Yeti Taz checks on Chicky. "How're the ribs? And don't you dare say tasty but they need more BBQ sauce." Taz grins.

Chicky X looks pained as she looks off into the distance. “They're healing, but sore.”

Yeti Taz points and grins. "Check out Purps over there leading the cleanup crew in my lil shop."

Chicky X nods. “Purps IS a bundle of energy.”

Yeti Taz declares, “I'ma have to make sure and keep that Irn Bru stocked full.”

Miss Purple smiles and waves to Chicky as she is putting up tables and cleaning up rubble, her outfit still not fixed, covered in several cuts and slits.

Chicky X downs a Dew and heads out of Taz Treats. "Laters, Purps!"

Bandersnatch is giggling madly as she eviscerates someone with the pair of kris knives she wields even as the building in which she stands rots from the very presence of the reality warping murderess... oh... and the parking meter has run out.

Chicky X catches a glimpse of what Bandersnatch is up to and gasps. “Wholly Molly... a heroine's work is never done!”

Bandersnatch purrs quietly as she watches the inky blood drip down the bleeder groove of her kris and over her dark gloved hands. "Oh me, oh my, how fast they die / And how much the do so bleed / You I'll miss, One last kiss / And now that we're done with THAT deed..." She purrs as she presses her lips to the dripping blade.

Chicky X dashes down the block almost as fast as a car, shiny pink-clad legs blurring as she heads toward Bandersnatch. “Stop right there, Murderer!”

Bandersnatch isn't exactly fleeing as Chicky arrives and looks up to the defiant heroine, "Oh look here, they're here for Bandersnatch / Hey heroine, having fun? Think fast! Catch!" She giggles as she kicks the mangled body of what had been a vagrant at Chicky.

Chicky X makes a face at the sight of blood being tasted, gasping as the body is tossed at her, but recovering to catch and lay it down after stumbling back a couple of steps. "Are you insane? You can't just kill people and expect to get away with it!"

Bandersnatch purrs as slowly walks toward Chicky, swaying her hips as her black boots ring against the metal floor. Each step she takes rusts the bolts and plates of the floor on which she walks and she coos, "Insane? Moi, me, myself and I, we all disagree / Heroine, sweet, heroine have come to stop me?"

Chicky X narrows her eyes and points a gloved finger at Bandersnatch. "I have indeed. Now drop the knives and put your hands behind your back! You're under arrest!"

Bandersnatch smirks and slips her hands down, sheathing the knives at her hips. "Arrest? The blonde hair is squeezing your brain too tightly / I'm afraid my dear, I won't be going quietly."

“I don't care if it's kicking and screaming, I'm taking you in for killing that poor homeless man!” Chicky takes a zip-tie from her belt as she steps forward, looking confident.

Bandersnatch smirks as she makes her move, her powerful frame shifting its weight as Chicky approaches and with a motion like liquid lightning and a giggle on her red lips she lashes out an iron armored gloved at Chicky's stomach with a force like a runaway train.

Chicky X was expecting something like that but the sheer speed and force of the attack makes it difficult for her to twist out of the way in time, grimacing as her already tender ribs catch a glancing blow and she stumbles aside. “Ok, let's do it the hard way then!”

Rina Twilight watches.

Rick Thorne steps up beside Rina. "What's going on here?"

Chicky X clenches her fists and takes her ready stance. “Come and get it then, whatever your name is!”

Bandersnatch titters controllably as she stops, her back to Chicky for a moment... that is until she twirls about and reaches down, the touch of her fingers rusting the metal beneath her feet and with a growl she tears up a huge, flat sheet of the floor, nearly a half ton of jagged plate and flicks it at Chicky like a frisbee.

Rina Twilight looks at Rick, “A fight... but its none of my business... So nice of you to appear Rick...”

Rick Thorne grins and strokes the rose in Rina's hair. "So good to see you, my dear."

Rina Twilight takes Rick’s hand. “Lets go Rick...”

Miss Purple looks around and helps herself to a half time Irn Bru when Yeti vanishes, leaves some change on the counter though mostly foreign coins.

Chicky X leaps up as the plate of metal flies at her, putting down a hand on it as it passes beneath her and she flips forward into a flying drop kick.

Bandersnatch purrs as she staggers back a step from Chicky's dropkick, hitting her square in the breasts. She seems far from phased and instead snaps her body forward like a missile, swimming her armored forearm like a clothesline at Chicky's shoulders. “Bandersnatch is my name, I'm sorry you didn't get it / After we're done my love, you'll never forget it...”

Chicky X back flips off of her kick, landing squarely back on her feet with a smirk, short-lived as a metal arm nearly removes her head, blond hair exploding outwards as she is knocked flat on her back, the name barely heard past the ringing in her ears. She instinctively rolls aside to hands and knees, a look of concern now on her face.

Bandersnatch smiles as she pivots with all the grace of a ballerina over the downed Chicky and lifts her leg straight into the air, a perfect vertical split which she brings smashing down... to where Chicky once lay... the impact buckles the steel, sending a roaring ripple through the now-rusty metal, shaking the warehouse they were in to the foundations.

Chicky X swallows hard as she sees the imprint left in the metal floor, whispering, "She could've killed me..." But never one to be put off she takes advantage of the moment to attack with a series of crescent kicks at the head of Bandersnatch, slender pink-clad legs flashing in precise arcs.

Bandersnatch's head whips about as she is struck across the face by the side of Chicky's foot once... twice... trice... she staggers to one side for a moment, seemingly dazed from the force of Chicky's kicks, her head hanging, long dark hair swaying over her face.

Chicky X nods. “Take that, Bandernasty!” Chicky again produces her zip restraints and reaches for the armored arms, trying to wrench them behind the back of Bandersnatch.

Bandersnatch bursts into laughter as she lunges forward and dips her body past Chick to wrap her arms around her and attempt to lift her up and over her head with Chicky's back to the ground... "Not quite so fast my dearest friend / It'll take much more than that to bring me my end..."

Chicky X gasps as she is lifted by this hold, squirming frantically. “Whoa!”

Bandersnatch licks her lips as she holds Chicky overhead for a moment and with a whipping of her arms straight down she bends forward and brings the blonde smashing down to the steel floor. The rusted floor screams and buckles as plates burst their bolts and a crater of twisted metal forms around the meteor impact that is Bandersnatch's body slam.

Chicky X squeals as the armored woman drops her down, driving the slender girl in pink to the floor. Chicky's squeal ends in a sputtering gurgle on impact with the metal floor, left twitching as she lies there stunned.

Bandersnatch purrs warmly as she moves and stretches her body out, laying on her side next the to the pink clad woman. "That was beautiful my dear, the noises you make / Its love quite like ours you just can't fake / I hope my dear it was good for you / But don't you worry..." she grins maliciously as she draws a knife from her hip... “We're FAR from through..."

Chicky X blinks, eyes growing wide at the sight of the wicked knife, panting for air as she stammers. “Your blade... it's... it's warped...” Her heaving chest emphasizes the tightness of her pink bodysuit as she tries to catch her breath.

Bandersnatch rolls over and straddles either side of Chicky's body and with a whip of her knife she draws a clean, straight line from Chicky's belly up between her breasts... not a drop of blood is spilled... but Chicky's outfit may suffer.

Chicky X eeps as the knife essentially cuts out the zipper on her outfit which parts like a pink sea to reveal the valley of the shadow between. At the same instant Chicky's ankles move to lock around the neck of Bandersnatch and toss her aside. “Get off, Psycho!”

Bandersnatch somersaults backward as Chicky's legs whip her from her seat. She lands sliding backward, legs straight and one hand on the ground rather like a line backer. She purrs as she looks up as Chicky recovers and mmm's quietly to herself.

Chicky X rolls aside as her survival instincts and wrestling training take over, leaving an indention the shape of her body behind in the metal floor as she somehow comes to her feet and springs for the catwalk sixteen feet above, catching hold of it with gloved hands and pulling herself up, desperately trying to put some distance between herself and her foe, costume flapping open. “They're going to have to increase my movie budget if people keep destroying my costumes...”

Bandersnatch leaps straight up, turning over as she goes and lands with a deafening thud of metal on the ceiling. Her high heeled boots click gently as she begins to walk... upside down... along the roof toward Chicky on the catwalk. Its worth noting that the roof begins to rust, spreading like a cancer across its surface wherever she walks... weakening it terribly.

Chicky X gapes in disbelief at this maneuver, backing away slowly along the catwalk, trying to zip up her costume until she realizes the zipper is no longer attached. She sighs and looks around as she runs out of catwalk, finally side kicking loose the support attaching the catwalk to the ceiling. Chicky's end swings down and the end near Bandersnatch swings upwards.

Bandersnatch leaps from her place and toward the catwalk as it swings toward her, slamming her knife into the steel, the two-foot-long blade emerging from the steel like a demonic shark fin as the psychotic murderess slides along the underside of the catwalk toward Chicky.

Chicky X steps off the catwalk as her end hits the floor, her eyes fixed on her sliding attacker, her tightly jiggling chest pointing nipples at Bandersnatch like fingers being shaken at a naughty child. Pink-gloved hands grab the handrails and, with all the strength Chicky can muster, fling the catwalk back upwards toward the ceiling.

Bandersnatch smashes into the ceiling, sending the entire building to shaking as if in an earthquake. The catwalk swings from its cabling for a moment like an insect caught in a spiders web... before in a scream of metal and a flash of glittering, bloody steel slices the last of the support cables holding the walk to the ceiling.

Chicky X deftly cartwheels away as heavy metal crashes down, taking out a section of the floor. As she comes around to her feet Chicky looks back for some sign of Bandersnatch in the wreckage, once more reaching for her zip restraints. “Surely that...”

Bandersnatch 's giggling can be heard echoing through the building as the twisted steel begins to move, tons of mangled tubing and grating shifting as she rises from the broken metal like a beast from the grave. "No I'm afraid... your hopes be stricken / All that served... was my pulse to quicken..." She reaches behind her, the second kris knife joining the one already in her fingers.

Chicky X lofts her brows, lips making a little o of surprise. "No way..." Chicky shakes her head and hops on a conveyor belt, activating it in the process by kicking the red button with her boot. She takes her stance atop it, looking around at Bandersnatch as she rides the conveyor slowly away, bared boobs jiggling tightly.

Bandersnatch purrs as she walks slowly to the conveyor as chick zooms along it. She lifts the knives in her hands and slams them into the whirring gears at either side of the machine. There is a groan as the machinery seems to take on a life of its own, the conveyor belt shrieking in an unholy moan as it speeds up incredibly, trying to hurl Chicky toward the packing machines it feeds.

Chicky X gasps as the conveyor lurches, throwing the heroine in pink off her feet, carrying her forward into the machine with unnatural speed, her echoing squeals muffled an instant after she disappears into packing equipment.

Bandersnatch moves toward the packing equipment as shrink-wrap and twist ties begin to leap about the prone body of the heroine. She flicks her knife into the miasma of packing materials and machinery and with a surgeon's grace she places a dozen quick slices and reaching inside... snatches away nearly every scrap of pink remaining on the poor girl... as the machines do preternatural work wrapping the woman in ultra-tight shrink wrap.

Chicky X emerges a moment later on the other side, banded and shrink-wrapped in industrial plastic, screams muffled, arms pinned at her sides and legs together, helpless to do anything about her nakedness pressing against the clear plastic as she rolls off the end of the conveyor into a waiting crate, eyes wide in terror.

Bandersnatch smirks as she moves to Chicky and her packing crate. Every limb is wrapped in its own sheath of clear plastic and then in a second layer, leaving the poor woman mummified in the shrink-wrap. She raises a kris knife.

Chicky X looks up in abject horror as Bandersnatch looms over her with one of those warped blades poised to plunge downward.

Bandersnatch punches the point down between already purple lips, making the trapped heroine an air hole. Then she lifts the lid of the crate and brings it down heavily... and with a lurch the nails in the top drive themselves in. "There we are, my work here is done / Another lover, a bit more fun / A little high, back to the ground / I'd say my pet... we brought the house down..." She looks about at the mangled factory and purrs.

Chicky X squirms frantically in her shiny clear cocoon as the crate is nailed shut, seemingly doomed to be a surprise package for someone somewhere sometime soon.

(Oct 2009)