Barbarians and Bastards

Mouse received an assignment from Agent Orange requesting that she retrieve stolen documents from the terrorist who stole them. Satellites had indicated the Barbarian to be located somewhere on a wooded mountainside to the west of Empire City. Mouse was to repossess the documents before the military went after him with force, thus preventing the possible loss of valuable information. She made a low-level drop in a clearing adjacent to the target area. She quickly gathered her chute, hid it and slipped into the trees. She flipped down her goggles to look for heat signatures as she explored the mountainside, realizing her trademark gold costume was not overly well suited as camouflage.

Naturally enough the military would not have indicated that their last attempt to capture him had turned into a Rambo-on-steroidsesque debacle that had been kept as quiet as explosions, the death of several hundred soldiers and the lose of rather expensive equipment could be. Naturally the problem with creating a super weapon that had a mind of its own was how the deuce was one to recover it when it went entirely rogue. The Barbarian was a suspicious sort, hence the mountainside was now riddled with traps, and surveillance devices from motion detectors to cameras. But it was within the mountain itself that he'd created his current bunker like residence. Monitors, weaponry of every imaginable sort, explosives, and chains and manacles were laying about on shelves and tables along with a computer and what looked to be an extremely solid metallic safe. Aside from those of wild life only one extremely large human heat signature would be spied out.

Mouse bounced into a flip as she felt something tug across her ankle. The spray of her voluminous blond hair was brushed by a wall of spikes swinging through the air where she had stood an instant before. She landed deftly back on black footies, exhaling in relief and looking all around from her crouch. There was only one large heat signature to be found by her goggles and she crawled toward it on hands and knees.

The towering form of The Barbarian was seen standing in a meadow outside the entrance to a cave. The blade of the sword that seemed to be his rather constant companion was in his hands. At the moment he seemed to be moving through sword forms, for the blade cut and thrust through the air with precision and purpose. The chainmail shirt that he often wore had been discarded for the moment, and he stood clad but in boots and leather britches as the silvery blade of his sword whirled about him through the air before him. The chiseled muscles of his arms seem to keep the long heavy blade aloft as though it were a feather. For the moment he seemed sufficiently absorbed in what he was doing that he hadn't taken notice of her arrival.

Mouse thought perhaps luck was with her. She crawled on through the underbrush toward the cave mouth, staying as quiet as her nicknamesake. She circled around and up the right side of the entrance to get above the cave mouth, hoping to avoid the Barbarian by rappelling down into the cave from above. She tied her line around a tree higher up the mountain and began to descend.

The Barbarian seemed rather fixated upon his sword practice, and given that Mouse had some expertise in moving stealthily she'd clamber above the cave mouth and begin to descend downwards into the cave itself. The cave mouth itself was a rather open mouth that seemed to travel some ways further inside the mountain although narrowing after some time. But she would see its contents rather clearly as she entered. Although perhaps more alarmingly she'd see sensors and cameras both within the cave which seemed likely to give her away to the brute outside should they alert him to her presence. At the moment a presence of which he seemed rather blissfully unaware.

Mouse spotted the usual surveillance devices and grinned, switching her goggle lenses to illuminate the sensor beams. She swung on her line and then flew twisting and flipping through the air, landing deftly in the midst of the crisscrossing beams without touching one. Quickly she began to tumble forward, contorting her tiny form, cartwheeling and crawling, her tiny acrobatic form scuttling through the maze.

Contorting and gliding between beams of detection with practiced ease left Mouse standing in the Barbarian's bunker. There of course it would be up to her to actually discover where he kept the information the government was seeking to retrieve. After all, while the presence of a great amount of weaponry and some food was rather visible. Stacks of papers were not exactly in abundance. The safe remained a possibility or various branching tunnels to the cave where further material could be stashed was also possible.

Mouse dropped the goggles down so they dangled from her around neck, resting on the golden mounds of her uplifting bosom. She unfettered and shook back her voluminous waves of blond hair, grinning as she looked about, emerald eyes twinkling as they finally fixed upon the safe. "That's where most men would have put them." She scuttled forward and knelt, pressing an ear to the safe as a black-gloved hand reached for the knob.

The safe was indeed rather conspicuously the place where one would expect any valuables to be kept. As she leaned down and pressed her ear against it and as her gloved hand touched the knob she'd hear a rather unnerving click. Suddenly a large jolt of electricity would leap through the metal safe towards her form like a turbocharged tazer, and then she'd hear a rather loud alarm blaring. That was followed by the sound of someone yelling "What the fuck?" Which could be taken to mean that the dangerous brute that she had snuck past was now rather aware of her presence. Should she look over her shoulder she'd find that large brawny form standing at the entrance of the cave with his sword in one hand a sheen of sweat lingering upon bronzed skin and a rather evil look in his eye. If nothing else she'd hear rather heavy footfalls now making their way towards her.

Mouse was knocked to the floor by the jolt of electricity, her hand insulated well enough, but her ear numb form the shock it received. She shook her head, hearing footfalls coming, seeing a big man with a sword striding into focus as her watering eyes began to clear. In an instant she was in her crouch, somersaulting forward to meet him, kicking the heel of a black footie up at his crotch as she showed her shimmering ass.

As the woman began to tumble towards him he muttered something about "crosschecking a bunny rabbit" but his hand lashed out towards her the seeming second she came into range as his large rather solid fist sought to drive itself into her side. His form shifted slightly to take the heel of her foot onto the rather solid muscular form of his thigh. The blow likely stung a bit but he simply smirked at the woman as he noted "Yea, hello to you too." For good measure he sought to bring the pommel of his sword down upon her forehead to deliver a likely concussing blow as he muttered "I wonder how they keep convincing these heroine types to meddle with me...perhaps I need to publicize what happens to them as a result."

Mouse spun away from the blow to her side, yelping as it caught her on the hip, tumbling away across the floor from the force of the blow before she could be struck by the sword. She rolled to her feet, eyes furtive, cartwheeling to the table, tights shimmering as her legs flexed and one extended, kicking the computer at him. She flipped into the air as it flew at him, intent on landing her own heel strike to his temple.

The Barbarian batted away the computer as it flew towards him. The laptop would fall to the floor with thump and the sound of circuitry breaking. Naturally the acrobatic thief was posed with one particular problem given that she was fighting a foe whose reach exceeded her own, she had to come within his range in order to deliver a blow. As she flipped through the air her heal would catch him on the forehead. He'd curse and drop his sword but his arms would seek to close about her and pull her up against his own body. His arms seeking to tighten about her waist and then to simply squeeze and seek to deprive her of that own so necessary breath with the force of his rather brawny arms.

Mouse found herself snatched out of midair by the brute, proving himself to be as quick as he was powerful. "Nngghh." She squirmed frantically as he pulled her to him, feeling the air rush out of her as the golden shape of her boobs flattened out against his sweaty chest. Suddenly she jabbed finger strikes under each of his armpits, employing her knowledge of pressure points to attempt to deaden his arms.

The Barbarian rather enjoyed the feeling of her body squirming against him and her chest crushed against his own form. Or at least that's the impression she was likely to get from his prick hardening as she pressed against him. The jab of her fingers into his arm pits did succeed in getting his grip to loosen as his arms shifted away from her rather instinctively. But irritation would flicker through his eyes and before she had a chance to slip away the rather solid form of his head came careening down towards her as he sought to deliver a rather vicious headbutt to her. His arms having briefly released her would naturally seek to regain their hold on that shapely squirming form.

Mouse was briefly rewarded as his grip loosened, but to no avail as her head snapped back from the headbutt, hair exploding outward as if a bomb had gone off, her mind vaguely registering arms tightening again as her head lolled back, her pressure point skills having seemingly failed her in any case. The tiny thief slumped in squeezing arms that threatened to reduce her waist to nothing.

He watched the tiny squirming girl slump seemingly into unconsciousness as his head connected rather brutally with her own. The Barbarian regarded her for a moment and then seemed satisfied that she was helpless for the moment. He carried her over towards the wall and thereafter picked up a length of chain that was attached to the wall with a heavy leather dog collar attached and slipped it around the girl's neck. He snapped it into place and thereafter set her unconscious form down upon a chair. He'd bind her hands and feet to the chair. A moment later he seemed satisfied and left her immediate vicinity only to return with smelling salts to hold to her nose in short order.

Mouse twitched, rudely jerked back to consciousness by the wafting odor held under her nose. She groaned and shook her head, instinctively straining at her bindings, causing the chair to rattle several inches across the floor as she did. She blinked and looked down to see how she was bound, noting the neck collar and chain immediately, glancing further down to she how she was bound to the chair. She swallowed hard.

The Barbarian had tied her to the chair with rather rough and chaffing rope about her arms and legs. It held her rather solidly in place. He smirked as he slipped a pair of handcuffs about her wrists simply to make the possibility of escape even more discouragingly unlikely. After the handcuffs snapped into place The Barbarian picked up a Bowie knife and idly tapped the flat of it against her cheek. He remarked, "Now I want to know who you are. Who sent you and why." He stated in a rather matter of fact fashion. The tip of his knife would press into her shimmering costume and he rather methodically began to cut it open down the front of the costume with that rather large knife. His tall form standing rather menacingly before her helpless form.

Mouse worked her mouth all about, worried eyes twitching as they watched the knife cut open her golden long-sleeved leotard, her extremely well-formed breasts flopping free, nearly as buoyant without the support of the leotard as they had been with it. "You mean you don't recognize me. I'm the circus highwire performer known as Mouse. Obviously I was sent here to take back something that doesn't belong to you."

His wrist would flick as the edge of the knife would leave a small and rather deliberate cut on one of her delightful mounds of flesh. A trickle of blood would flow down her chest as he remarked, "Don't test me." He stated rather simply as he noted, "I said who sent you and why. Answer me now." Evidently he hadn't recognized her and he simply smiled to her in a rather dark manner as he said, "I suspect you didn't recognize me either or you wouldn't have come here." The knife would cut down the rest of the front of her leotard and then his hand would grab the garment and rather roughly seek to tear it from her to leave her bound and naked before him.

Mouse winced as her breast was cut, cringing in dismay as she began to bleed. "You fucking bastard, who do you think sent me? The freakin' government spooks! You've got something of theirs aiyeeeEEEEE..." She erupted into a squeal as he ripped away her golden leotard, leaving torn sleeves gathering down to her elbows and boobs bouncing, blood spilling from one down to sheer tights, trickling across the shimmering nylon shape of her sex.

"I have lots of things they consider theirs. Myself being the foremost among them and at the moment I also have you." He smirked as he watched her body squirm as the leotard was torn from her. He watched the blood trickle down her body to her sex and he let the edge of the blade press to her throat just above the collar. He leaned in towards her as he asked "And why is the government sending a little blond strumpet to do its dirty work? And why do you choose to hop at their command?" The fingers of his other hand curled in locks of her hair, tightening his grip upon her head as he pressed the blade of the knife to her throat.

Mouse looked down, her emerald eyes wide in the reflection in the steel of the blade pressed to her gulping throat. "I'm a circus star and a thief. The bastards caught me red-handed about a year ago. Ever since then they have made me do missions for them to avoid going to prison." She took a deep breath. "I don't know why they sent me and didn't just do it themselves. There's a lot they don't tell me!"

The Barbarian smiled to her in a rather twisted fashion. "I know what they wanted you to steal. All the research that went into making me what I am. It killed every other one of their test subjects but me. I survived by some sort of fluke or some perfection of the technique. It’s very expensive to make an all but indestructible killing machine. Sadly you can't steal back something I've already destroyed." His fingers would idly pat her cheek and drift over it as he noted, "Ah, but despite the fact they threaten you, you do their bidding rather than resist them. Tsk tsk girl why are you their willing slave?" He smirked, "But perhaps they didn't send you here to retrieve any documents at all. After all they probably don't believe I'd leave them carelessly about where they could be pilfered. Far more likely they're simply pimping you."

Mouse blinked, seemingly almost pouting. "Obviously they use me... but I AM a very good thief... perhaps they did believe I could retrieve the documents... on the other hand you're right about one thing... they treat me as expendable... if I fail they lose nothing... meaning while we jabber they could already be about to drop a bunker buster on this hideout!" She draws in a shuddering breath, lofting her brows.

Barbarian patted her head as he noted, "I think they wanted you to fail." He said simply and thereafter noted, "They don't want to kill me but capture me. I'm their secret super weapon. They want me back or at least how they can make more of me back." He noted rather matter of factly. He smirked as his hand reached down to her chest and tightened upon one of those lush mounds of flesh. "Now what I think is that they sent you here knowing you would fail." He leaned in towards her and thereafter stated "And that I'd capture you and feel inclined to do anything I wanted with you." He smirked "And they're hope is that you amuse me long enough that I put a little super soldier in your belly so they don't need me anymore."

Mouse gaped at him for a moment and then contorted her face in pure disgust at the idea. "That's... it's... outrageous... I don't believe that for an instant... Orange is an asshole... but not even he would stoop that low..." Her breath quickened even as the little bud beneath the groping hand tightened. Her lip quivered and her voice quavered, "What ARE you going to do with me?"

The Barbarian smirked as he looked at her and leaned in towards her "Do you really believe there is a level to which they won't stoop? They'll use their expendable pieces to do anything. They don't care who gets hurt in the process just what they get out of it." His hand tightened upon her chest as his fingers dug into her flesh. His fingers kneaded into her breast and his thumb would stroke against her nipple tightened. "I should probably kill you. It would be neater. No loose ends, no possible ill effects. No fuss really." He leaned in to her as he smirked, "But perhaps I'll let you convince me that I should let you try to do what they want."

Mouse looked into his eyes, a good deal of fear in her own as they reflected there. She involuntarily tried to turn away from his stroking thumb as her nipple became painfully hard, but she only succeeded in rattling the chair and chain. "Are you serious? You want me to become your lover? Admittedly we might have a common nemesis, but it might help if you were to unbind me!"

The Barbarian smiled. "Oh I could untie you, but why should I?" He idly noted, "I haven't even decided if I should let you live yet." He smirked as he toyed with her chest, his hand pawing at it as she squirmed in the chair. The Barbarian gazed down at her as he noted, "You might say at the moment you're in the balance." He blew her a kiss. "Kill you, fuck you...decisions, decisions." He remarked as he let his hand slide down her body from her chest to the softness of her sex. There his fingers would press against the soft folds of her mound and begin to press themselves inside of her. Pumping themselves into her taunt snatch.

Mouse sniffled and rolled her hips about as if to escape the inescapable as his fingers teased her sex through the think film of nylon, then pressed the shimmering material inside the tight cleft of her pout. The sensation of his fingers pushing the nylon inside her was maddening. She tried to clamp her loins together even as her hips gyrated and his fingers became damp. "You are as cruel as Orange..." she sobbed.

The Barbarian evidently made his decision as she wept. For one hand undid the laces of his pants and let the rather long thick form of his prick thrust out towards her face. His hand would guide her head towards it and he'd seek to shove that thick prick into her mouth. His fingers would continue to tease her, pressing through nylon and rubbing it up against her soft flesh. He'd feel her get damp and her hips rocking in response. As she sought to clamp her thighs together his hand would press to her rather firmly. Shifting its angle as need be to continue to stimulate her and to make her squirm like the eager little slut that she was.

Mouse gaped at the huge cock as it extended toward her trembling lips. Her tearful bulging eyes crossed as they watched the throbbing organ disappear into her mouth inch by impossible inch until the tip had to be deep into the hot humid recesses of her throat. She gulped involuntarily, nearly gagging twice before her throat relaxed. He could feel her tongue working, exploring every nook and cranny of the swollen meat that filled her mouth as if for some weak spot, then it simply lapped at his cum slit as her cheeks hollowed out and she began to suck.

The Barbarian made an "mmm" sound as he felt her gulping and then stroking his prick with her tongue. His hips rocked forwards to press that cock into her, his tip prodding towards the back of her throat as he felt her tongue sliding over him and stroking the tip of it. He felt her beginning to suck upon his prick as his fingers tangled in locks of her blonde hair. He felt her pleasing him and seemed rather pleased with it. His fingers would slip beneath the nylon she wore yet on her lower body and his fingers would push themselves inside of her. Those thick digits stretching her and swirling around within her, rubbing and pressing to the walls of her sex as he sought to stimulate her further.

Mouse sucked submissively at first, simply having no choice but to do so, then more greedily as her sex was stimulated, her hips unable to stay still as her juices began to flow and puddle in the chair. Her back arched and she began to hump those fingers, the chair legs squeaking as they lurched across to floor inch by inch in rhythm to the slapping of his balls to her chin. "Mmph... mmph... mmph... mmph..."

Her greedy suckling of his dick was indeed altogether persuasive. His fingers continued to push themselves into her eager slit. His hand pumping against her as his fingers rubbed against those now dripping folds. He felt her pushing back against him and each tough of his fingers sought to make those sweet little hips rock against him. His cock was rock hard and throbbing in her mouth, seeming to respond to her every bit of greedy sucking and the lash of her tongue. Soon his other hand slipped down and he cut the bindings on her legs.

Mouse seemed to be trying to swallow him whole, slurping as he pistoned his powerful cock deeper with every thrust, saliva dropping down her chin as his balls slapped it. Once freed her athletic little legs, shimmering in sheer nylon as they flexed came up to embrace him and his felonious fingers. Her greedy rocking now threatened to topple the chair at any moment. "Mmph... mmph... mmph... mmph..."

The Barbarian felt her trying to take him all the way down her throat and he felt that slurping and sucking as she took him deeply within. He felt her legs tightening upon his fingers and as she sucked upon him so forcefully and clung to his hand he murmured, "I need to fuck you." He stated rather insistently and then his prick was rather reluctantly withdrawn from her mouth and likewise his hand from her sex. His hands would grasp her by the hips and pull her lower body upwards off the tipping chair. Still tied to the back of it he'd part her legs and then thrust his cock fully within those dripping folds. He'd pump himself within her rather lustily, driving that hard and throbbing shaft within her.

Mouse curled her drooling lower lip out in a pout as the cock was taken from it, shaking her head and whimpering as her hips were roughly grasped and lifted. The chair tilted back on two legs, the pool of her juices in the seat running over the edge and spilling to the floor as he plunged his cock inside her steamy oven. She squealed as the collar around her throat tightened, sensing that the forking of his cock was the only thing preventing her from falling over backwards. Her shoulders bulged as she strained at the cuffs, her breasts wobbling side to side in uncertainty.

Barbarian pushed the chair up so that back tipped against the wall of the cave to steady her somewhat, slacking the chain about her neck as well. His manhood was roughly driven within her. Feeling her soft, dripping folds about him as he eagerly pumped his cock inside of her. His cock head was being roughly thrust back to bump into her cervix. Each thrust hard and fast as it sought to fill her utterly and entirely. He eagerly took that soft and squirmy little body as he felt her juices coating him as they dribbled to the floor already. His mouth pressing to her own roughly as he murmured, "You love this don't you eager little slut."

Mouse hung there in his grip between pressing lips and loins and wall behind, pinned to that wall by the hard rod of his plunging cock pounding away as if it will drive all the way through her little bouncing body. She involuntarily responded in the most natural way to his assault, her loins locking down and her back arching as she lurched toward release, her cuffed hands searching the tangle of her hair as it falls over them. “You're as fucking big and powerful as a bull elephant!”

As his cock rammed within her, the Barbarian couldn't help but feel pleased to being compared to a bull elephant. Although the comparisons between an elephant's trunk and his cock might be slightly exaggerated - you know just a little. But he needed little encouragement as his hips pistoning against her own. His body surged against her as he felt that lithe little bouncing form pressing to him eagerly. Her sex hot and gripping and filled her and fucked her. His pace became urgent as he took her rather forcefully. Fucking her now in a rather eager and demanding fashion. Seeking to spill his seed as he felt it welling up within him and eager to rush into her. Each thrust seemed to bring him closer to the brink before a rather loud groan would part his lips and his cum would erupt within her, a thick steady stream of seed exploding within her and washing over her folds and filling her belly. As his breath seemed to be ragged for a moment as the sensation overpowered him.

Mouse squealed out her own release as she felt his cock begin to jump inside her smothering moist folds. Her legs locked down around him. Her back arched. Her breasts stood out as if at attention as she stiffened. "Aaarrrggghhh... ffffing yssssssss..." Her throaty voice celebrating not only the flowing release of her sexual climax, but the release of her hands from the cuffs by the lock pick hairpin from her hair.

The Barbarian heard her squealing as she shuddered through her own orgasm and even more of her fluids spilled about him and to the floor below. His body pressed against that curvy little form beneath him. Rather lazily he remained balanced atop of her as she came. He didn't hear her release the handcuffs, although her hands would appear to remain tied to the chair and she was still chained by the collar about her neck. But his lips pressed to her own as he remarked, "You are a pleasant little bit to have as an intruder in any case." He seemed to decide. He smirked "I've decided not to kill you - for now."

Mouse hugged him tightly with her lithe little legs, her sweaty chest heaving as she panted for air through the kiss. "Thank you!" She worked on the rope with her overly sharp thumbnail, feeling the rope begin to fray. She kissed him again. "For a moment I thought you might fuck me to death..." She grinned as the rope came free. "You're the most powerful man I've ever met!"

The Barbarian felt her legs clinging to him and her watched the rise and fall of that spectacular chest. His hand casually groped her ass as he heard her thanking him. He grinned to her "Fuck you to death... hmmm I've never done that. I might be interesting to try to accomplish." He seemed to consider the matter rather seriously although he seemed quite pleased to be termed the most powerful man she'd met. He seemed vaguely aware that she was attempting to free herself and chuckled softly. "If you ever try to sneak upon me or where I am again you'd best be doing it on your own accord or I will have to be far more severe in how I deal with you." He pinched her ass as he noted, "Would be a shame to have to end a nice piece of ass like you."

Mouse yelped as she was pinched. "Yeouchie!" She pouted, wondering if his words meant he knew she was trying to escape and was going to let her go. She wasn't sure and so remained coy. "It's pretty obvious I could never hurt you, big boy..." She wondered if there was in fact any way to actually hurt him as she picked the lock on the dog collar around her throat and immediately slip it around his throat as she tried to slip away.

The Barbarian nodded as he remarked, "True, I doubt you could." His eyes narrowed as the collar clicked around his throat and his hands instinctively reached for it. "A sneak thief is not much in a fight against me." He growled as she slipped away and began to run. He smiled darkly and noted, "Ah yes, I should kill you..." His hand scooped up the knife from the ground and gripped the blade with a grin for a brief instant, before turning it around to work on the collar. “But not this time!” His hideout’s location had obviously been compromised. He would need to clear out of the cave quickly. Much as he wanted to kill her he needed the knife to quickly free himself from the collar. “Sleep well and dream of me often until we meet again, silly rodent,” he called after her.

Mouse screamed bloody murder as she looked back through fluttering hair to be menaced with the knife. "YieeEEEEEE! What are yooOOOOH!?" She ran out of the cave and into the woods, not stopping until she slumped into Agent Orange’s arms at the rendezvous point, loose bits of sleeve hanging from her wrists, tattered tights drooping down her legs, damp and heavy with sweat and blood. “I’m sorry, but he had already destroyed the plans.” Orange nodded as he looked her up and down. “However it looks as if the mission was successful... we have a medical team waiting to extract any resulting embryos.” Mouse began to sob as she gaped at him in disbelief. “You fucking bastard!”

(August 2010)