in her head and hole threatened to send her into shock.

Bune grinned within the shadows of the cowl, clamping his fingers around the woman's chin as the thick chain violated her. "Beg." Forcing her to look at him, Angel almost able to make out features but just when she got close the shadows seemed to shift. "Beg for my forgiveness, beg that I show you mercy."

Space Angel was not someone in the habit of ever begging for anything, albeit if she even could in her present state. There was a flicker of recognition of the words in her eyes as they probed for the face unseen, and an attempt to set the quivering jaw held in cold metallic fingers, but she said nothing, merely continued to strain in vain against the bindings that held her sweat soaked flesh in an X in the air before him. “Nnghh.”

Bune let his hand fall, stepping back from the suspended heroine and returning to sit upon his throne. "Such foolish pride." Bune chastised with a wave of his hand. "It matters little to me. Remain defiant, I will keep you there, suffering to my will until the last breath escapes your lips. Yet know that it can end, all it will take is a word, a pleading gasp, a final scream." Bune offered casually, watching as animated chain slithered back and forth, tirelessly fucking the bound heroine as her naked and sweat soaked form hung before him.

Space Angel suffered on as the unforgiving chains held her above the pit and used her continuously, each successive orgasm leaving her more and more drained, until finally her head lolled to her jiggling chest, matted hair falling across the swollen purple nipples, the heroine so spent that even the pain of the vicious chain thumping inside her was not enough to keep her conscious.

Bune leaned forward as the heroine went limp, fingertips again rapping on stone armrests. "How disappointing." A wave of his hand sent the invasive chain away, the rest bringing the unconscious Angel forward and releasing her to lay at his feet. "It would be an easy thing to kill you, young Ranger..." Bune spoke to the still form of his captive. "....but I've no desire to see you dead just yet." Gaze went to his subordinates, the demon reclaiming his scythe as he issued orders. "Take her to the cells and see that she is brought food, I'll not have her dying from simple starvation."

Space Angel remained unconscious as cruel hands griped her, using naughty bits like tits and ass as handholds to pick her slick sweaty body up from the floor and toss it over a cold hard shoulder, fingers then digging into her ass to hold her fast as she was carried away to be dumped unceremoniously in a cell containing nothing except a hard floor and a bowl of gruel that when she finally awoke she forced herself to eat.


Bune stood outside of Angel's cell, visiting the captured heroine personally as he had a vested interest in her wellbeing. "Wake her up and stand her before me." Bune ordered when it was seen the woman was indeed still alive, watching from shadows of cowl as guards opened the cell, quickly moving in and abruptly standing Angel up, shoving the woman against the wall and holding her there as wrists were bound behind her back.

Space Angel grunted as she smacked against the wall, tender bare boobs flattening out against the cold stone. She felt cruel hands brushing her ass as her wrists were locked in the same sort of heavy restraints. Once in place her ass was given a sharp pop. She yelped and stumbled as she was walked toward Bune. Thoughts of dead Skeltonians filled her mind. As long as she was alive there was hope. She had to be strong. She looked up, trying to make out the shadowed face inside the cowl, her chest thrust out defiantly. "What now, you murderous fiend?"

Bune traced tip of finger along Angel's jawline. "Now, young Ranger, you will entertain us." The cruel tyrant spoke as cold metal tip trailed across her flesh down neck, over collarbone and coming to rest just above valley of cleavage." But first, we must provide you with more proper attire." Nanites swarmed along his arm, a flood of silver moving forward and pooling against her skin, spreading both outward and down over generous globes and nether regions. All the young heroine could do was endure, to suffer the strange sensation of the nanite swarm performing whatever task Bune had willed upon them. When they did finally withdraw, Angel would find some of her modesty returned as a thick chain ran tightly around her chest, supported by a halter-like chain and providing only enough cover to her full mounds to keep nipples hidden, a thong of chain offering the same minimal semblance of decency below. "Excellent..." Bune said as he looked upon his work. " you are presentable for battle."

Space Angel was still shivering from the touch even as she looked down at the chain bikini. It concealed only her most private bits, leaving the rest of her contours from bodacious boobs to plump rump on full display. It took a moment for his words to register. "Battle?" she asked in a whisper as her eyes came back up. Her heart thumped faster. Her mind raced. Battle might mean opportunity.

"Take her to the pit." All that Bune offered in answer to her query as he turned away, leaving Angel to be marched off to the arena. There was little fanfare, the captured Ranger soon finding herself standing before a crowd of thousands from various worlds. Criminals from across the galaxy who had pledged their allegiance to Bune roaring, leering and jeering at Angel as she waited for this grand event to begin. Before her wrists were unbound, one of the arena guards took the opportunity to caress her backside. "Orders from Bune." He'd explain, adding, "...for what little good it will do." Then a weapons rack was wheeled out which held an assortment of archaic weapons. Swords, spears, trident and other alien varieties of edged, tipped or blunt weapons, of which Angel was told she could pick one.

Space Angel twitched as her ample ass was groped, the whole wretched hive of scum and villainy in the arena roaring their approval as she endured this indignity. She blinked as she looked at the wide assortment of archaic weapons. She pointed it at the arena guard. "I’d really rather have my blaster?" She forced a sick grin. Since a weapon had been offered she went ahead and took the longest pole lance, a shaft much longer than she was tall. It might come in handy.

With her choice made Angel was then left alone, guards and attendants exiting the arena so the challenge could be begin. Bune stood, scythe in hand as he stepped to the edge of high overlook to address those gathered. "My subjects. This day, in the final hours before we execute the complete annihilation of the traitorous Skeltonians, we will be entertained. Before you stands one of the galaxy's Space Rangers, who foolishly thought to defy us and for her crimes shall give us sport within the arena." A thunderous hail of boos and cheers filled the massive chamber, vibrations of feet stomping in unison felt even where Angel stood waiting. "To hand out this punishment, one of my own champions..." Bune continued, directing attention to the far gate with a wave of his hand. "...I give to you...ELTAB!!" The massive gate opposite Angel would begin to rise, allowing her to witness the approach of a large form within the shadows. Whatever or whoever it was had to be at least ten feet in height, silhouettes of thick arms and trunk sized legs made out as it grew closer to the light. As the grating sounds of heavy metal faded the audience looked on in hushed silence, enabling every footstep to be heard as the hulking form of Eltab emerged from the darkened tunnel. The towering brute stopped after marching a few paces forward, broad heads of twin hammers sending up small clouds of dust as Eltab slammed them into arena floor and raised arms in a proud war cry to his people, the gathered crowd erupting in a deafening chorus of cheers in response.

Space Angel gulped as she felt the floor of the pit beneath her bare feet shake from the force of the hammers impact. Her knuckles whitened around the pole lance in her hand. She looked around at the crowd roaring for this creature to destroy her for their sport. She recognized a few faces, outer rim scum, some wanted, even some she had sent to galactic prison in the past. Angel took a deep breath, the chain bikini pressing into the swelling flesh of her generous gravity-defying chest, and pointed the pole lance at her foe. "I WILL kill you if I must!"

Eltab lowered his arms, yellow eyes leveling toward Angel as thick fingers curled around shaft of chosen weapons. "Pitiful fleshling! I shall see you crushed beneath the might of my hammers!" Hefting one onto a shoulder. "My master demands it!" And then he charged, shallow channel forged as second hammer dragged along the ground behind him, waiting until he was within range before the weapon was raised overhead, forward momentum adding to the already significant force as the massive hammer bore down to crush the defiant Angel.

Space Angel's eyes widened as they focused briefly on the heavy hammer being dragged behind the galloping hooves, realizing the extreme weight of the weapon and what that meant about the strength of this horned foe twice her height. However, as the hammer came down, she dove forward into a somersault, giving the crowd a full view of bare bottom parted only by the chain running through her crack. Angel swung the pole lance in an arc as she came up in a crouch just to the side of the stampeding hooves, bracing herself as she aimed to strike Eltab's knees and take him down to the ground.

The entire room seemed to shake as the hammer cratered the earth where Angel once had stood, having expected this evasion Eltab followed with a mighty swing of shouldered weapon in savage backstrike. What had not been expected was for Angel not to be there, a rush of wind washing over her as the deadly weapon passed overhead, Eltab crying out in surprise as momentum of the misjudged strike combined with Angel's hard swing of pole lance sent the brutish champion stumbling forward, the great size of her opponent making it difficult for him to quickly regain his balance.

Space Angel felt the brush of the second hammer as it passed over her head like the wings of a deathbird. The stumbling giant nearly knocked the lance from her hands, but she went into a roll and maintained her grip, her sweaty body caked with dust as she came back to her feet. She was behind her massive foe now and took advantage, thrusting lance, aiming to drive the tip into horn-covered back.

Eltab managed to steady himself just as Angel drove tip of lance home, yet barely managed to pierce the tough hide, a thin trickle of blood all her reward for the effort behind her thrust. Though the pain was slight, Eltab found himself infuriated that first blood had not been his and again swung hammer around, backhand strike followed with a forward swipe of the second.

Space Angel heard the low grumble of the assembled villainy as her attack drew blood. There was at least one loud shout of, "Kill the bitch!" She made a face as Eltab's hide proved too tough to penetrate. Unfortunately that point barely had time to register before the backhand sweep of the hammer caught her full on with a crunching sound, the lance flying from her hands on impact. Angel was sent flying into the air as well, chain bikini rattling as limbs flailed, her flight carrying her all the way into the seats of the arena above, thudding into the laps of two suddenly grinning Gamorrean thugs. Gnarled fingers groped and squeezed as they hefted her up and threw her back into the pit, not realizing she had taken one thug's weapons in the melee. Angel tucked a shoulder and rolled as she hit the floor of the pit, grimacing in pain as she came to a crouch, bosom heaving against the lengths of chain as she gasped for air, a vibro-axe gripped in her hand as she looked up through matted hair for Eltab.

Who was already on approach toward the wounded heroine, embarrassed rage once burning within yellow eyes having faded back to arrogant overconfidence, assured that with him regaining the upper hand he could take his time in delivering the death blow. Both hammers dragged over arena floor as Eltab stalked toward Angel, grinning as he seemed to enjoy drawing out her fate, shadow of massive weapon hovering for what felt like forever. Just as muscles tensed, foretelling the falling of hammer which may have ended her life then and there, a tremor rocked through the arena. Not from within, but from outside. Then came a second. Eltab became distracted by the rumblings, eyes lifting upward as bits of stone ceiling and dust rained down. Above Bune had risen from his throne, the infuriated ruler turning to the sea of monitors nearby. "What is the meaning of this disturbance!?" A frantic reply followed. "Lord Bune, it's the Skeltonians! They're launching a second assault! They're ramming us with their ships, launch bays four and six have already been disabled!" Bune scowled, metal fingers tightening around shaft of scythe. "Launch everything! Destroy them all! If they wish to hasten their extinction then so be it!" Then focus snapped down toward the pit. "Eltab! Enough games, finish off the girl!"

Space Angel had not wasted the time she had been afforded by the Skeltonian attack, having regained her senses enough to charge forward, already in the act of swinging the vibro-axe in her hands up at the crotch of Eltab as he nodded to Bune and looked back down for her, his own massive muscles even having begun to wobble with effort as they held the two heavy hammers overhead in a ready position.

A lapse in judgment that would cost Eltab greatly, attention returned to Angel in time for the great demon to witness his own moment of death, for even his tough hide could not shrug off the power of the high tech weapon cleaving upwards. Final expression a mixture of pain and shocked disbelief, for how could such a meek female have bested the mighty Eltab. Powerful arms went slack as vibro axe did its work, hammers dropping into the hot and thick ichor like blood pooling around the feet of the demon.

Space Angel knew she had no time to waste. Ignoring the pain in her ribs and the loud confusion of a thousand fleeing alien villains she ran to snatch up the pole lance from the floor of the pit even as behind her the two huge hammers came down on top of the collapsing Eltab, finishing him if not already dead. Her chain bikini jingled with the jiggling of her boobs as the brave ranger ran courageously in Bune's direction. Angel planted the point of the pole lance at the base of the arena wall, attempting to vault herself over the wall and land as close to Bune as she could possibly get. "I can't let the Skeltonians' efforts be in vain!"

"Pathetic fool!" Bune seething at the failure of his champion, green glow of eldritch energies rising from beneath cowl as the skeletal figure found himself enraged. "If this must be the way of things then I will crush you myself!" Stepping forward to meet Angel as she landed before him, swinging scythe blade in an expertly controlled arc with intent to cleave through the barely concealed Space Ranger's waist.

Space Angel's feet went out from under her as she landed on the platform in front of Bune high above the pit. Alarms were sounding, but no louder than the thumping of her heart in her head and holes as she saw that the scythe originally aimed at her waist was now about to behead her in one fell swoop. She threw her head back as far as she could as she fell on her plump rump with a hard thump. Angel gasped as the blade and her life passed before her eyes, the keen edge of the scythe dicing the supporting chains of her bikini top like a hot hibachi knife through butter. She caught the loose chains in her hands and ripped the top over her head and off as she scrambled forward in the wake of the passing scythe, leaping to wrap it about the cowled neck.

Bune laughed as Angel chose to get in close, a haunting metallic sound escaping even as the chain was cinched around his neck. And here, with Angel inches from his face, straining to keep chain tightened around his throat did the cowl fall away, granting the heroine with her first true glimpse of the visage hidden so long within shadow. Part bone, part flesh, part machine, Angel finds herself face to face with a ghastly entropic skull, tiny nano-techmites scurrying across runneled countenance to repair and reshape flaking and rotting epidermis. "As you can see, my dear Angel, I have long since lost the need to breathe." And would then reach to grab the woman by the back of her neck and toss her away.

Space Angel attempted to pull the chain tight about his neck, bare boobs flattening out against his chest as she pressed close, only to gasp as the cowl fell back to reveal Bune's terrible countenance. She gaped with fear into the orbs in his rotting sockets for a long second as he explained her folly, nostrils flaring as they caught wind of his strong scent of death. "But how do I kill what's already..." Angel felt the cold grip of his hand on the back of her neck even as the chain in her hands rattled free from around his neck. She flicked it out to wrap the free end around the handle of the scythe as she was being tossed away, hoping to take the evil ruler's weapon with her as she was sent flying.

Bune sneered in annoyance as he found his weapon wrenched out of his grasp, but knew he had only his own arrogance to blame for this. His grip had been loose and hadn't expected such a ploy to be attempted, but he was hardly defenseless. As repeated impacts shook the planetoid from outside, Bune gave a familiar wave of hand to call upon the web of chains above, directing two to spear toward Angel. "This game has been drawn out long enough! Time for you to die, mortal!"

Space Angel's big brown eyes followed the wave of Bune's hand only to see two chains streaking down at her like bullet trains. She simply hadn't time to do anything more than attempt to deflect them with a desperate swing of the scythe, sparks flying as the Bune's blade made contact with the links of his chain. One chain was deflected past her body, making a pting sound as it snapped the chain of her bikini bottom on the hip. The second shattered into pieces and individual links, almost as if into one hundred bullets, most missing, but a trio finding her flesh, one passing through her shoulder, one through her tummy and one through her thigh. Angel stumbled back as if hit by three fists as her chain link bikini bottoms fell away leaving her naked as well as wounded. She looked up at Bune, blinking in disbelief.

"There is no hope of winning, young Angel. Surrender now and I may yet keep you as my pet." Bune spoke as he looked upon his wounded prey, finding some enjoyment in the nakedness of her form despite himself. More chains loomed around him as he awaited her reply, some coiling like serpents as they awaited the mental command to strike. "You are beaten, fleshling. Like the fool Skeltonians outside, further resistance will only result in death."

Space Angel felt suddenly cold despite the warm blood trickling from her wounds, leaving tit and twat alike glistening. Her hands tightened around the handle of the scythe. She wasn't sure she could go on. Her legs were heavy. She eyed Bune's coiled and ready chains. There was no way she could get past so many to strike at him. She had to get closer. She bowed her head, her voice a whisper, as she shuffled forward, "You’re right. I don't want to die..."

"Come forward then, pet, and submit yourself to me." Bune commanded of the injured heroine, a fair number of once taut chains going slack as the demon felt confident that victory was his. Outside a desperate battle waged on, Skeltonians sacrificing themselves in the hopes that some might survive, every resource at their disposal used for this fight as cruisers and massive freighters were sent on suicide missions to crash into the surface.

Space Angel moved forward on bare feet, naked before this thing that would enslave her. Even wounded as she was Angel was still the sort of slave rulers of rim worlds dream about with her tiny waist, generous hips and ample bosom. Sweat streaked her bowed face. It tasted good as it trickled over her lips as she spoke. "I don't want to die... but I could never be a slave!" Angel brought the scythe suddenly around over the top like a kendo stick or a katana, aiming to cleave Bune in two from shoulder to crotch with a pull cut of the blade on the end of the handle in her hands.

Bune had foreseen this possibility, chains wrapping at three different sections of scythe shaft even as the blade cut several inches into his shoulder, their powerful hold halting further progress. More began to snake forward, Bune meaning to bind this girl at wrists and ankles as he had before, suspending her helplessly before him as he made her suffer for this act of defiance. As green demon essence leaked from the open wound an explosion rocked the far side of the chamber, several Skeltonians emerging from the blasted opening which gained Bune's attention. Angel momentarily forgotten, he partially turned to face them, scythe still lodged in shoulder as the desperate aliens leveled a rocket launcher at him and fired. Ultimately it was a wasted effort, the demon reacting just quick enough to block the blast with an overlapping shield of numerous chains, so close was the resulting explosion Bune was still forced to raise an arm to protect his eyes.

Space Angel contorted her face in dismay at her failure as the blade became stuck. She wailed as writhing chains coiled about her wrists and ankles, desperately trying not to give up her grip of the scythe, but all seemed about to be lost until the explosion rocked the chamber. Bune's attention diverted, the chains that held her relaxed a bit. Angel pulled the scythe free and with a jerk of the blade end towards her, attempted to remove that head with the glowing eyes from the shoulders which carried it.

Bune felt the movement and turned back, eyes widening just as he felt he blade cut into metal over flesh and bone. Many things could Bune recover from, but a beheading was not one of them. He screamed his final scream, a cry of fury and rage and fear as glowing demon ichor spurted from the open wound, mindless nano-techmites still scurrying about in fruitless attempts to repair the dead tyrant.

Space Angel felt the chains all collapse to the ground as her naked flesh was sprayed by a fountain of demon ichor. With plaintive groan she sank to her knees, suddenly aware of the excruciating throbbing of her many injuries. She looked from the scythe in her hands to the imploding skull rolling about the platform and up at the approaching Skeltonian elder.

The elder could hardly believe what he saw as his group came upon Angel. "You... you've done it. You have killed the tyrant Bune. You have freed us!" A bit in awe of the words he spoke while looking down at the beheaded form of the demon. "But we have no time to celebrate now, the systems that provided the artificial atmosphere have been destroyed, the planetoid has suffered great damage and is in danger of collapsing. We must go now!" The elder warned as others moved to help Angel to her feet.

Space Angel shook her head at the elder as she let the Skeltonians help her up, too spent to be conscious of her nudity, her voice stern. "I told you people to evacuate the sector..." She grinned wanly as she stumbled and the Skeltonians had to practically carry her to their ship. "...but if you had I'd be dead and your planet destroyed. I'd say you get more credit than I for defeating the tyrant."

(July 2011)