To Bait a Pimp


BlueBelle arrives back at the faux safe house where Chicky has been playing the part of Denise, Ho Squader who has agreed to testify against the pimp. The real Denise is upstate at a college. Belle's plan is to lure Papa Pimp out of hiding with this bait. Belle enters the front door in her blue bodysuit and nods. "Still nothing I take it?"

Papa Pimp stops the van three houses away. The back door opens and Mace drops out first, in full black body gear. Dreggs comes out next. Then Sleeze. Papa points and the trio slithers beneath the shadows of the trees along the sidewalk, one by one slipping closer and closer to the house.

BlueBelle shrugs as Kei in her lavender sighs and says, "No, this waiting around is getting boring..." Chicky smirks and winks at Belle as Belle addresses Kei. "Well Kei... being a heroine isn't always as exciting as you might think... still we always have to be ready for that moment when something does go down... so stay alert!" "Hai!" responds the intern in the lavender bodysuit.

Papa Pimp follows behind the mercenaries he has hired for this particular job. The word on the street is that this is where Denise is hiding. Papa decides word has gotten out too easily. He figures it was done on purpose to bring him here. He thinks he knows by whom. Well, he has a surprise for them. They are expecting Papa Pimp. They aren't expecting his three mercenaries. He holds up his hand as they move into position.

BlueBelle raises a brow as Chicky whispers. "It looks like the motion sensors have picked up something..." Kei yawning. "Prolly like our sixth cat of the day..." Belle hushing her with a look as the three women take ready positions, all dressed in similar full-length skintight bodysuits and ankle boots, Belle in blue, Chicky in black, and Kei in lavender.

Papa Pimp lowers his hand. Mace raises, cocks his arm and lets fly. The small cubical metallic 'grenade' sailed into a window, smashing through the glass and then falling to the floor, a red dot blinking and then staying on before the 'grenade' exploded. Not a normal explosion. Rather an explosion of bright white light. So bright it would easily leave an unprotected eye blinded for several moments.

BlueBelle shouts out "turn away" but Kei is caught looking, blinded by the flash grenade. Belle still blinks after covering her face with an arm and turning away. Chicky's eyes seem unfazed as she moves to the door. "He brought company... at least two... and I don't see Papa yet..."

Papa Pimp points. Dreggs and Sleeze rush the front door towards where Chicky is looking. Mace, meanwhile, moves to the back of the house, searching for a way in as they try and surround the house. Dreggs pulls a pair on nunchakas from his waistband and Sleeze opts for a kendo stick he removes from his back.

BlueBelle nods to the slender figure in black. "Chicky, can you handle those two? Papa's probably planning to sneak in the back. I'll see if I can surprise him. Kei... just stay out of the way until you can see..." Belle shoves the intern into the bathroom as she moves to the hall. "Use the eyedrops in the medicine cabinet." Meanwhile Chicky kicks the door open into Dreggs and sidekicks Sleeze.

Papa Pimp watches from the yard next door, his infrared goggles picking up the action. He watches as Dreggs is knocked backwards, cursing as he sees Sleeze double over. Mace slips up against the back wall of the house, pressing himself against it tight as the sounds of the battle in the front yard alert him to the fact that their enemy is in the fight. He holds his breath and tenses his muscles.

BlueBelle waits in the shadows to the side of the back door. Meanwhile Chicky is putting on a martial arts display out front, shiny black bodysuit glinting in the spotlights that have come on there. Chicky grabs the back of Sleeze's head and knees him in the face, before vaulting over him into a flying kick aimed at Dreggs.

Papa Pimp watches, dropping the night glasses as the lights in the front yard come on. The fight having triggered the porch light's sensor. Dreggs loses his nunchakas as they fly from his grip due to the kick from Chickfighter. Sleeze regains kendo stick as he tries to get back up from one knee, shaking the cobwebs from his head. Mace steps up to the back door and delivers a kick, trying to smash it open.

BlueBelle smiles as the back door flies open, waiting with arm cocked to deliver a karate chop to the neck of a man she expects to be Papa Pimp. Out front Chicky kicks the nunchakas up to her hands and aims to whack Dreggs over the head as she spins to face Sleeze. Kei gropes about the medicine cabinet, crestfallen that she's missing all the action.

Papa Pimp scowls as his mercenaries are being demolished. Mace drops to the floor at Belle's feet while Dreggs crumples from the blow. Sleeze scrambles back up and snatches his kendo stick, ready to go stick versus nunchakas. Papa shakes his head, pulls something from his pocket and then starts to stamp his cane on the ground and chant softly.

BlueBelle smiles as her chop drops the man entering the back. Chicky has the nunchakas spinning like helicopter rotors, parrying the kendo stick several times, then wrapping about it, jerking it away even as she high kicks a bootie at the sleezeball's face, doing a vertical splits in her tight bodysuit. Belle looks down and frowns. "Not the scum I was expecting... which means Papa and that damn cane are still..."

Papa Pimp watches as Chicky drops the last mercenary. He steps forwards from out of the dark, clapping his hands. "I know my Denise never could have done that. Chickfighter I presume?" He grins, his grip softly around a hidden object in his left hand. His cane on the ground, tapping, held by his right hand.

BlueBelle winces as she hears that familiar voice of Papa out front. Chicky spins with a grin and settles into her stance. "Indeed it is... and you're going down this time Daddy-O..." The slender girl in black races forward to attack, nunchakas still in her hand. Belle meanwhile is running through the house to help, fearful that Papa has outsmarted her again.

Papa Pimp grins and then digs his thumb into the crotch of the Chickfighter action figure. "When you become a star, you get a star's treatment. And you become a voodoo man's favorite heroine. Hahahahah!"

BlueBelle stands at the front door blinking as the charging Chicky inexplicably crumples as if kicked between the legs, writhing on the ground as if still being kicked although there is nothing there. Belle takes a deep breath and realizes it must be voodoo of some sort. She has to get that cane away from Papa!

Papa Pimp drops the voodoo doll to the ground and then slams the cane down between the action figure's legs. He grinds it in as he shouts out, "I know you are out there, Blue Belle. It's gonna be either you or the movie star tonight. And I promise you, I will ruin her completely if you aren't out here at the count of five! One..."

BlueBelle gasps as Chicky lets out an ear-bleeding screech and clutches at herself. Belle charges out the door, snatching up the kendo stick from the ground, and racing forward, blue-clad curves rolling dangerously from side to side, flaming hair in her face and trailing behind. "Papa! This is the last time you threaten one of my team!"

Papa Pimp lifts his cane, turning to meet the redheaded heroine while giving the action figure voodoo doll one last kick right to the head. He spins his cane up, twirling it like a master of the fighting arts would do, then bringing it into position to block and parry whatever move the heroine might make.

BlueBelle winces as she sees Chicky's head nearly spun from her body, lifting her clear off the ground, spinning through the air and crashing into the street beyond before coming to rest. But Belle knows she must stop Papa before checking on her teammate. She holds the kendo stick high in a two-handed grip like a samurai sword, swinging it down as she lunges.

Papa Pimp squats low, pulling his cane up to block the overhead swing, leaning in at the point of impact and then thrusting his inside elbow towards the heroine's gut. "You are out of your league in this fight, Blue Belle."

BlueBelle grits her teeth as the cane blocks her strike, grunting in unladylike fashion as she doubles over the elbow, remaining bent over as she stumbles backwards, gasping, "I won't let you win... you belong in the pen!"

Papa Pimp rises and steps forwards, jabbing the tip of the cane towards the heroine as if he were merely fencing with her. "And you belong in my Ho Squad."

BlueBelle uses the kendo stick to smack the cane away as it pokes into the round shape of her left breast. Her face contorts in rage. "You bastard! I would never submit to you!" Again she swings the kendo stick at him.

Papa Pimp is too busy gloating and toying with his nemesis. The kendo stick smacks across his left shoulder and he winces and snarls, growling as he feints high, then ducks low and tries to use his cane to sweep the back of Belle's legs, aiming just behind her knees.

BlueBelle nods with a determined look as she lands the first strike, hair flying across her face as she twists to make a second only to have her knees collapse out from under her as the cane does its work. She falls, wincing as she lands on her ample ass.

Papa Pimp rolls to his feet and swings the cane downwards...stopping it just before it smashes into her prized chest. "I'm not that cruel that I would ever do damage to those babies," he said with a grin as he angled the tip of his cane towards her throat.

BlueBelle winces as she sees the cane swinging toward her bosom. She blinks as the cane stops just short of the tightly jiggling shape of her breasts in the tight blue spandex. She gulps as a sharp blade pops out of the end and presses to her throat. She holds very still as her big brown eyes slowly move up from that blade to meet the eyes of the man with the cane.

Papa Pimp sits down onto her belly, holding the tip of the blade at her throat as he takes his free hand and grips her left breast firmly. "Now, just be a good little ho and be very still. We don't want to cut anything...precious, now do we?" he asks as he draws the blade down, keeping it just against her skin as it starts to slice the neckline of her top.

BlueBelle watches in horror as this terrible tattooed man begins to humiliate her yet again, holding perfectly still, a single tear trickling down her cheek from a wide eye as it follows the tip of the cane laying open the blue bodysuit.

Papa Pimp grins and continues to slice the bodysuit open, pushing the sides of it away so that her breasts are displayed to him yet again. "You see? No matter what you say or do. You will always be my Ho!"

BlueBelle's quivering lip puckers into a pout as generous breast flesh flops forth, nipples tightening visibly upon contact with the chilly night air. Autumn leaves swirl down from the trees as if in an effort to hide the naughty sight. Belle sniffles. "Never."

Papa Pimp glares down the woman, then turns the cane and presses the side of it into her throat to choke her with it. "Then die a naked, shamed slut!" he screams at the top of his lungs.

BlueBelle gurks and blinks as the swirl of falling leaves seems to intensify suddenly, partially cloaking the lavender-clad girl dropping from the tree, her powerful thighs churning as they drive her boots down and out to kick the despicable pimp in the head. "Banzai!"

Papa Pimp just starts to bare down onto the choke when...THUMP...his head is sent rocking to the side, his arms losing all power, his body falling off of Belle's and his eyes all but rolling in the back of his head as he sees bright stars in the dark night, shaking his head and trying to figure out where that awful ringing noise is coming from.

BlueBelle catches hold of the cane and twists it away from him as he falls to one side. She rises to her knees and smacks him with his own cane to make sure he stays out even as Kei somersaults to her feet, grinning as she comes up to a fighting stance, feeling sure she's proved herself until Belle asks, "What took you so long?"

(Nov 2009)