Barbarian at the Gate

Kunoichi Kei bounces along the streets of Empire City in her usual school uniform with white blouse and lavender skirt, backpack draped over one shoulder, happy to have Saturday evening off, and hoping to hook up with Kid Crossbow later.

What looked to be the body of some sort of robot missing its head would shatter a window and fall three stories to the street beneath smashing upon the pavement. A rather large computer and some sort of device would soon follow it out the window. A small explosion could be heard coming from what looked to be an ordinary office tower, although something terribly unusual certainly seemed to be on inside of it. A tall brawny form could be seen through the knocked out window and he evidently would be the source of the chaos within.

Kunoichi Kei reacts immediately to the sound of the window shattering, running forward, tackling a pedestrian out of the way of falling debris. She rolls to her feet, a determined look on her face as she stands over him in her short lavender skirt. "Call the police, sir!" Without another word she is dashing inside the government building, lavender pleats bouncing off powerful thighs.

The brute didn't seem to be terribly concerned about the police showing up. Rather he seemed intent upon knocking out a wall. He seemed to have grabbed hold of a portion of a pillar and was attempting to collapse an internal wall onto a number of tables and computers in the next room. His rather brawny form strained as he lifted the large stone pillar and slammed it rather forcefully into the wall with rather devastating results.

Kunoichi Kei reaches the top of the stairs just in time to witness the amazing power of the man, blinking as he collapses a pillar with brute force. She gulps and mutters to herself. "If I can find a way to stop this guy Belle will have to be impressed..." She rummages in her backpack and pulls out a pack of pencils. "Stop where you are... as a heroine intern, I, Kei Kishimoto am placing you under arrest!"

The Barbarian turned slightly and looked over his shoulder at the rather unintimidating form of Kei. A slight smirk graced his lips as he responded "Heroine intern?" He shook his head slightly as he remarked "Get out of here kid, before I have to hurt you.' With that stated he stalked into the next room and pushed over a rather large tank and it crashed to the ground and some reddish orange liquid spilled over the floor. The brute observed, "They let anyone be a heroine these days eh?"

Kunoichi Kei draws in a deep breath, enough to seemingly threaten the integrity of the buttons on her blouse, but they hold. She follows quickly, nimble on black crosstrainers, lips pursed as she blurts, "I was about to warn you the same ting... I don't want to hurt you!" The pencils are suddenly flared between her fingers like shurikens as she cocks her arm. "Halt now!"

The Barbarian grabbed hold of a shelf containing various computers, monitors and sensors. Without so much as a grunt of exertion he lifted it from the floor and threw it rather suddenly in the Asian girl's direction. His dark eyes flickering over to her as the rather large object he'd hefted became airborne and sought to collide with her. "You aren't going to stop me girl, you're only going to come to regret the fact you didn't see me and just keep walking."

Kunoichi Kei 's brown eyes get as big as buckeyes as she dives into a somersault to avoid being crushed, one shoulder stained with the red fluid as she comes back to her feet, running up the wall and flipping out into the room, letting fly with the pencils while in mid-air, the eraser end of each aimed for an exact spot, temple, nose, chest, pit of stomach, thrown with the force of rubber bullets from a gun. "I warned you!"

The Barbarian was struck with a barrage of pencils but the rather solid form of the Barbarian just seemed to regard the act of throwing pencils at him somewhat incredulously. He shrugged slightly in the manner of someone whom has felt something unpleasant but he hardly seemed much inconvenienced by it. When the girl landed upon the floor his large hands would seek to grab a hold of her. Thereafter, he'd seek grab her and then throw her into a tank containing some thick blue fluid into the corner. His arms would flex as he sought first to grab and then propel her.

Kunoichi Kei winces as her projectiles strike but do no damage. She lands in a crouch, flaring skirt not even having a chance to settle over pink panties before her blocking wrists were grasped. "AaiyeeEEEEEE..." She squeals as she is yanked off her feet and sent flying, flailing a bit before banking off the wall beyond and tumbling down, creating a big blue splash as she falls into the tank. "Ungh." SPLAWOOSH!

The Barbarian smirked as he watched her fly through the air and then crash into the tank. The splash seemed to indicate that the girl would soon be soaked to the skin and he strode over towards where she was trapped in the tank. He glanced at the machine and the seemed rather curious as he looked at the experimental creation. He idly mumbled, "I wonder what this does?" As though rather consumed with curiosity his finger extended towards a rather large red button and he pressed it which seemed to cause the machine to come humming to life.

Kunoichi Kei scrambles about to crawl out of the tank, soaked and sputtering as she pulls herself up even as the machine begins to hum. The soaked girl digs in her back pack, pulling out a ream of paper, ripping away the wrapping, backhand whipping the whole pack at him, the sheets separating in the air, becoming 500 spinning blades of papercut hell.

The Barbarian raised his arms in front of him as a blizzard of paper seemed to fly towards him. Dozens of small cuts seemed to form on his arms and torso as the paper was thrown at him. But a series of small red cuts seemed to anger the brute before Kei more than deter him. Now his dark eyes fixed upon her and he looked rather aggravated and he rather swiftly first ran towards her and then leapt into the air, his rather brawny form flying towards her as he sought to tackle her and to drive her into and likely through the wall behind them.

Kunoichi Kei does the only thing she can and ducks back into the tank of now swirling blue liquid as he flies at her, hoping he will fly over the tank, but unsure. If she's wrong she and the tank and the massive brute will all crash through the wall into the next room, unplugging and shutting off the machine.

There was a rather loud crash as the brute launched himself over the tank and then through the wall, knocking a hole in it before landing in the next room. That, if nothing else, seemed to cause him to groan and take a moment to push himself back up to his feet. He brushed some rubble off of himself as he did so. He looked at the tank curiously as the machine had began to spin the tank with Kei within it about, and the blue liquid was swirling about and it seemed to become thicker as the fluid seemed to be seeking to creep over her entire form and into every nook and cranny of her body.

Kunoichi Kei avoids being tackled though the wall, but finds herself swirling in an ever thickening fluid. She immediately begins to again pull herself out of the tank, struggling with the fluid that has turned into a gelatin, disturbed as it seems to almost be groping the breasts in pink bra now easily visible through the soaked blouse. She blows bubbles as a blue grip tightens about her throat.

The Barbarian seemed to finish dusting himself off, and the paper cuts that had lined his body seemed to already be healing themselves rather nicely. He looked at the girl within the tank as the blue goo within it seemed to be surrounding and molding to her. The brute simply blinked and muttered "What the hell...?" As he regarded it, he seemed to wonder if he should do something on the other hand he seemed fascinated to simply observe what was transpiring at the moment.

Kunoichi Kei gurgles as she struggles with the seemingly intelligent living gelatin that has engulfed her. She thrashes about, a look of terror on her face, her mind gripped with terror as it tries to make sense of what is happening, her body gripped by a cold embrace, nipples hard, probing tendrils, everywhere. She clamps her powerful loins together just as the tank is filled with a cloud of shredded fabric.

Naturally the Barbarian wandered rather closer simply to get a better look. He watched Kei thrashing about within the tank and her body appearing to be engulfed as her clothing seemed to be rent from her. He grinned slightly as he regarded the thrashing girl within the tank as he idly noted, "When I warned you you'd regret this, this isn't exactly what I'd envisioned. But I think it remains accurate all the same."

Kunoichi Kei struggles more and more frantically, the blue tendrils tightening as they pin straining arms and legs, calves bulging like clenched fists, flaring fingers unable to reach, to cover buoyant jiggling breasts or the clean clefted mound bulging between her loins. The water in the tank is now clear but for the remnants of her clothes, as the desperate contorted fear on her face suddenly blinks. Then with sudden force her limbs strike out. She shatters the tank, getting to her feet, standing as water runs from her glistening naked form and spills across the floor.

The Barbarian continued to watch as the ooze seemed to cover her. A certain voyeuristic interest in seeing how that played itself out seemed to consume him. Naturally the fact that her body was naked and squirming about certainly did little to dull his curiosity. As the tank broke his arm was raised to shield his face from flying glass. As the woman stepped out of the tank he regarded her curiously and remarked, "Hmm so that thing didn't kill you. I seemed to be making the attempt. But here I am...out of the frying pan and into the fire for you eh?"

Kunoichi Kei blinks, tilting her head and looking around as if confused, then looking down at her own hand, observing as she opens and closes it. Suddenly she twitches, gasping as if at discovering her nudity and attempting to cover herself, one hand across her pert breasts, the other over the tight glistening pucker between her legs, gaping at the man before her. "Wha... what did you... do to me?"

"Do I look like I have even the faintest idea of what just happened? You just had some creature crawling all over you and then the tank broke. Damned if I know what that was all about." He smirked as he watched her seeking to cover herself. He stepped towards the wet and naked girl. His rather large form drawing near to her as he sought to back her up. His hands would seek to grab a hold of her and he'd attempt to press her up to the wall pinning her into place.

Kunoichi Kei indeed backs away as he menaces her until a wall of stone block grey blocks her way. She gulps and shakes her head, wet matted hair falling across her terrified features as he clutches her upper arms and presses close to her squirming flesh. "What are you doing? No... don't... please!"

The Barbarian simply smirked as he leaned in towards her. His body would press against hers, his hips jutting forwards to roughly meet her squirming flesh. "What am I doing? Exactly what you deserve." He leaned in and rather roughly pressed his lips to hers. "You've meddled with my plans and now you need to be taught a lesson and I'm going to have a bit of fun with you all at the same time." He stated in a rather matter of fact fashion. His brutish form would brush against her, its hard muscular plains would brush against the soft curves of her body as she'd feel the stiffening form of his prick press against her thigh.

Kunoichi Kei turns pouting lips away from his kiss, his lips and tongue dampening her cheek. "Unhand me you monster!" Her hips gyrate frantically as she feels the hard shape of his cock pressing against her tingling flesh, her nipples suddenly taut, one heel surprising kicking a hole in the wall behind as she flails with unnatural strength and squeals, "Nooooooooo waaaaaaay..."

The Barbarian felt the rock of her hips against him and murmured, "Yea just like that..." As she seemed to only succeed in turning him on with her squirming even as she demanded he unhand her. The fact she kicked a hole in the wall seemed to get his attention. His eyes blinked as he muttered, "Aww...hell." He grinned slightly as he noted, "Apparently now I need to have my way with you and your alien friend." He smirked as he felt her squirming and with his own rather uncanny strength pushed her rather fast up against the wall. His hips rather roughly pressed into her as his hand would rather roughly fondle her naked breast.

Kunoichi Kei squeals wildly as the flesh of her firm pointy breast oozes between the digits of the huge squeezing hand. Her legs flail as her feet come off the floor, and she becomes pinned between a stone wall and a rock hard place. She closes her eyes and sobs as her flailing loins encircle his.

The Barbarian kneaded her breast and heard her squealing in response. His thumb would mash into her nipple, stroking and flicking it rather teasingly, while his other hand slipped down to undo his pants and free the thick member that was pressed up against her. As her legs slipped around him his cock would press to the soft form of her sex. The head of his cock would press to that glistening slit and lustily his hips would crash into her, his manhood being lanced inside her lithe body, his prick parting her soft legs as he speared her onto his shaft.

Kunoichi Kei lets out an almost unnatural scream as if she is being impaled on a spear indeed, her screams so loud they drown out the approaching sirens. Her body clutches him with seemingly inhuman strength as it writhes, lurching awkwardly once, twice, and again, but then with an arch of the back, almost as if possessed, the hips begin to gyrate, her hot humid heart of darkness humping his intrusion with extreme prejudice. "OHMYFUCKINGAWD!"

The Barbarian heard her screams rather loudly filling his ears to the point where they were almost painful. He'd blink with a measure of surprise as her body clutched him incredibly tightly. Pleasure would course through him as he felt the rather fanatic fashion with which she began to press herself upon him. A grin graced his lips as his body seemed to respond in turn. His hands would grip her hips and he'd let his body crash into her own. Rather lustily he'd fuck her eagerly pumping his cock into that tightly gripping hole as desire would shine in his eyes. That big thick cock would ram itself fully into her as it throbbed within her tight little body.

Kunoichi Kei squeals as her powerful greedy thighs grip his thrusting loins and her body begins to shudder as it builds toward an orgasm like none she has ever had before. Her eyes are wide and glazed as her tongue is suddenly in his mouth, challenging his tongue to a match of tiny sumos. Her juices begin to flow inside as well as out, her sweaty frame stiffening.

The Barbarian felt her tongue thrust into his mouth and his own seemed to press back to hers, dueling in their mouths as their lips sealed together. He felt her legs tight about him as her sex squeezed so very very tightly about him. His breath quickened as his own form seemed terribly intent upon thrusting his cock into her repeatedly. His hips all but a blur of activity as he entered her again and again, thrusting in and out and in and out as he plunged himself into that gripping channel, his prick stretching her with each penetration and his cock throbbing with a building urgency with each thrust, his seed seeming to stir within his loins as it threatened to spill within her.

Kunoichi Kei throws back her head as she comes, cracking the wall behind, her embrace tightening like an industrial vice, albeit a pulsating vice made of writhing warm wet flesh. She screams out her release. "Aaaarrrrrggghhhh..." And in that instant a flurry of blue tendrils is expelled or escapes from her sex as she slumps against the crumbling wall. Whether the blue tendrils are attacking or embracing her rapist is hard to say.

The rather pulsing vice-like embrace caused the brute to let a groan to escape his lips as he pressed himself against her. An eruption of hot thick, sticky semen would pour into her, ropes of that sticky white fluid spurting forth from the eye of his cock and pumped into her. He blinked at the blue tendrils extending from her and seeming to slither around his cock. Although as he came they simply seemed to collect his fluids. He leaned against her and panted slightly as he smirked and muttered "Great we're going to have some sort of alien baby come out of this I can tell..."

Kunoichi Kei shivers and sobs as the blue gelatinous entity absorbs his cum and plops to the floor, flowing and merging with a red puddle there to make something purple that oozes away. The sound of sirens is right outside. There is a voice on a bullhorn. "This is Detective Chan of the EPD... the our meta squad is moving into position... I suggest you release any prisoners and surrender now..."

The Barbarian blinked at the blue entity that slipped down to the ground and merged with a red puddle to turn into something purple. He glanced at Kei and rather ironically remarked, "If it’s a boy lets call it Alex and if a girl Jill." He laughed and thereafter heard the sound of sirens and a bullhorn. He shook his head slightly as he remarked, "Well I could kill all of them but that would really draw more attention than I want. So It’s likely time for me to depart." He slowly pulled himself from within her and groped her ass. "Now don't try to stop me next time... although I wouldn't mind fucking you again." With that he fixed his pants and dashed towards, then leapt out of the window and to the ground below.

Kunoichi Kei spends a tearful hour being interrogated by Detective Chan about this man she learns is known as the Barbarian. The police can't seem to find the purple entity Kei has described anywhere, and she is eventually released into Blue Belle's custody who gives her even more of a fifth degree than the Detective. "What were you thinking, Kei?" Kei shrugs, slumps and goes to shower, desperately trying to wash away every last tingling sensation of unknown entity and Barbarian alike.

(July 2010)