Attacked by Arik

Chickfighter giggles. "I like the boots and the mini-skirt... but this top and the thigh-highs are kinda far out!"

Arik Cabral agree. “Looks nice to me, but I am biased.”

Harley Quinn asks, “Chicky's making a movie about Plinko?”

Chickfighter replies, “No no... Pinko... an elemental heroine...”

Harley Quinn nods. “A grade school heroine... it could work...”

Chickfighter nods. "Bikers... bathrooms... B minus movie making at its finest..."

Arik Cabral clears throat.

“Chickfighter looks groovy while battling her way through hordes of male chauvinist oinkers in an effort to bring down the e-stablishment. And I look young enough to play a teen...” Chickfighter beams.

Lukaz notes, “Vanity...”

Harley Quinn adds, “Every Chicky has her day.”

Chickfighter poses with hands on hips as her smile broadens until it dimples her faintly freckled cheeks.

Lukaz continues, “Pride goeth before a fall.”

Arik Cabral watches Chicky with faint amusement. And perhaps summat else, but it would be hard to tell.

“Pride? Are the Sins back!? Oh, you meant me...” Chickfighter giggles and shrugs. “Well a certain amount of self-worth is important, but admittedly I can get carried away.”

Lukaz chuckles. "Carried away she sez."

Arik Cabral suggest, “We could arrange that.”

“It's true. I like the attention I get from being in movies.” Chickfighter blinks. “Arrange what?”

“For you to get carried away.” Arik Cabral grins a bit Evilly, and dramatically, simply because he can, and its fun.

Chickfighter narrows her topaz eyes. “Are you threatening me?” She puts hands on hips just above low-riding pewter belt.

Arik Cabral shrugs slightly, looking her up and down. “I'd imagine It would be honest to say I am certainly considering the act.”

Chickfighter gives him a smirk as she shakes back the bowl cut from her face. “That's not cool... and I wouldn't if I were you!”

Arik Cabral corrects, “Actually, if you were me you would likely be almost irresistibly tempted to do so. But that is merely semantics.”

Chickfighter ponders this and makes a face. "Okay, that's just an expression... hodad... like don't even think about it!"

Arik Cabral snorts. “Fine. To be a chivalrous villain, I must warn you. Prepare to defend yourself!”

Chickfighter raises a brow. “Chivalrous? Villain?” She settles into a stance, cocking her fists.

Arik Cabral sighs and stops "just long" enough to explain himself. "Some of the most murderous sadistic madmen in all of history still had codes of honor they would not break. Ever."

Chickfighter stares. “Are you trying to say you're one of them?”

Arik Cabral then laughs softly to himself, raises his hands and calls out in a thunderous voice, "Mists of Selene, grant Chickfighter your boon," and an oddly shimmering cloud of silver colored mist rolls towards Chicky from his hands, which "If" she does not avoid it, could tire her, possibly to the point of simply falling asleep.

Red Siren quirks an eyebrow at this.

Chickfighter giggles. "You're threatening me with a wet top contest? I can dig it, but I don't think so!"

Faith the slayer laughs.

Chickfighter cartwheels aside in a flash of pink and clatter of pewter accessories.

“A flash of pink. Excellent.” Grimbor is pleased.

Chickfighter smooths down her mini skirt, though it remains short of the tops of her thigh-highs.

Arik Cabral smiles. “Quite swift. Your reputation is perhaps not entirely hyperbole after all.”

Chickfighter boasts, “I was genetically engineered... I ran a marathon in under fifty-four minutes last week!”

Arik Cabral quirks an eyebrow slightly, and decides some expendable minions will do to test Chicky a bit further. He throws back his cloak and several shadowy though relatively small humanlike figures seem to simply appear, armed with truncheons, nets, bolas and the like. "Capture her, my minions." Arik Cabral has an odd expression on his face as he gives the command. A tiny part of him always feels faintly ridiculous when he goes the whole hog villain route.

Chickfighter doesn't wait on these minions but spins into the attack like a pink tornado, a series of crescent and roundhouse kicks, slender legs in pink stockings swinging pink boots at the heads of the shadowy figures.

Arik Cabral watches as the expendable minions expend themselves, although the certainly do "try" to use their wide array of implements to bruise, batter, entangle and capture her, trying to swarm her rather unlike the attack one at a time movie minions.

Chickfighter moves with the sort of speed only a genetically-engineered girl can, taking out several minions before they can even attempt to land a blow, but there are more than a few and so she finds herself surrounded, bolas wrapping around her ankles. "Yikes!" She pops into a handstand, using the flash of a knife slashing at her to cut her legs free so that she can do inverted splits kicks at the club-carrying shadows.

Grimbor crosses his fingers for the sight of a heroine crotch-clubbing.

A pair of minions are each kicked and knocked down by the enhanced heroine, but they seem small and tough, and those not yet knocked down try to bash the heroine whilst she is in a handstand and unable to dodge. Arik Cabral, in turn, edges closer to the battle with his sword in hand, having pulled it from the aether while she brawls with the minions.

Chickfighter spins and lands a couple of kicks before the thud of a club into the upturned pink-clad shape of her sex sends her crumpling to the ground and somersaulting awkwardly away across the pavement, bottom over boots. She rolls up to her feet on suddenly wobbly legs, instinctively trying to smooth down her short skirt from where it has gathered about her waist.

Arik Cabral watches as one of the few standing minions decides NOW is the time to try using his net! Arik himself dashes closer to the tumbling heroine, perfectly willing to use the sword to menace her into expecting a slash and instead receiving a well timed kick!

Chickfighter sees the net and ducks down, right into the kick. Her head snaps back and her body follows, flailing as it sails twenty feet into the street, rolling over a couple of times before coming to a stop even as Arik attempts to untangle himself from his minion's net. She groans and looks up from hands and knees, mostly bare bottom twitching as she crawls.

Arik Cabral slashes out in annoyance, severing both the net and the corporeal existence of that particularly bumbling minion. At which point he raises a hand and points at Chicky. "Archfiends flame, blind and scorch Chickfighter," he calls aloud, small balls of tumbling green fire shooting out at Chicky and exploding when they strike something!

Chickfighter shakes her head and rises up on wobbly knees as she backs away, her stockings torn open on both knees, her skirt askew. She throws up her wrists to block the blasts, staggering backwards from the resulting explosions, the pewter bracelets blackened as well as much of her now tattered top. She blinks, eyes unfocussed, tears streaming down her freckled cheeks.

Arik Cabral dashes close, perhaps a mite overconfident, as he and his few, few remaining minons attempt to capture the dazed Chicky, Arik noticeably a mite less brutal than his minions, although they all attempt to pin/wrestle her down so that she can be restrained.

Chickfighter is more than dazed. "I can't see..." She continues to kick and punch wildly even as the minions take her to the ground, some kicking and stomping as others try to hold her down, her costume shredded as she tries to wriggle away. "Yeow... ungh... argh... ooph... aaiyeeeEEEEEEEE..." She screams as one minion grabs her by the best handhold it can find, her left boob.

Arik Cabral watches briefly as Chicky wildly struggles against them, trying to grab her wrists and pin the struggling heroine well enough to win this battle, although he is concerned at how well her struggles seem to be tossing away his minions, especially when some of the fools seem to be groping her more than capturing her.

Chickfighter redoubles her efforts to escape after having her breast grabbed, managing to send three minions flying with powerful kicks of her slender legs, giving her the chance to bring knees to chest and kick back over her head at the person pinning her wrists there. “Oh no you don't!”

Arik Cabral takes that one on the chest and rolls backwards a bit but being a stubborn sort, one hand remains firmly clasped on one of her wrists, out of instinct as much as anything else. Which unfortunately for Chicky means some of the less injured minion types manage to pile back into the fight, bruised and wary but not having given up yet!

Mio grins and yells, “And go Chicky!”

Chickfighter is dragged backwards by the foe she kicked. Still unable to see she tries to roll atop him to finish him, but is tackled in mid-roll by another surging mass of now more careful minions. She squeals as she is pinned shaking her head, her bared breasts jiggling wildly as her top comes off, leaving her wearing a mini-skirt about her waist, bunched panties, tattered stockings and big pink boots.

Mr Klimstit cheers Arik.

Mio looks over to Mr Klimstit. "Heey... Chicky can beat him!" Mio eats a banana and wave a small flag for Chickfighter.

Mr Klimstit looks at Mio. "He's already scored one victory in my book."

Mio rolls her eyes, "Oh yeah? But if he loses, she would hug him with bear hugs!"

Mr Klimstit snaps a quick picture of Chickfighter.

Arik Cabral struggles back up to his knees, attempting to rip strips of her top into lengths that can be used to bind the struggling heroine, his minions trying to keep her pinned as he does so. If it works, Arik begins binding poor Chicky, his ribs rather sore at the moment.

Chickfighter struggles wildly as she is pulled spread eagle, yanking her feet from her boots to escape the hands that hold them, then kicking upwards. “Get off of me!” She sends two minions sprawling, but they are replaced by two more, clutching at ankles now draped only in tattered stockings.

Grimbor asks rhetorically, “Is there anything hotter than tattered stockings? Yum.”

Mio gasps and covers her mouth. "Oh no!"

Mr Klimstit waves. “Have fun all. And Arik, if you can get me a few more pics of Chicky, it would be appreciated.”

Arik Cabral is surprised by the fierceness of her struggles but pins one of her arms with a knee, taking the bindings he has improvised and trying to knot it about her wrist, at which point he hopes to drag her other pinned arm close and bind them together, watching as Chicky writhes powerfully in her spread eagled pinned situation.

Chickfighter shakes her head, blond hair in tear-streaked face and unseeing eyes as she is turned face down by the minions, straining body held in the air for a brief moment before pushed back down, bare boobs ground into the pavement as her wriggling bottom seems to eat at the seat of her panties. She is helpless to prevent her wrists being brought together behind her and bound by the strip of her own costume.

Arik Cabral's expression suddenly becomes a bit... wicked as he hooks a finger into Chickys panties and drags them off of her, murmuring, "I think you need a gag so you don't cry and shame yourself in public." And with cruel irony, he uses the pink undergarments as an improvised gag.

“Hey! You filthy bastard! Help! You'll never get away with this! Hrrmph!” Chickfighter finds her protests quickly muffled by her own panties, held in place by another strip of her costume. She wriggles about frantically for an instant before realizing with a gulp the wild show of her bottom and pout this is giving her attackers.

Arik Cabral attempts to use the few remaining ragged strips to tightly bind Chicky at the ankles as she wriggles rather fetchingly, the nearly nude heroine realizing how close she is to being a helpless captive as Arik does so, exulting in his likely victory as he pulls the knots tight.

Chickfighter mewls into the gag as her ankles are bound with one stocking and then for good measure her knees as well with the other. Bound hand and foot she squirms, naked but for beads of sweat and the useless mini skirt gathered about her slender waist, no amount of straining contours enough to break the bindings.

Arik Cabral chuckles. “Ah, Chickfighter. You struggled as best you could, but the ending was never in doubt. None the less, a fine showing...”

Chickfighter sniffles, shaking her head as she raises it, desperately trying to inch away on the rough pavement.

Arik Cabral then picks Chicky up in his arms, not choosing an over the shoulder carry for today. Quite enjoying the feel of the helplessly bound young woman in his arms.

Chickfighter turns her head away as she is lifted up, an arm around her back, reaching around bound arm and gripping her left breast, another hand supporting her bare bottom as she is carried away.

Arik Cabral carries Chicky off through one of his "Traveling" Portals, he, his captive and minions vanishing to some unspecified location.


Arik Cabral carries Chicky through one of his traveling gates, where they appear in a rather nicely appointed room that seems an odd mix between a bedroom and sorcerer’s study, occult objects mixed in with surprisingly comfortable surroundings. He lays her on the bed there, looking thoughtfully down at her after waving his minions out of the room imperiously.

Muffled Molly blinks as the surroundings swim slowly into a blurry focus, her eyesight beginning to clear, at last focusing on him as she lays there prone on the soft bed looking up at him with a puzzled expression.

Arik Cabral runs a finger lightly across her stomach, an odd smile on his face before he turns away, rummaging briefly through the items about before finding a small pot of paint and a paintbrush, surprisingly enough. “You may be surprised to learn that in its own way, Sorcery is rather artistically demanding.”

Muffled Molly shivers a bit at his touch, eyeing the paintbrush suspiciously, the fear in her eyes palatable.

Arik Cabral sighs a bit at the sight of fear, but accepts it. He carefully dips the paintbrush in the pot, and begins to carefully and lightly paint a rather intricate design onto Chicky’s bare skin. The brushstrokes soft and teasing, almost, even as design slowly wraps around her breasts and down her torso, intricate, beautiful, and strange. The paint feels oddly warm against her skin, and its color seems to vary between blue and green.

Muffled Molly shakes her head, desperately afraid because she doesn't understand what he is doing, shoulders balling up as she strains at her bindings, protestations still muffled by her gag. The strokes of the brush make her tremble and she slumps back, trying to control the anxious breathing of her heaving chest, and the modest but pert breasts rolling about it.

Arik Cabral entreats, “Be still, my lady. Be still. You would not have agreed to this, but it will not hurt you. You will be tired for a time, but...”

Muffled Molly's blue eyes widen like rising pools of water as she listens to his words, the rise and fall of her chest slowing.

Arik Cabral eventually finishes the intricate design, which once completed seems to glow slightly, and is obviously slightly sensual in nature. Arik lays aside the paints and looks down at her, always marveling at the intricacy of the designs, which are never quite the same but always achieve the same results, to be slightly arousing, and to make the ritual work.

Arik Cabral does something simpler then, his hands lightly, surprisingly gently for a man who just abducted her, fondling her bosom.

Muffled Molly sucks in a deep breath and a pink glow rises to her cheeks as if illuminating the faint freckles there. Her lower lip curls outward into a pout even as her nipples tighten visibly.

Arik Cabral takes off his own clothing, the wiry, darkly handsome form of the sorcerer revealed. He is surprisingly scarred, perhaps from sword work. His intense green eyes wander over her body for a brief moment before he climbs onto the bed with her.

Muffled Molly turns her head to one side, a single tear trickling down her cheek to dampen the sheet as she clamps her thighs tightly together.

“I do not desire to be rough with you.” Arik Cabral leans down and gently kisses her on the stomach.

Muffled Molly moans as her thighs are pushed gently apart to reveal the already moist cleft of the peach-shaped pout between.

Arik Cabral smiles slightly to himself as he leans down and kisses softly between her thighs, his hands lightly enjoying the feel of her legs under them. Before long, his cunning tongue is doing lovely things to the young woman’s body, Arik enjoying bring her to the height of pleasure while she is his captive.

Muffled Molly mewls into her gag as involuntary responses take over her flesh, hips gyrating as they lift and try to press her smooth hairless pout to his attentive tongue.

Arik Cabral continues what he is doing until the orgasms, the ritual stealing away some of her life as it "peaks" and giving it over to Arik, who seems visibly stronger, healthier, and more vibrant. While Chicky can feel this small transfer, the normal consequences of her orgasmic pleasure taking place none the less, although Arik does not immediately notice, as he quite enjoys the task of bringing her to orgasm and is distracted.

Muffled Molly arches her back as she is brought to climax, holding back as long as she can, concentrating on focusing the massive energy release she knows will come with her orgasm, lurching as the first of a series of orgasms shakes her flesh.

Muffled Molly bucks and strains as the power of the first orgasm is siphoned away from her, but less that of those that follow, until she harnesses enough of her sexual energy to break her binds in a sudden display of pure power.

Arik Cabral lifts himself up to watch Molly’s face as she is overcome by orgasm, the beauty of a woman’s joy unique to his eyes, his sudden surprise as her strength increases wildly making it easy enough for her to break free, as Arik steps back from the bed, nude and wondering where this came from.

Muffled Molly rolls off the bed to her feet, glistening with sweat from head to toe, reaching up to rip the gag from her mouth, throwing the soaked ball of her panties at him, brushing matted hair from her face as she screams. "Tell me how to get out of here right now or I will crush you like a grape, sex fiend!"

“Door. Turn right, then left. Try not to kill anyone on your way out.” Arik Cabral watches her, rather entranced at the sight of her, so strong, beautiful, and angry. Wondering if it means anything to her that once she were captive, he was surprisingly gentle.

“Don't come back to Empire City or I'm taking you in!” Molly stares at him with seething eyes for a brief instant, then rips the door off its hinges and stomps away, the view of her shiny hiney not unpleasing even as she puts her fist through a wall before making the first turn out of sight.

Arik Cabral wraps his cloak around himself and follows her at a distance as she departs, making sure she, and his minions, stay out of one another’s way.


Cheeky Chicky arrives back in Empire City looking a bit befuddled, blushing as she realizes she is naked as the day she came out of the stasis tube, streaking off toward the DDSTV Tower immediately.

Miss Metamorph notes, “Never a dull moment...”

(April 2010)