Battling Barghest

Barghest growls quietly as she gazes down from the rooftops of empire city. A thick, cloying mist drifts around her and despite the heat frost licks and dances against the masonry beneath her black, high heel boots. The eyes of the terrible, obsidian canine mask she wears shimmer a sickly green, frozen flames licking from those sockets up along the sides of her masked face.

Darra LaRivierre thinks Barghest is badass, but won't fight her 'cuz... uh.... Barghest would lose! Yah! that's it!

Barghest shifts her weight and in a blur of black body suit and shimmering greenish flame she vanishes from her rooftop perch and reappears a few moments later, balanced on the toes of one boot, standing at the pentacle of a skyscraper's radio tower, the other leg drawn up against her thigh.

Miss Lori notes, “Now she's just showing off...”

Barghest 's eyes narrow as the green flames of her mask blaze with otherworldly intensity for a moment and with a creaking of metal and the whining of overstressed bolts ice begins to work its way down the radio tower. The longer the black clad woman stands atop the tower, the more ice coats the tower, and the more thick, frozen fog washes over the spire.

Barghest growls a bit in frustration as her search seems fruitless today, and with her frustration comes more ice. The tower on which she stands releases a metallic scream as the weight of its icy coating begins to cause guy wires and supports to snap and buckle.

Darra LaRivierre was staring out of her apartment window, using that demonic vision of hers to stare at Barghest from the top of the tower. Nevertheless, she does nothing. She could try to save the tower, or even attack Barghest. Unfortunately, the demoness is too upset at Empire City to fight crime today.

Barghest's body tenses and she goes to move once again, the huntress vanishing, but the force with which she pushes down against the tower causes the overburdened structure to snap at two of its supports and with a shriek of frozen metal it begins to topple from its place atop the skyscraper. It smashes against the side of the building, a pair of guide wires valiantly holding on.

US Angel hears the sound of screaming metal far above and looks up, yelling, "look out" as the tower topples! She exhales with relief as two guide wires hold and the twisted metal hangs there as if by a thread. "Like everybody move away so no one gets hurt and the like police and emergency folks can get in here to work."

Darra LaRivierre sees the radio tower begin to topple, all it does is cause her to hmph, fold her arms, and turn towards the TV in her bedroom. "Let's see if somessing entertaining is on..."

Barghest's eyes narrow as she reappears standing atop a nearby building. She smirks cruelly as she can hear a commanding voice ordering people this way and that. She extends left hand and her black body suit seems to creep and move, a shadow tendril extending out from her open palm... before pulling back and revealing the massive, icy blue head and inky shaft of a wicked looking halberd...

US Angel uses her celebrity status to get people to clear the area threatened by the collapse, leaving it to the police as they begin to arrive. She looks up, squinting to see if she can make out what might have caused the collapse. "Is that like ice?" The stout woman in the white dress shakes her head and enters the building with the damaged tower, presumably to go up and get a closer look.

Rose Thorn winces and drops to a knee as she telepathically strained to lift the icy metal to lay it atop a building, tears forming in her eyes as her hands shake...the metal slowly starting to scrape it's way back up to the rooftop...."Cmon.....rrgh....almost..there..."

Barghest's voice booms out, a powerful feminine voice with the guttural sound of a beastly howl beneath. "We... HUNT!" She snarls and whips her body around, the halberd swung in a glittering arc. There is a shimmer in the air and a rushing of wind as a razor edged arc of ice explodes from in front of her, sailing straight as an arrow toward the last two guide wires holding up the tower.

Rose Thorn gasps as the metal falls unsupported until she catches it, falling forward on her chest, holding the ice coated metal up as she cries out " heavy..." she begins to lower way she's going to lift it back she's slowly letting it sink toward the concrete.

Barghest peers curiously at the slowly descending tower... before her blazing eyes drift back up toward the roof of the building. There she spots Rose and her straining form... and an evil smile spreads across her blue painted lips.

US Angel gasps inside the building as she hears the snap of the metal, not unlike very loud gunshots, the grinding metal sound that follows more like thunder. She winces as the building shudders a bit, but all she can do is continue rushing up the stairs three at a time.

Darra LaRivierre crosses her legs, turning it to channel 9 action news, where a reporter continues to report... coverage of... the fucking radio tower... “Isn't zhere anyssing else on today!?”

Rose Thorn grimaces as her hands squeeze tightly...the metal screeching as it's bent inward on the sides...slowly, achingly moving downward...afraid if she goes any faster, the momentum will take over and it'll just fall.

Barghest crouches down and lunges forward, sailing across the distance between her perch and the building Rose is on like a dark comet. She lands with eerily perfect balance crouched on the several yards from Rose. Beneath Barghest's boots an icy slick begins to form as she stares menacingly at Rose.

US Angel feels her face getting hot as she rushes up the stairwell, until she realizes sweat is running down her face. "My dress is like going to be soaked through..." Finally she reaches the top of the stairs and opens the door onto the roof.

Rose Thorn doesn't dare move, eyes flicking over to the other woman, then back to the tower...almost half way...if it fell, it'd still probably cause serious damage...she wouldn't move...not yet.

Barghest rises to her full height... over 6'6" in her high heel boots. She grins cruelly as she levels her halbred at Rose and snarls, "We... hunt..." Narrowing her eyes in challenge. As US Angel emerges at the top she greeted by a frozen blast of air... the longer Barghest stands atop the roof... the colder it becomes.

US Angel shivers not only from the sudden cold, but the intimidating sight of the woman in black with the pole weapon in her hands. "I like knew I should have changed into costume first..."

Rose Thorn lifts to her knees... “Just a little more...and I can just toss it into that'll...mash a couple trash cans but...”

Barghest growls as she realizes that so long as Rose grapples with that tower she won't face her. She whips her body and facing down the skyscraper she snaps her halbred downward in a massive arc, smashing its blade against the side of the building. There is a shudder as a blade of ice erupts down the side of the building, slicing a massive furrow in the glass building and aiming to cut the tower into a million shards of frozen metal.

Rose Thorn gasps and with a cry of strain, she throws the metal before the ice can cause it to shatter...throwing it into the knocks in the ground floor wall and crushes the dumpsters, but other than that it doesn't cause major damage or injury as she drops to her hands and knees..."Ugh.."

Barghest looks back to Rose with narrowed eyes, bracing for a fight... that it doesn't look like her quarry will be able to provide. She snorts derisively and shakes her head, "You're not worth our hunt... not right now..."

US Angel looks from one woman to the other and decides the woman in black with the axe is the threat and likely cause of the tower collapse. She kicks off her shoes at her and reaches to snatch up a loose piece of pipe when all hell breaks loose, the integrity of the very building beneath her feet suddenly very much in doubt. She wobbles as if riding out an earthquake. “Like how in the hell...”

Rose Thorn staggers her way to her feet, and swings her arm out, switching on the energy baton she carries, "You...would've hurt all those people," she frowns and faces Barghest, holding it with both hands.

US Angel adds, “I hope the building's been evacuated or she could be like hurting a whole lot more!”

Barghest 's legs brace as US Angel's shoes bounce off her black body suit. She growls terribly, her eyes locked on Rose as she nods, "We... must... hunt... and the only way we can gain our quarry... is to set the bait..." Her voice half-seductive, half-growling.

Rose Thorn stumbles forward as the building shakes, swinging the weapon at Barghest...lowering that radio tower had obviously taken most of her energy...

Barghest growls as she whips up the massive weapon in her hand, taking a step forward into the strike and smashing it into the descending energy baton with a force like a freight train and an almost unbearable cold.

US Angel runs forward in stocking feet, the hem of her damp dress riding up her thighs as she spins, swinging the five foot piece of pipe in her hands at the backs of the knees of the woman in black. “Let's like cut you down to size!”

Rose Thorn lets it go as she dives under the attack, the hit sending the weapon into the air as she reaches up with her TK and throws the weapon straight, like a lance, toward the black clad woman's chest.

Barghest growls as two opponents lash at her at once. US Angel's pipe smashes against the back of her knees and Rose's lance into her chest. She stumbles back a bit as her knees buckle and when the blunt energy rod strikes her chest its with enough force to send her sailing backward several yards. She completes the flip and lands in a crouch down the building's roof a bit with enough weight to shake the building.

US Angel nearly looses her grip on the length of pipe as she strikes the woman's legs. "Holy crap... are you like made out of tru-steel?" She gasps as the roof below her feet settles, cracks appearing in it. "Like this can't be good..."

Barghest grows quietly as the pipe Angel holds is most likely now covered in a thick layer of rime.

Rose Thorn winces. "I think we need to move to a more...suitable location for this...keep her off of me for a couple..." She cups her hands, a pink tinted distortion of energy forming in them as she focuses.

MsVirtuous notes, “That building is going to come down...”

Barghest narrows her eyes as she stands back to her full height. She spins the halberd over the back of her hand, holding it point down and with eyes blazing a sickly green light she smashes the blade into the roof of the building. There is a sudden drop in temperature as rings of blue-green flame explode outward from Barghest's blade... aiming not to burn, but to freeze her opponents where they stand should the flames connect.

Rose Thorn swings her arms forward and fires a pink and clear distortion wave at the dark clad woman, a telekinetic pulse that she -hopes- will throw Barghest off the she's frozen to the rooftop. "C-cold..."

US Angel stumbles mid-swing of the icy pipe and loses her grip, the makeshift staff sailing through the air end over end over the side of the building as she is struck by the rings of flame and a sudden cold unlike any she's ever known.

Barghest growls as the pink pulse smashes into her chest, she keeps a firm grip on her halberd and the strike only suffices to dislodge her from the pulses of frozen fire. She takes several steps back, shaking her head as if to clear the cobwebs from the telekinetic push that rocked her so.

Rose Thorn struggles against the ice, wincing, she knew it wouldn't take long for Barghest to recover from that blast...she had to escape...

US Angel suddenly realizes she can't move, her stocking legs seemingly frozen in place, her previously damp dress now a sheath of solid ice, even her hair matted with ice, blinking as looks down, realizing she can at least move her head and arms. "Like what the... brrr... this can't be happening..."

Barghest shakes her head and at last clears the cobwebs. She hefts her massive polearm and narrows her eyes at the pair of her frozen enemies. She exhales harshly, a burst of frozen air as she begins to stalk toward them both... like a predator toward its prey.

Rose Thorn focuses. “This one might hurt...” She squeezes herself telepathically...crying out in pain...but the ice holding her cracks and begins to crumble, dropping her to her knees "Ergh..."

Barghest narrows her eyes as her foe manages to escape her icy shackles. She approaches Rose and lifts her weapon, turning it so that the flat of the blade is presented and begins to slowly lower it toward Rose, "We... hunt..."

US Angel strains and tries to move only to feel the ice thicken about her as the new burst of frozen air blows over her, practically turning her into a living statue except that is for her ever widening eyes.

Rose Thorn looks up, eyes glowing pink, "No. You Fly." She slams her fists to the surface of the roof, a bubble of telekinetic energy blasting outward in a pink wave, trying to launch Barghest into the air and crack the ice on US Angel as well!

Barghest snarls as she is sent sailing backward, Rose's blast sending sprays of ice from the roof into the air. She is indeed launched from the building, sailing backward in a daze through the air where she impacts a nearby building like a missile, crashing through its windows and into and office inside.

Rose Thorn collapses forward onto her face unconscious after that last powerful telekinetic blast...she'd far overused her mental powers in the past hour...

US Angel feels the ice about her crack, her white sheath dress falling away in shards, leaving her shivering in only sheer-to-waist tinted pantyhose. She throws up her hands to cover her bare breasts with their painfully tight nipples. "It's like so cold..."

Barghest's growl trembles in the air as she slowly stalks to the edge of the shattered glass through which she fell. She looks up at the frozen building where she hoped her quarries still were. She narrowed her eyes at a woman who had been near the window... now entirely encased in a thick sheath of ice. She shook her head and leapt back toward Angel and Rose's building.

US Angel has by this time begun to realize she's in way over her head here, not to mention next to naked. But she can't leave the woman who helped her so she dashes forward to pick up Rose, throwing the unconscious woman over her shoulder before heading for the stairs to make an escape.

Barghest lands atop the building with a devastating impact, shards of ice and frozen masonry sailing into the air. She stands and looks around with a baleful glare. She can hear the desperate rush of feet down the stairs and with a nod she lets Angel and Rose go... she nods with a grin on her face, "Finally... a worth hunt... we shall see you both again... not soon enough for us... far too soon for you both..."

US Angel manages to descend the stairs in the crumbling building and get out before it collapses entirely, thankful for the robe offered her as she turns Rose over to the paramedics. She looks up, blinking and shaking her head. "I like wonder who that woman was anyway..."

Later that evening...

Barghest emerges from the darkness of a steamy Empire City night like a frozen plague, the thick, heavy mist that surrounds her powerful body spreading from the alleyway that hides her like a crawling serpent. Beneath her boots the ground crunches and cracks, the sounds of ice breaking and creaking echoing along the walls as the eyes of her mastiff mask shimmer a ghostly blue.

Miss Mighty never trusts women who's footsteps crunch and have dogs.

Kien RedFang takes a seat on a bench to watch the action this eve.

Barghest grips the dark haft of her massive polearm tightly in one hand the frozen huntress moves into the night, a ghostly howl bursting from somewhere nearby, shuddering windows in their panes and sending shivers up the spine of the people who hear it.

Erika Longstride winces. “Thats who I think it is, isn't it?

US Angel feels a chill. "I like don't know... who is she?"

Barghest strides with long, powerful motions to the center of a quiet intersection. The few cars that pass swerve just a bit and lay on their horns to avoid the statuesque woman standing at the crossing's center. She tips her head back and with a voice that's half howl, half seductress she bellows, "WE HUNT!"

US Angel nods. “Like Ohmygawd... it IS her again! Well at least this time I'm in costume and have my staff.”

Barghest lifts her pole arm over her head and brings the massive head arcing downward, smashing it into the ground like a hammer. There is a moment of silence as if the world waits to see what happens next... and from the terrible wound she's made in the street ice begins to creep, moving like a living thing over the streets...

US Angel grips her staff tightly as icy fissures open in the streets before her. Still she rushes bravely forward to meet the apparent threat. “I'm US Angel and you like can't do that! Not here in Empire City!” She points her staff.

Barghest growls as she pulls her weapon from the street, and as she does a massive spire of ice juts upward from the ground far away to her left... and then another to her right... they're thundering up from the sewers as pipe's burst, sending razor sharp ice towers up through the asphalt. She turns quietly, her boots clicking on the ice on which she stands, "We hunt... you..." she says to US Angel.

US Angel barely manages to avoid being skewered by an ice spire, cartwheeling out of the way as the ground opens beneath her feet, bouncing into a flip over a parked car and coming to stand before the towering woman with the axe. "Well like here I am!"

Erika Longstride figuratively freezes completely, staring at US Angel and Barghest, her eyes widening in quiet horror.

Barghest stops for a moment and looks over her shoulder, giving Erika a frozen stare from behind the horrible canine mask she wears, her blue lips curling into a cruel grin of icy recognition, before she turns to face US Angel. She lifts her weapon in hand and braces her legs... ready to pounce at a moment's notice.

US Angel twirls her red white and blue staff and lunges, sliding across the ice into a thrusting style strike, activating the taser in the red end of the staff as she aims it at the woman's midsection. "Let's see if you like get a charge out of this!"

Erika Longstride convinces herself this is US Angel’s fight unless she calls for help, quietly ashamed of how terrified she is.

Barghest moves with equal parts grace and power, stepping to one side of Angel's sliding strike, and bring the haft of her polearm around with one hand to redirect the strike. She waits for the dangerous taser bearing end to slide by, before she steps forward and with all of her eldritch might she whips her free arm around, trying to clothesline Angel across her chest.

US Angel begins to spin her staff as it is deflected and the blue glove loses it as the powerful arm catches her across the flag emblem over her heart and sends her hard to her back on the pavement where she lies stunned for an instant, the shape of her chest still visibly wobbling from the blow.

Barghest snarls as her own pole arm goes over, the moonlight glittering off its razored edge before it comes screaming downward like Lucifer's hammer, its huge blade aiming to cleave Angel in two.

Kien RedFang watches the battle silently.

US Angel sees the flash of moonlight off the blade like her life flashing before her eyes as she rolls aside, scrambling frantically after her staff on all fours, showing her shiny hiney to her foe in the process.

Barghest grins and just cannot resist. She shifts her weapon, turning its blade flat to Angel's backside and with a might swing she whips it around, aiming to give that wiggling rump a cold-steel paddling.

Erika Longstride winces in sympathy.

US Angel is almost there and reaches for her staff where it lies near the curb when, with a loud smack, the force of the blow from behind sends her flying over her staff and through the plate glass of a storefront facade beyond, where she disappears in a shower of broken glass. An alarm begins to sound.

Barghest grins and licks her lips as she strides after Angel, her boots clicking heavily as she moves up to the plate glass window... or what's left of it... and gazes inside for the star-spangled heroine. The air around her cascades frozen mist, the huntress's eyes blazing that eerie blue still.

US Angel comes flying out of the darkness of the shop, her white leotard tattered, but her stout legs in their tinted tights shimmering as they bicycle, driving her blue footies forward, aiming to walk a series of drop kicks up the front of her foe.

Silencieux munches popcorn.

“Go Angel!” Erika Longstride watches the fight, rooting for the Patriot Heroine all the way!

Barghest staggers back, having expected the heroine to be made of less stern stuff than that. A kick to her stomach, a second across her breasts, and third to her upper chest, and a final one whipping across her mask send the huntress sailing backward to land heavily against the ice and skid to a stop against one of the jutting spires.

US Angel flips off the last kick to land back on her feet in front of the shattered window, wiping blood from her lip on the back of a tattered sleeve before clenching her fists and running forward to leap into another similar flying kick.

Silencieux offers the bucket of Popcorn to Erika.

“Thanks, Mime,” replies Erika, “But all in all, I'm too shaky to eat. Barghest scares me... She beat me with ease last time I tangled with her, and...”

Barghest shakes her head and recovers at the last moment, lurching her body to one-side, letting Angel's flying kick shatter the icy spire on which the huntress had been leaning. She snarls as she regains her feet, glaring at Angel as now the huntress's weapon rests behind Angel where it fell.

US Angel walks three kicks up the spire and flips off of it, landing in a crouch, reaching to lift the massive poleaxe and use it herself. "Let's see how you like it..."

Barghest 's polearm is near frozen to the touch... a deathly chill washing down from the icy head. The huge weapon is incredibly heavy, nearly 60 pounds of steel and shadow. Barghest only grins like a fiend at Angel's threat.

US Angel gasps and strains as it is all her gloved hands can do to lift the massive weapon. Even with gloves her hands begin to numb from the cold and she drops the axe, putting more icy potholes in the pavement as it clatters down. Angel bites her lip and looks about for her own weapon, grinning as she spots it, diving toward the street.

Barghest strides forward and grips the massive weapon in one gloved hand, lifting it with ease. She narrows her eyes at the racing Angel and with a snarl she whips the enormous blade around, a glittering blue arc following behind and from that arc a howl errupts and along with a blast of razor sharp shards of ice, streaking after the fleeing heroine.

US Angel grips her staff as she rolls over it, coming up facing her foe, eyes widening at the sight of the fusillade of ice shards exploding at her. She spins her staff like a propeller before her, deflecting much of the ice, but obviously not all, as she grunts and stumbles backwards as if hit by several bullets, a couple of red spots erupting on her white costume.

Barghest lifts her weapon and howls, "We'll freeze the marrow in your bones!" She whips the polearm downward and as she does a shockwave of ice errupts from its impact, streaking like a shark's fine of frozen blades toward Angel.

US Angel blinks as much as from the chilling claim of the tall dark woman as the sight of the ice blades erupting from the ground. She amazingly runs at them, plants her staff and uses it to vault over the danger rushing along the ground. She lands in a ready stance, activating the torch function in the blue end of her staff as she thrusts it forward at the woman's chest. “Let's like heat you up!”

Barghest's scream is half-yelp, half-wail as she is smashed back by the scorching heat and the thrust of Angel's staff staggering but keeping her feet. Her black body suit pulls back from the flame assisted strike, revealing beneath pale white flesh for a moment before it flows back together like liquid shadow over the place Angel struck...

US Angel dances forward, trying to press her advantage, staff blurring as it spins, attempting to bring the taser to bear once more, hoping to possibly take down the seemingly staggered foe that way. "I'm like going to have to make a citizen's arrest!"

Barghest's eyes narrow as she shifts her weight, bringing the haft of her weapon up to block the descending taser shock. She snarls as she quickly moves her foot, trying to use it to kick both of Angel's legs from beneath her with one swing of her own long leg.

US Angel makes a face as her strike is blocked, yelping as her legs are swept out from under her, tucking a shoulder and rolling as she hits the pavement, spinning like a break dancer, swinging the staff still in her hands at her foe's own plant ankle. “Like two can play that game...”

Barghest pivots her weapon and brings the massive blade straight down, smashing it into the ground to try and stop Angel's staff cold...

US Angel blinks as the red section of her staff is severed from the rest, her furtive eyes going back and forth from what is left of her staff to the eyes of her foe. She gulps.

Barghest narrows her eyes and lunges her free hand down, aiming to grip Angel by the back of the neck in her icy cold grasp.

US Angel squeals as she is lifted as if by the scruff, her shimmering legs flailing as they come off the ground, shivering in the icy grip as it gathers the neck of her white leotard, pulling the tattered garment ever tighter, exposed flesh beginning to bulge from the tears in the tightening stretchy fabric. Angel activates the torch function in what remains of her staff and tries to bring it to bear.

Barghest drops her weapon, the icy halberd vanishing in a shimmer of shadow and a cold mist. She reaches up to grip Angel's swinging wrist in her other hand, aiming to squeeze that wrist until it drops the offending staff.

US Angel kicks and strains with all her might but cannot win this battle of strength as the cold begins to ripple through her shuddering flesh. The staff falls from her hand, the blue flame still shooting harmlessly from one end as it rolls away toward a sewer grate and tumbles through, clattering into the darkness below. “Ohmygawd...”

Barghest narrows her eyes, "We... hunt..." She says hatefully as with a growl the cold surrounding her grows all the more intense and Angel can feel it wrap around her like an arctic blanket, beginning to solidify into sheet after thickening sheet of frozen shackles.

US Angel feels the cold numbing her to the very core even as she realizes she is quickly becoming entrapped in solid ice. Her eyes widen in terror at this realization as they look into those of her foe for some sort of compassion. Her quivering lips stammer, "P... p... please..."

Barghest grins cruelly, the frozen blue shimmer in her eyes offering no compassion, no mercy, and no hope... only the cold inevitability of a glacier. More and more ice wraps up Angel's body, swirling around her and binding her more and more tightly in its frozen grip.

US Angel blinks as her body in its tattered costume becomes frozen in a block of solid ice, slowly growing up to encase her head as well. Angel's final contorted look of desperation seems frozen on her face forever as the street beneath the pair suddenly erupts in flames, the torch end of Angel’s staff having by chance apparently found the natural gas lines below. Geysers erupt all around as violently as did the ice spires earlier!

Barghest snarls and leaps back from her quarry as geysers of flame erupt on all sides. She lifts up one arm to protect herself as she shakes her head, fleeing from the fountains of fire that explode from every opening in the street.

US Angel is dropped to the pavement in a block of solid ice which cracks as it slides through one geyser of erupting flames, enough so that a soaked Angel can break free, sputtering, her chest heaving, one breast mostly poking through a rent in her tattered costume as she staggers away from this scene of terrible destruction. “Is... is... she gone?”

Barghest's eyes narrow as she sees Angel scrambling away in the flames. She howls long and loud, bellowing over the fire... she points a single finger at Angel, her eyes blazing a terrible blue. "We hunt... you..." she screams...

US Angel gulps and flees like wounded prey, staggering away through the maze of flames, the dark woman's words echoing in her ears, every bit as chilling as her icy touch.

(August 2010)