Aethran Intrigue


Susan MacDuff provides voice over to a new DDSTV ad campaign as images of the Danger Doll team in action run on screen. "Hello viewers! Danger Doll Satellite Television is your best choice for heroine entertainment! The Danger Dolls are real heroines! There's Chickfighter, DragonDoll, AmeriCat, our techie Serendipity, intern Kunoichi Kei, and yours truly, Bluebelle. Catch us on satellite! You'll be glad you did!"

Somewhere above the earth's atmosphere, the commercial feed is captured on a view screen and viewed by a crew manning an alien space ship destined for Aethra, a lawless planet where they play a deadly game of Survivor, with kidnapped beings as their prey in a gamehunters dream world and a prisoner's nightmare. Amazed eyes watch the Danger Doll commercial and a calculating mind sees them as the next contestants in the Aethran gaming zone. The alien craft is soon in the earth's atmosphere, heading towards Empire City as the satellite feed is easily tracked by the high-tech craft to the DDSTV Tower.

Susan MacDuff steps off the set in black thigh boots, wearing a full-length blue bodysuit with high neck, her waist cinched ever so small by a black leather gadget corset, making the full curves of her hips and bosom even more impressive. "What do you think, Sara?" The pretty brunette in a green linen dress titters. "If the action footage doesn't get their attention, that costume will!"

Veering off, the spacecraft crosses the Atlantic Ocean, appearing almost in a flash in US air space as it zooms ever closer to Empire City. Of course, the sudden appearance of an alien spacecraft in US air space sets off nationwide alarms. They are quickly silenced by a high-tech jamming sequence that recalls all deployments and confuses the US military's computer systems, leaving the craft free to approach Empire City.

Serendipity quickly makes her way to the basement to see what set off the alarms, leaving Belle in the studio editing the footage to be used in the commercial. Sara quickly discovers her systems have been hacked, and not by Prism or any technology she has ever seen before. After a moment she shuts the intruder out by switching to inter-dimensional relays, but not before personal info has been compromised.

Back on the spaceship, the alien invaders quickly scan the information obtained and learn exactly who these fit and fighting females are whom they observed in the video. Immediately, plans begin to be put in place to obtain each Danger Doll, with the information stolen from the DDSTV computer used as a homing device to locate each individual heroine.

As Sara powers up the Tower's defenses and checks to see what has been hacked, across town at the Empire City School for the Fighting Arts, Kei Kishimoto is working out in the gym. She picks up a towel and wipes sweat from her face, then picks up her ringing cell, "Hi Panda... tell Kid Krossbow I'll be there shortly... I just need to shower..."

The beacon detects the presence of Kunoichi Kei at the school's gym and the spacecraft slowly descends, hovering over the school as the heroine prepares for her shower, the tracking beam set, according to the information given the computer from the stolen files (height, weight, blood type, etc) to 'beam up' the person whom fits the Kei profile. The coordinates begin to be entered as a camera picks up Kei preparing to shower.

Kei heads to the dressing room and plops in front of her locker to catch her breath. She pulls her t-shirt over her head and drops it on the floor. She unties her shoes and puts them in the locker. She picks up a clean towel and hurries toward the showers, kicking off socks and wriggling her ass out of her gym shorts as she goes.

Mondor, the captain of the alien craft, watches the entire proceeding, admiring the young woman's build. "She has a healthy body," he says, although in a language no human would understand. However, he could translate to the earth woman if he so needed thanks to the computer system of the spacecraft. As he watches her shower, the signal is given and the countdown for acquisition commences. "10...9...8...7...6..."

Kei does a hurried soap and spotty rinse, counting on the towel to get the excess suds, whipping the towel all about her naked flesh almost as if buffing it as she bounces back to her locker. She giggles excitedly and perfumes her private bits before pulling on lavender panties and slipping into a matching bra. But before she can do anything else the dressing room begins to swirl.

"5...4...3...2...1!" The countdown finalizes and the Acquisition Chamber opens, setting in motion a dematerialization vortex that occurs at the exact spot of the Chamber's coordinates, about 4 feet from where Kei is standing. What looks like a whirlpool made of air molecules ripples about the dressing room, as a forceful suction emits from the center of the air pocket and tugs hard at Kei’s body.

Kei gasps as she feels herself caught in an inexplicable tornado, flailing as she comes off the ground, along with her backpack and dirty clothes left strewn on the floor. "What in the..." She grabs for her pack as the maelstrom intensifies.

The second phase of the capture then begins as the coordinates fix upon the individual body of Kunoichi Kei. Her flesh slowly seems to dissolve right in front of her eyes, although quite painlessly, as she is transported one molecule at a time, though very quickly, from the shower room to the Dematerialization Chamber in just a little more than a blink of an eye before rematerializing again.

Kei blinks as she finds herself standing in some sort of little stasis tube, her hands empty, wearing only the lavender bra and panty. She spits out the sweaty sock that somehow ended up in her mouth. "Phew! Yuck! Where the hell am I?" She tries to see beyond the tube.

Two large alien creations, looking much like the silver robots, step next to the stasis tube, each holding very nasty looking futuristic laser guns that combine the look of an uzi with the accuracy of a heat sensor.

Kei looks at the large metallic men and the weapons they carry. She gulps. She clenches a fist and punches the glass of her stasis tube to see if she can break it. "Yeouch!" She grimaces and shakes her hand.

A computerized voice speaking in English translates a message into the stasis tube. "You can't break free and we prefer you remain calm while we obtain your friends. Otherwise...." One of the guards presses the muzzle of his weapon against the glass. A small shock, not unlike a not-so-nice static electricity zap, fires into the right thigh of the heroine.

Kei yelps as she jumps. She eyes the guard as she rubs her thigh, her eyes narrowing, but she does nothing. "As if I have a choice..." Meanwhile Carly Peterson is walking her pet along the Midtown Park side of Messick Street. Her dirty blond hair is down on bare shoulders, her white stretch dress held up by spaghetti straps, the ruffled hem waving about her stout thighs.

The ship moves along above the city, the signal strong as AmeriCat's vitals are picked up outside, not inside a building as was the case with Kei's. The spacecraft slowly glides over Messick Street and heads toward Midtown Park, cloaking itself so that its shadow does not warn its intended acquisition.

Carly grins and waves to a couple of citizens, everyone recognizing her when she walks her pet, the only sabretooth in Empire City of course. The fireplug of a girl looks quite comfy in flats as white as her dress. She rubs shoulders with the unusual pet that is actually taller than she.

Once above the heroine, the cloaking device is dropped, as the shadow will actually be used as part of the vortex to suck Carly upwards into the ship. Since AmeriCat is outdoors, the dematerialization is not needed so the energy source needed to perform that act is saved as, instead, the shadow casts down and then acts as if it were the vacuum tube itself as it starts to suck Carly into it.

Carly tenses as she feels a sudden rush of wind whipping at her dress. She squeals as her feet come off the ground. Rex growls and looks back over his shoulder as the stout little blond is lifted away into the air by a miniature tornado, her yellow eyes wide as they meet his. "Help!" The huge cat leaps and swipes, but too late. He roars as a flat falls from a kicking leg before his mistress disappears.

The heroine is sucked into a matching stasis tube that stands right beside the one that holds Kei. The guards are there and prepared to warn her of the consequences of being uncooperative, if necessary.

Carly's claws flare, scarring the tube as she slashes at the glass. She blinks at the sight of her friend and teammate Kei in the next tube. Seething, Carly forces herself to retract her claws as the robotic sentries threaten Kei. The girl in nothing but lavender underwear exchanges a worried look with the girl in the tight white dress riding so high as to reveal her white panties beneath.

"Welcome, AmeriCat. Good to see your friend has some company. The hunters will be very interested in you. I have a feeling your bids will be very high. I might bid on you myself. Now, relax while we get the rest of your team."

DragonDoll hears Sara's voice in her ear and moves into the shadows, lengthening from one to another almost like a shadow herself, a slight fluttering of wind the only telltale sound. She moves quickly to investigate Cat's public abduction, dragonfire in her eyes as the ninja in red silk appears beside the crying sabretooth.

The spaceship hovers above the crying sabertooth, once again vanished from sight as it waits, the appearance of the ninja detected and traced even as she comes into view. "This one will be most difficult," instructions are given. "Make sure she is completely subdued before she is taken up into the tube.”

DragonDoll notes that the Rex is looking to the sky as he wails and she turns her dragon eyes there as well. Only those eyes are visible, even pursed lips are veiled. The little ninja is hidden in the shifting blouses of red silk, lashed tightly at wrists, ankles and waist, muscles and more seemingly stirring beneath.

The spaceship reappears right over the pair as the shadow forms again, this time it shrinks inwards, as if encasing the heroine in an iron grip as powerful currents of electricity release into the body of Dragon Doll even as the vice-like grip of the solidified shadow starts to rise up into the air.

DragonDoll's silk rustles as the forces converge on it, suddenly becoming devoid of form as it is lifted. But below is a bodybuilder with a katana in her hand, wearing a white thong and thigh belt of blades, hanging on to a flap of red silk trailing from the swirling shadow, the image of a green serpent coiling on her arm.

The shadow rises on up into the spacecraft, as it is sucked on up into the next stasis tube opened that was prepared to hold Dragon Doll.

DragonDoll eyes the spacecraft as it becomes visible to her. "Alien spacecraft, Sara. Will board and effect rescue… DragonDoll out." The fierce little warrior swings to what looks like a hatch on the bottom of the spacecraft as the door to the stasis tube meant for her hisses closed. She perches there and tries to force the hatch, dragon image bulging from her arm.

The stasis tube fills with the unaccompanied silk clothing the heroine had been wearing. "The Dragon Doll is not in the tube!" Mondor simply nods as he studies the spacecraft's hull's sensors and locates an offbeat heat source near the hatch. "Allow the Dragon Doll to enter. Then take her hard!"

DragonDoll grins as the hatch is easily forced, perhaps too easily she realizes as she comes face to face with a legion of robots with dangerous-looking weapons. No matter. She barrels into the midst of them without a second thought, her katana deflecting blasts from the robots' guns aside and cleaving mechanical limbs from bodies.

The robots seem to be just a step behind as each blast just does miss or is deflected, usually into another robot. "Get the Nefarious Gun but make sure it is on stun. This one may even get us a higher bid than the Cat Woman. Make sure we have footage of her in action to use at the auction." A swivel chair spins and the blasts are suddenly shorter and quicker and seem to be able to follow her, the rays changing direction, bending and turning to track her down.

DragonDoll fights like a samurai or a Jedi, but the numbers of robots are staggering. She notices the rays closing in on her and spins one of the robot horde into a ray's path. The metal man lights up like a Christmas tree and crumples. Unfortunately for Yumi a second ray hits her from behind. She lurches, sparks flying from the copper tops of her bare breasts. Yumi crumples and the katana slips from her hand as the fingers open and she flops to her back, breasts oscillating the way anime orbs do, her muscular body still, her dragon nowhere to be seen.

Metallic clamps seal around her wrists and start to drag her towards the stasis tube that is on the right side of Kei, with AmeriCat on Kei's left. "No, no need to punish the others for her lack of cooperation. We will more than make up for the damages by the price we will get when her prowess is demonstrated to the buyers."

Yumi's amazing body is dragged to the tube, the belt of knives strapped about her thigh and even her thong with the curved blade it hides removed before she is placed inside. Her naked body is left unconscious on its side in the tube. Meanwhile at the Saikyo Dojo Molly is taking a call from Belle. "The Dolls are under attack from aliens? Ohmygawd! I'm on my way!"

With the dematerialization equipment damaged from the battle, a smaller craft is deployed to obtain the next heroine. As it exits the main ship and heads outwards, it is online for a direct course to intercept the oncoming Chickfighter.

Chickfighter doesn't waste time getting dressed, but simply throws an oversized sleeveless grey sweatshirt over her head, belting it with a black sash as she exits the dojo in route to the DDSTV Tower, shocked to hear that the Dolls in particular seem to have been singled out for alien abduction.

The shuttlecraft whips around corners and heads towards the tower itself, Chickfighter coming into view as the opposite spectrums of this battle head straight towards each other on the way towards the entrance of the tower.

Chickfighter runs as fast as a car in her crosstrainers, makeshift grey dress riding up over her pink panties as she pumps her arms. BlueBelle steps out of the doors and raises a rifle, targeting the shuttlecraft. "Run Chicky! I've got you covered..." Belle squeezes off several shots at the alien craft.

The blasts ricochet off the hull of the craft, as if there is an invisible force field that surrounds the smaller alien ship (think Independence Day). The craft fires back with stun voltage beams, aimed at Belle first as she was the one with a weapon.

Chickfighter gasps as the curvaceous woman in blue spandex and black leather is hit by a bolt of energy. Belle is knocked back against the tower, shuddering as she collapses to the pavement. Molly changes direction and bends to scoop Belle up into her arms as she races toward the door.

The shuttlecraft follows, firing furiously, rapidly, not wanting the duo to get into the door. The information taken from the original attack on the computers showed an almost impenetrable barrier that would protect the heroines once they were inside the tower. "Don't let them get in that door!" The order is given as the zing of the lasers fires nonstop at the fleeing Chickfighter.

Chickfighter snatches up Belle, throwing her over a shoulder, wrapping an arm around the back of the knees of the black leather boots, hand gripping the blue spandex-covered bottom. Chickfighter ducks and that big bottom blocks a blast, and another, each of which leaves a smoking hole in the blue fabric. Chickfighter dances toward the door, feeling clever as she uses Belle as a human shield even as she tries to save her. Feeling clever that is until the aliens switch to tasers and the electrical charge ripples through Belle's flesh to Chicky's. Molly crumples only feet from the door, she and Belle both sprawling out limply.

The smaller craft's retrieval system is not nearly as sophisticated as that of the mother ship. The tiny craft is forced to hover down to just above street level as a small squadron of aliens (4 to be exact) unload and hit the streets, two covering the attack with their multi-use hand weapons while two other move in to obtain Chicky and Belle. The larger alien hauls Belle up onto his shoulder, gripping her ass with a firm and large hand-paw while Chicky is hauled over the shoulder by a smaller alien, his hand also covering the heroine's ass. "This one is too slight," he says. "The hunters won't be happy."

Sara sighs and shuts the door even as a tear trickles down her cheek. She controls the Tower defenses, which are just that, more defensive than offensive. She targets through the surveillance cameras and prepares to fire lasers at the aliens, but is too afraid she'll hit her teammates. So she targets their craft.

The mother ship moves just above the smaller craft and the heroines are transferred through the mimicking channels as Belle and Chicky are transferred through the Dematerialization Chamber and into their own stasis tubes. As soon as the transfer is completed, the smaller alien craft disintegrates as Sara scores a useless, though perhaps morale boosting victory just seconds too late.

Sara weeps openly in her command center and lab six stories below the parking garage of the DDSTV Tower. She releases a tiny hovercam with a tracking device, aiming it at the alien mother ship while it remains in view. She takes a deep breath. "Now all I have to do is figure out how to make the airship space worthy and go after them..."


Molly exchanges glances with her teammates in the other stasis tubes. She watches Yumi try punching free with dragon force and get shocked into submission for her efforts so Molly knows escape from the tubes isn't possible. All they can do is wait in various states of undress from naked to undies to dress to makeshift to full costume in Belle's case. Each Doll is on edge as the aliens begin to stir around the tubes.

About a half-dozen alien guardsmen surround Blue Belle's stasis tube. Two of them hold what appear to be silver pitchforks with golden tips on the fork ends. Her stasis tube begins to rise and, immediately, the pitchfork tips were shoved into the tube. Energy levels surrounded her like tiny sparks of lightning that were designed to seek out and amplify every single pain nerve ending on her body.

Belle tenses and prepares to do battle, but barely has she raise a boot to kick and thrown up a gloved arm to block than she is screaming as if in excruciating pain. Her face becomes contorted in agony as she attempts to fight through it, but the nerve attack is simply too intense. She crumples into a ball of blue spandex and black leather in fetal position.

The heroine is surrounded immediately and a collar is slipped around her neck. Her arms are grabbed and pulled behind her so that they can be shackled behind her back even as another pair of shackles is attached to her ankles. Each collar and set of shackles is attached to a long chain that is then stretched over to Chicky's stasis tube as the aliens gather there next.

Belle appears dazed by the pain as she is dragged to her feet and collared, looking less than heroic despite the tight blue spandex bodysuit cinched by black leather corset. She accepts her shackles without a word, watching as the aliens move to Molly in her grey sweatshirt belted like a dress.

"Will we need to keep you in line, Chickfighter, or will you not be foolish?" The computer asks Molly as the stasis tube lifts, the pitchfork looking devices ready beneath the lifting tube.

Chickfighter nods and offers no resistance as the tube rises. "I understand. But there will come a time... I swear!" The slender blond stands still as the aliens move to collar and chain her in the same manner as Belle before her. She raises a brow as the alien robot applying shackles to her ankles also removes her shoes and socks. "What the..."

The aliens simply continue their business, as Molly's shoes and socks are discarded next to Belle's boots, which were also removed as her ankles were shackled. The alien entourage then strings their chain towards Dragon Doll's stasis tube. Yumi is not even given a choice. The pitchforks, both of them, are shoved up against the tubes themselves and the shock bounces around inside the tube, around the heroine several times as there would be no chance taken at all with the most feisty of the group.

Yumi stares defiantly at the guards as they shock her mercilessly before even lifting the tube. Her naked body stiffens and a brief flame escapes from her lips. The naked diminutive bodybuilder crumples in a heap, rude robot hands moving quickly as the tube rises, forcing limbs into titanium shackles and collaring her to the chain.

Dragon Doll is dragged into the line behind Molly and then the chain is dragged over to the tube where Carly is being held. "AmeriCat, your cooperation? Or your forced apprehension? Which do you choose?"

Carly sneers and extends her claws, crouching as if ready to pounce, but catches sight of Belle still panting for air and shaking her head. The girl in the white dress sighs and retracts her claws, just in time to avoid being fried with the energy forks. "Like ok ok... and stuff!"

The tube is lifted completely and the collar and shackles are carefully applied. The energy forks are held at the ready, as the information obtained on Carly shows her to be the second most dangerous Doll, just behind Yumi.

Kei blinks as Carly decides not to put up a fight. She watches closely as Carly’s shackles and collar are locked into place by Mondor. Kei feigns to put up no fight, waiting until her tube begins to lift up, before suddenly pressing arms and feet outward against the sides, wedging herself there and going up with it.

The alien legion is taken be complete surprise by the unexpected maneuver. The forks are pointed upwards but are quickly called off as the stasis tube is lifting upwards towards a vital control panel that could be damaged and cause landing, which has commenced, to become very risky and awkward. A side hatch opens and the four chained heroines are led from the ship by one energy fork as the other stays behind, in search of the heroine who disappeared up into the upper chambers of the space craft.

Kei finds herself in the service conduits of the alien spacecraft, at first feeling rather smug that her little trick worked until she realizes she has no plan beyond that. She begins to crawl on hands and knees in the direction she saw her teammates taken. If she could find a way to get the key from Mondor maybe she could free them.

From the landing strip onto a stage, the four Dolls are led by Mondor. There, they are halted and surrounded, as a giant multitude of aliens of all shapes and sizes close in on them and begin to paw, poke and prod at them. One alien grip squeezes Belle's left breast as another admires Yumi's nakedness via touch. One pokes Chicky and then grunts and moves away. "He says you are too scrawny," the computerized voice says to Chicky.

Molly pouts in spite of herself, unable to believe even an alien might not find her attractive. Kei watches form a portal in the spaceship, wondering how she could possibly hope to get down there and free her friends from the horde of wretched alien monsters that are pawing them, one lifting Carly's skirt to examine her glutes, another ripping away the spandex so that Belle's breasts swing free.

Even as some of the aliens are physically examining the heroines, others are reading the prepared reports that came from the stolen information from the DDSTV files as well as watching video of the captures. Aliens ooo and ahh as they watch Yumi's battle on the spaceship and some even go so far as to give Dragon Doll applause. "I think the bidding for her can be first," says the voice as what amounts to an auction in an alien language commences.

Yumi glares defiantly at the gathering of scum from all over the galaxy as a spotlight is turned on her, even as many of them make rude noises at her that need no translation. One tall creature with long ears, fingers and longer hair licks his lips and points an arrow at her as he opens the bidding. "10,000 units!"

"12,000 units." "13,000" The bidding continues on and on, with each bid being topped by the one whom originally bid 10,000 units. Finally, with the bid at 34,523 units, no one answers Long Ears' last bid. "Sold to Terak the Beast Hunter for 34,523 units." The shackles and collar are removed from Dragon Doll as a portal opens where she stands and the heroine disappears. "Let the hunt begin!"

Kei can't help but admire they way Yumi stands there naked, but unbowed by the crowd that bids on her. Kei works out incessantly to have a perfect body herself, but can't compare with snake clan ninja's rippling curves. She gasps as just like that Yumi is gone to parts unknown.

There is a murmur among the crowd as Terak gives a war cry and then heads out the back, past the Dolls and off to the far exit. "He is off to hunt your friend," the voice explains to the rest of the Dolls. "After he captures her, there will be a ceremony and then we shall feast on her flesh!"

Kei blinks and sucks in a tight breath even as she hears Belle ask, "And is that what you intend to do with each of us then... hunt us for sport... and eat us for dinner?" Kei notes several aliens in the crowd are indeed nodding and licking their lips. She realizes she has to do something quickly. She leaps out of the spacecraft, aiming to land on top of alien guard and drive him to the tarmac.

The guard collapses to the ground as the crowd turns its attention to the young heroine in just her bra and panties. One of the other guards turns and fires his stun weapon at her as more guards rush towards where the heroine landed. Meanwhile, the auctioneer pleads with the crowd to return to the bidding as all will be easily taken care of.

Kei jerks the unconscious guard up to use as a shield, taking his energy fork in her right hand as she notes these guards are not robots like those on the spaceship. The stun blast aimed at her deflects off his chest and she returns fire at her attackers. "Oh no you don't!" She tries to advance toward the stage.

From the side stage, a small blunt object rockets from the wrist of one of the bidders, aimed at the side of Kei’s head, the plan to clock her on the temple and knock her out completely.

Kei tosses the unconscious guard at another as she nears the stage, already lifting the energy fork to attack Mondor and take the keys, when something shot from the crowd bonks her on the head. Kei sprawls on the stage unconscious, one wobbling boob popping out of it's cup as she comes to rest, the energy fork clattering to Belle's feet. Belle frowns, “Kei! You should have stayed in hiding..."

The owner of the throwing jack that KO'd Kei steps forward to claim his weapon and his prize. A healthy conversation ensues and then it is agreed that, for saving the auction, the husk-faced alien Captain of the Guard deserves to be rewarded. He hefts Kei up over his shoulder and walks off of the stage, disappearing back through the main entrance to the auction house. "He says he has more uses than to just eat her, and that obviously his guards are in need of additional training."

Molly nibbles on her lip as she watches Kei carried off, the poor intern's head dangling down the back of the big alien with the painted face. Belle rattles her chains and curses, "You bastards will pay for this! Leave my ward alone you... you... you damn bastards!"

The aliens gather back to the stage and begin to take a closer look at Carly. Her clothing is pulled and torn, piece by piece, until she is left standing naked in front of the crowd. "The bidding on AmeriCat will begin at 7,500 units."

Carly reddens as her flesh is bared, desperately wanting to cover herself, straining at shackled wrists, as her stripping reveals her to be the only Doll with pubic fur, a tuft of dirty blond above the cleft of her pucker. She looks down at her feet, whining. "Like stop humiliating me and just give me a chance to fight back!"

The bidding goes on for long minutes as the idea of battling a human female with claws is quite appealing to several of the aliens. Finally, Mondor wins the bidding and he loads his bow and arrows onto his back as AmeriCat is teleported away in the same manner that Dragon Doll was, naked and unchained.

Molly blinks and looks at Belle. Belle nods and feigns confidence, "Looks like we're each going to be on our own... I'll meet you back here as soon as I can... and we'll go after the others..." Molly giggles nervously. "Yeah right, keep thinking Belle, that's what you're good at..." Molly winks even as the guards begin shredding Belle's blue spandex without removing the black leather corset on the outside.

The bidding for Belle shoots on up quickly. Her total soon passes that of Dragon Doll's and it keeps rising. Suddenly, there is a hush in the crowd as the mass of onlookers slowly parts. Even the auctioneer goes silent as he watches the behemoth rock-man stomp up onto the stage. Whispers of "Thakur" are passed by as the rock-man's hand touches Belle's flesh, and then, it too becomes flesh.

Belle can't help but pull away from the touch, feeling there is something very dirty about it, as if he is stealing her very essence by touching her. "No, don't... leave me alone! What... what are you?"

Thakur, the rock-man, passes his hand down Belle's midsection as he curiously examines her body, the large fingers passing down between her legs and threatening to invade her most private territories. The rock-man grunts approval several times as he tries to force his finger in deeper and deeper, the finger so large that had he used two, he would surely do some serious damage to her womb.

Belle's wide hips try to twist away from the blunt intrusion, the curve of her ass cheeks moving up and down as she goes up on tiptoe. She shakes her head of fiery hair and mewls, "Please don't..." The corset she still wears making her figure even more incredible than usual, cinching her waist and pushing up on her massive mammaries.

"Thakur, Emperor of Aethra and Minister of the Hunt, has declared that this one will be his new bride! She shall be bred and sacrificed, as is Thakur's custom, after the hunts conclude." The rock-man grips the back of Belle's hair with his free hand as her chains are released as well.

Belle rattles her chains, struggling with all her might, as Thakur lifts her easily by the hair, carrying her away past the gawking alien horde, each of their eyes running over her naked bits and exploring every detail as surely as Thakur's hands would soon be doing.

Molly looks around expectantly, suddenly left all alone on the stage.

As Belle is hauled away by the large rock-man, most of the crowd starts to break away as well. The large mass that had gathered for the auction seems to just ignore Chicky as they part, mumbling in their own language as the apparent prizes of the crop have all been taken.

Molly feels more than a little worried, wondering what will happen to her if nobody buys her. She swallows hard and looks around at the auctioneer for some sign. Has it come down to this? Is this the end of the Danger Dolls?

One small alien, who would probably be classified as a nerd if he were human, scurries to the stage and quickly converses with the auctioneer. Apparently he has been reading up on Chicky's bio and has become more than just a small bit interested in her 'sexual chi'. He purchases her quickly for the minimum bid amount, allowing the auctioneer to at least break even with Molly, while at the same time avoiding having to pay a disposal fee. "You got bought after all, Chickfighter," the computer voice says. "By Polonca the Aethran Pimp."

Molly hangs her head and follows the little alien as he is given her chain, following submissively as two bodyguards with electro-prods fall into step on either side of her, sniffling at the prospect of being turned into an alien whore, envisioning herself chained in a cage to be used by any alien scum that pays ten units each to use her. She wonders if this alien knows of her sexual chi powers. If not her chance will come.


The naked ninja woman with a dragon inside finds herself in a field of tall grass, not unlike an African savannah. She looks about in puzzlement, trying to find some landmark by which to get her bearings, some indication of the spaceport or auction venue from whence she has just been teleported. What did the aliens intend with her?

The hunter exits the auction venue and steps out into the hunting zone. He sniffs up into the air once, then twice, already registering the scent of his prey with his overwhelming sense of smell. Police dogs would be blessed were they so equipped. A grin spreads across his face as he slips past the zone boundary sign and heads towards the tall grass.

Yumi thinks perhaps she can see the shimmering spires of the tops of alien spaceships off in one direction and begins jogging towards them. Without a frame of reference it is hard to judge the distance, but it doesn't matter, she can either run away or toward conflict. She chooses to face her foes.

The hunter stops and sniffs again. Its ear-things perk up. The prey is headed his direction? He has never hunted anything that came towards him before. He slows his pace as he creeps, sniffing with each step to judge distance and direction of his prey.

Yumi runs boldly through the tall grass like a powerful beast. It is rumored that her father was an actual demon and that she carries his blood. Or it could simply be that years of nothing but training from the age of four has turned her into a perfect killing machine. The air is warm and her naked flesh glistens with sweat, showing off every athletic flex of muscle.

The scent grows stronger and stronger yet. Faster than any prey he has hunted before, this hunter can sense something special inside the soon-to-be kill. His muscles quiver with the excitement of finally meeting a target that would possibly earn an honorable death in the hunt.

Yumi keeps her eyes up as she runs, the waist-high grass whipping at her naked legs as she runs through it. Her eyes of dragonfire flicker as she determines the spires are indeed the tops of spacecraft. She slows her pace and begins to pay more attention to the shadows and sounds around her.

The hunter freezes in his tracks. The scent has changed. The hunted has slowed down. The alien reaches to its back and draws its dagger, dipping the tip of the blade into the blue liquid that sets in the left pouch of his knife belt and then slowly takes another step forwards, sniffing again. Close. Real close!

Yumi catches the sight of a familiar glint in the grass ahead and slightly to her left. Yes, she knows the flash of a blade anywhere. If some fool is hunting her with a blade he is very daring indeed. She ducks down into the grass and crawls forward, coming to a crouch in a little bare spot.

The hunter pauses again. The prey is stationary. He sniffs yet again, locating her exact spot as they are no more than a few feet from each other. Veering away just a tad, the hunter decides to see if he can double back and catch her from behind, unawares, essentially as a challenge to himself.

Yumi cocks her head and listens for rustling in the grass. Someone is trying to flank her even as she does the same. Her dragon coils in the pit of her stomach. The stalker is good, but not good enough. She takes one step into the grass ahead as if to continue, sending a ripple of movement running forward, but turns to wait like a snake in the grass.

The hunter pauses. The scent seems to move but it isn't exactly right. The alien frowns, sniffing again, not sure which scent to follow as there seems to be a separation among them. One is moving. One is still. The hunter sniffs harder, louder, perhaps giving away how he is tracking his prey as he tries to discern which scent to follow.

Yumi hears the sniff only a few short paces away and locks in on it. Now she realizes how she is being tracked. The hunter has a dog's nose. She knows he will soon relocate her true scent. There is no time to waste. She rushes the spot of the sniff, crashing through the grass as she emerges from the shadows.

The alien sniffs and then stiffens, almost taken totally by surprise. He begins to raise the dagger even as the naked heroine appears right in front of him.

Yumi sees the dagger as it comes up, twisting her body to the side, muscles straining, full tight chest careening wildly, the blade making a slice across the underside of one bouncing breast, as she spins aside, ducking a shoulder and rolling to her feet. She reaches down to touch her wounded udder, a finger lifting the blood to her lips to taste it, her eyes narrowing. "Poison?"

The hunter spins and flicks his wrist upwards, releasing three microthin needles into the air, each coated with the strange alien drug and each quickly closing the distance between themselves and Dragon Doll's bare flesh.

A flash of green scales runs over her shoulder and down her arm as she uses it to block the needles. She twitches, pulling the needles out, holding them up, one extending from between each of her fingers, dripping with blood. She grins cruelly and, with a flick of the wrist, sends them whistling back at the hunter.

The hunter looks up in surprise as the needle flicks back towards him He sticks up an arm and blocks the needle with his forearm, his own body being influenced by the same poison that now is also circulating inside of Dragon Doll's bloodstream. The hunter steps forwards and launches a high kick at the naked heroine from his standing position.

Yumi brushes the kick aside with both hands as she staggers back, her body already neutralizing the poison as she takes her stance, every inch shaved smooth, from muscular bulge to clefted pout. "So are you immune to your own poison then?"

The hunter frowns as he turns a touch slower and then kicks out again, sweeping his leg out at her hip as he shakes and sniffs violently, trying to clear his own system. But the stress of physical activity only serves to increase the toxins in his system. He wonders if that will happen to her.

Yumi takes the blow on her hip, turning to catch the kicking leg in both arms, pulling it to her bare bosom as she drives forward to take him down, eyes up and alert for the knife, apparently not overly affected by the poison, and quite intense about fighting back.

The hunter falls backwards but, as he does, another blade protrudes from the foot that is being held against Dragon Doll's body, the hunter again hoping to cut a small gash in her flesh and inject even more of his poison into her system.

Yumi screeches as the blade hidden in the boot shoots deep into her breast, making a huge gash as it exits upon her pulling away. "Damn! I kill you for that!" She clenches her fists and lunges forward, kicking with one leg and then the other, powerful blows aimed at the outside of knees and thighs, even as her swaying breasts become covered in blood.

The hunter staggers back but is too surprised by the attack to counter. Blows strike one by one as the alien tries to bring its blade up to block the assault after both its knees snap with the powerful kicks delivered to them.

Yumi parries the blade with a scale-covered forearm, catching the arm behind the blade in her hand, twisting with the power of the dragon, intent on snapping the wrist, ignoring the pounding in her ears and remaining focused as the hunter goes down before her.

The hunter screeches, sniffing hard in the air as a reflexive action as its arm snaps out from behind it, breaking almost like a twig as the beast-thing squeals and sniffs the air furiously, smelling its own foul stench of blood and alien matter spurting onto the battleground below it.

Yumi catches the knife as it slips from her foe's hand, almost grinning as she grips it and feels the balance of it. She drives a knee down into the hunter, reaching to grab his hair, holding his head back as she takes the knife to his throat. "Now you die!"

The remaining arm of the alien flails, then its throat opens wide and a green matter sprays up into the air, its odor rank and harsh as it seems to pollute the fighting zone even as the thing screeches one last time before falling still at Dragon Doll's feet.

Yumi sits there shaking for a moment, blood flowing from her breast, trickling down her concave abs, pooling in her bellybutton briefly, before cascading down though the crevice in the mound of flesh below. Still clutching the knife as blood loss overcomes her, she slumps on side, her legs still wrapped around the dead hunter.

As the two bodies lie there, a smaller creature slips from the bushes and chitters softly. Behind it, several other aliens of different species creep up towards the bloody site, each whispering in their own native language. Hands roll Dragon Doll away from the hunter and several of the aliens join together to lift her off the ground and carry her away.

Yumi is naked but for the blood that coats her chest and sex, making these handholds rather slick as a host of little hands grope and grab, a horde of little straw brown creatures carrying the unconscious woman away into the tall grass, her long black silky hair trailing on the ground.


KunoichiKei feels a wet splash of cold water hit her, her eyes flickering open. The alien who wielded the throwing jack stands there with a bucket. Upon trying to move she becomes aware of her disturbing situation. She focuses on the mirrored wall beyond the alien with the bucket. Kei dangles by her hair, arms bound at her sides, bound by leather straps every few inches, above and below her jutting breasts, elbows to waist, hands to hips, knees and ankles tightly together, the tight inch-wide straps cinched tight into glistening naked flesh.

The computer voice accompanies the alien's words as he speaks to what turns out to be the guards. Translations are made for Kei to understand. "The human female's most desirable targets are her breasts. Pounding them will weaken her immensely. Observe." The alien steps up towards Kei, balls an odd fist up and sends an uppercut punch driving into the bottom of her right breast.

KunoichiKei blinks as the alien balls up a fist, gasping into a gag of her own lavender panties as she is hit, wincing in pain as her body lurches back. She pants for air through her nose and strains at the straps, but there is little or no give. She writhes, her breasts shuddering, the right one now reddened on the bottom.

The instructor then steps aside and speaks to his student guards. The translation is "Okay, you try" and one by one they step forwards, each with different sized and shaped fists, each driving their own fist in the exact or close to the exact spot of the helpless heroine's breast that their teacher struck.

KunoichiKei lurches each time, some blows worse than others, her battered breast tightening, turning purple as she swings from her hair, tied around an S hook where a punching bag must ordinarily hang. She hears the voice explain, "This is a very important lesson. Impacts to real flesh are different than to a canvas bag..." Kei begins to cry.

"Now, while the breast is the most desirable target on the female, the more experienced ones will obviously be protecting them. However, the belly button is a great target and, if struck properly, has the extra advantage of making it hard for the female to breathe." He demonstrates by sending that nasty alien fist of his deep into Kei's totally unprotected belly.

KunoichiKei oophs and bends in half around the blow, which lifts her body upwards, briefly taking the suspended weight off her hair, only resulting in more pain as it falls back down, her body swinging rather wildly about, gurgling gasping sounds coming from inside the heaving chest.

As before, the guards then follow, each taking their turn as one fist after another smashes, drives, slaps or dive bombs into Kei's midsection as the teacher nods in approval.

KunoichiKei dangle dances, water and sweat spraying from the impacts, her defenseless flesh bouncing and swinging about, glistening in the stark light of this workout room, her eyes wide in desperation.

The Captain of the guards then stops Kei's swinging body, spinning her so that her side faces the class as he points down in her lower back region. “Another very painful spot to strike all humans is in this area, what they call their kidney area. This blow can momentarily freeze the human in agony and give you the chance to follow up with a finishing blow." He then demonstrates by plowing his cruel fist in deep.

KunoichiKei grunts into her gag as her back arches and her shoulders tense, lifting her tight jutting breasts on the other side, writhing a bit and moaning in pain as her body settles back into place. She twists and turns as if trying to escape what she knows must come next, but pitifully does nothing but make a show of her powerfully shaped hips and ass.

The guards again take turns, slamming their fists into her kidneys, their eyes completely pitiless as though they were mere biology students dissecting a frog. The heroine's kidneys are punished just as her breast and stomach were, relentlessly and viciously until the last guard takes his swing.

KunoichiKei makes a terrible croaking sound as the last wet smack hits her like fist into a side of beef. She twitches involuntarily for a moment even after the practice of this blow is completed. Her body slumps and she can be heard sniffing before the voice of the Captain continues.

"Now, while not as crippling as a breast shot is to a female, the crotch shot will leave the human male on the ground and completely defeated. One must make sure to land the shot exactly right on the female or she will likely retaliate." He places one hand on Kei's front to steady her and then sends an uppercut into her crotch area. Fortunately for Kei, her legs are bound together.

KunoichiKei looks down and blinks, swallowing hard. The impact sends a visible shudder rippling through her flesh. She tries to clench her bound thighs even more tightly together, rubbing them together, even as they are coated by a trickle of her own warm urine. She sobs.

The guards follow their teacher's example as, again, one blow after another is laid into Kei's crotch. Large fists, small fists, hard and soft fists, one by one, crash into her.

KunoichiKei provides a small target and many of the guards' blows bruise her inner thighs as much as her smooth glistening mound, but plenty find the mark as well, and by the time the last guard delivers his debilitating blow, the clefted pout is swelling tightly, the girl shuddering.

"Now, I've shown you good spots to attack when on the offense, but many times you will be trying to hit your opponent when they are on the attack. You will need to be able to duck under and land punches to the ribs like so." He shadow boxes a bit, ducking down and then coming up and driving his fist up into Kei's ribcage, just a few inches below her breasts.

KunoichiKei lurches as the spray flies from the bodyshot, nostrils flared as she pants for air, her face contorted in pain. She grimaces with the efforts and tries to bring her knees up to cover herself as the guards cue up for their practice.

CRACK! SMACK! WHAP! Each body shot echoes out in the training room as they do their best Ali impersonations and then slam their fists up into the targeted area, although some land too high and a couple smash the side of her breast in, and one almost pancakes the boob tight up against her chest.

KunoichiKei 's legs quickly drop back down straight as the blows take their toll. Her fitness model body lurches roughly about, her desperate breaths becoming snorts as she becomes choked on her own saliva. Her eyes nearly pop out of socket as the next to last student lands a prodigious rib-snapping blow that lands with the crack of a gunshot. Her eyes become unfocused as the last blow thuds home.

The Captain of the guards stops the training lesson for a moment and checks on his punching bag. "Okay, class, 15 minute meditation session. Then get ready for the feast. We need to give this girl here some time to recover. Does you no good to beat on a dead girl." With no emotion whatsoever, more out of necessity than pity, the instructor removes Kei's panties from her mouth. "When we resume," he adds, "I'll show you the proper way to pound the human flesh with a kendo stick, but now I have other duties to attend to…"

KunoichiKei drools as she dangles, gaping almost uncomprehendingly at the alien, her battered body a seething mass of excruciating sensations pounding loudly in her head and holes. Elsewhere Belle shakes with frustration as she watches this dehumanization of her ward on closed circuit.

"It appears there will be a break there," Thakur says to Belle. "But have no fear as the cameras have picked up your friend with claws in the hunting zone. Let's see what happens there, shall we?"


Carly finds herself slinking though jungle terrain, being hunted like big game by an alien hunter, naked as any wild animal as she stops in the underbrush, cocking her head to listen and sniff the air.

Mondor pauses, clicking on his goggles as he tries to trace what he thinks is the body heat pattern of the prey he has bid on. Pausing a moment longer, he loads his bow and fires an arrow in the direction he thinks he can sense her, although he's pretty sure she's still too far away from his aim.

Carly twitches as she hears something whistle through the brush and impact into a tree a few feet behind her. Her eyes focus on the spot. An arrow. She gulps and pads off in the opposite direction as fast as her stout little legs will carry her, fronds and limber branches snapping at her exposed flesh.

Mondor moves diagonally, picking up the movement from the source of heat, almost completely sure that he is tracking the purchased prey. He stops again, loading another arrow and sending it sailing into the air towards his retreating target.

Carly hears the whisper in the air and flattens out on the ground as an arrow smacks through the leaves above her head. She gulps, brushing leaves and twigs from her sweaty flesh as she runs onward, down the bank of a small stream, splashing out on the other side, water flying from her body as she breaks into a more open area with less undergrowth.

Mondor follows and then stops, watching as she comes out on the other side of the stream. He drops the regular bow for a pistol-action cross bow, aiming carefully, tracking her through the sites of the cross bow and then squeezing the trigger.

Carly yelps as a shot to the back of her left shoulder knocks her glistening body to the ground. She rolls over and back to her feet, caked with grass and dirt as she runs onward, the shaft of an arrow protruding from her shoulder.

Mondor moves on, slowing his pace as he crosses the stream, tracing her blood stains on the ground as he tracks her. He loads another arrow and fires it high and deep towards the path that the bloodstains seem to be leading.

Carly hears this arrow and dives out of the way as it impacts in a tree trunk. She looks up from her crouch as she pants for air, trying to decide whether to keep running or attempt to wait in ambush. But, she realizes, the hunter seems to have no problem zeroing in on her so her only choice is to run, which she does, through the maze of massive tree trunks that support the canopy high above.

Mondor pauses, admiring the prey while hunting her. He has chosen a worthy target who is ever evasive in this little game. He stops his pursuit, steadies his aim, tracks the heroine with his bow, zeroing in on her hip as he releases the string and sends the arrow flying.

Carly squeals as she feels the burning pain in her thigh, tumbling to the grass as her right leg collapses under her. She lays on her side and tries to pull the arrow out, grimacing and shaking from the agony of the effort, but the barbed head protruding from the front of her thigh makes this impossible. She struggles to her feet and limps on mostly on her left leg.

Mondor takes his time, watching his valiant prey continue on an unattainable quest for escape. He maneuvers diagonally again, finding a tree branch hanging low. He sets up, bracing his arm on the branch and then tracks the limping AmeriCat with his bow, aiming for her left ankle and releasing yet again.

Carly squeals and crumples as an arrow thwacks through the flesh of her left calf. With three arrows now protruding from her muscular little body, caked with dirt and twigs from the jungle floor, she crawls toward the next tree, claws extending, pulling herself up on the trunk, beginning to climb the tree with arm strength alone.

Mondor grins. "How can I resist?" He aims again, getting a sense of her timing, plotting, waiting for the right moment. Then he releases the string and watches to see if his arrow lands true and pins her left hand to the tree she is trying to climb.

Carly screams as an arrow thunks through her hand and pins it to the tree. Naked flesh slides roughly down the bark until hanging by the impaled hand. Carly mewls and tries to pull the arrow free with her other hand.

Mondor again takes aim as the hunt is almost finished. The arrow sails through the air, closing in on the right arm of the heroine with a quick zip of parting air.

Carly reaches up and manages to pull the arrow free of the tree an instant before the next one is let go. She tumbles to the ground as the arrow thuds into the trunk above her. She looks around and growls, using the tree for support as she struggles to stand, trickles of blood running from the places where arrows protrude from her body as she faces her hunter with the eyes of a cornered cat.

Mondor drops his bow and steps closer, bringing up his pistol shot crossbow once again and locking the sights on the heroine's left thigh before squeezing the trigger.

Carly cannot move fast enough to avoid the shot. The arrow joins the one already in the other thigh with a loud wet thud, embedding in the tree after passing through the thigh muscle, pinning thigh to tree. She wails in anguish, mental as well as physical. She twitches her head and presses back against the tree, clawing at the arrow that pins her.

Mondor steps closer, pistol grip held tight as he looks over the struggling heroine pinned to the tree. He aims, from dead-on range, this time her right shoulder is targeted and he squeezes the trigger.

Carly is straightened up by the impact, her shoulder slammed up against the tree trunk. Her pert little breasts jiggle tightly as she pants for air and struggles like an insect pinned in a collection. Her eyes burn into those of the hunter as her lips curl out into a quivering pout.

Mondor nods and bows to the pinned heroine to the tree. "A worthy kill," he whispers and then he aims the bow at her stomach, then lower before pulling the trigger one last time.

Carly gulps, then blinks as the aim is lowered, jerking as the shaft of an arrow finds the slit of her sex, pinning her ass to the tree. She looks down as blood begins to trickle from her sex, convulsing as she looks back up one last time as if in shock before her head lolls to her chest.

Mondor whistles and from the depths of the jungle a crew of alien men gather around the tree. Slowly AmeriCat is removed from the tree, carefully so that the arrows remain in her as they are pulled from the tree trunk. Her hands and feet are bound to a long pole. Two carriers each take an end of the pole and they begin to haul her dangling body back through the jungle.

Carly occasionally twitches or groans as her wrists and ankles are lashed to the pole with tight leather straps. And so the hunter's prize hangs limply from the pole as she is carried ceremoniously to his victory feast, the shafts of half a dozen arrows protruding from her naked body.

Thakur turns off the vidscreen and looks over at Blue Belle. "Your little catgirl faced her demise with dignity. Ours will be a glorious feast indeed. Now, time to prepare you with the ceremonial oils and scents before we mate."

Belle begins to cry at the sight of Carly being hauled off to be prepared as the feast for Belle's very own ceremonial mating ritual with Thakur himself. Belle's spirit wavers as she cannot help but believe that this is indeed the end of the Danger Dolls.


BlueBelle has long since been stripped of every stitch of her costume, kept naked as a nail and chained. Thakur's servants now lead her to a room that smells of lavender. Her ankles are forced apart and locked into manacles bolted into the floor. Her wrists, in manacles behind her back, are attached to a chain hanging from the ceiling. Belle is forced to bend forward in a wicked strappedo as the chain tightens, pulling her arms high up over bulging shoulders, heavy melon-like fruit dangling from her chest, the curve of her ass seemingly growing ever more round and jutting as she bends, more and more of the upturned pout of her sex becoming visible from behind between spread legs.

The warm liquid falls from the spout and lands first on the base of her spine. The clear liquid drips all over her back before what feel like scaly hands begin to rub it in. Immediately the lotion goes to work as the deeper it is rubbed the more it sets out to relax and numb the muscles in the bound heroine's back. "You will struggle no more," Thakur states as a matter of fact.

BlueBelle lifts her head as much as she can, shaking the flaming hair back from her face, still set in determined defiance. This motion of her head also results in a gentle swinging of her dangling udders, the nipples like pointers on a pair on plumb bobs. A soft moan escapes her grimacing lips. "What are you doing to me?"

"You must be fully prepared to breed the next race of prey our hunters will practice on." As Thakur speaks, a set of sponge-like hands runs a warm, tingling liquid up Belle's legs, from her knees to the tops of her inner thighs. "This, of course, will result in a most painful death for you so better to numb your body full rather than have your agony hinder with your ability to conceive."

BlueBelle blinks at his words, closing her eyes completely for a moment, her body shivering as the alien hands rub dripping oil into her skin as it drips down her legs after dribbling through her sex from her back. Even as the soothing tingling sensation of the alien potion relaxes her muscles she struggles to get the images of teammates' demises out of her head.

Hands that seem almost human reach underneath her and the coating continues as her breasts and, especially her nipples, are squeezed and tweaked by oily hands that rub the strange goo into her skin, what would almost resemble an aphrodisiac in its ability to tantalize the female breasts in intensely pleasurable ways. Yet there are also the vapors that come from her chest and search out her nostrils with their own seemingly intoxicating powers. "Yes, soon you will know nothing except the desire to be bred and then we can get on with the ceremony, feast on your friend and then sacrifice you as the new race of the hunted is born."

BlueBelle groans as much as straining shoulders and spread legs will allow, tensing first one glute and then the other, trying her lift her smooth glistening sex away from rubbing fingers. She contorts her face in horror. "I don't understand... do you mean somehow that you will fertilize all my ovum to create a multitude..."

Thakur nods. "It appears you do understand. Yes, that will no doubt kill you and horribly painfully. This is why these oils are so important. Even now, they are preparing all your ovum to be fertilized, which will be done by me, of course, during tonight's ceremony, but also adjusting the rest of your body so that you it won't resist the overpopulation of your womb that will occur."

BlueBelle gapes in dumbfounded silence for a long moment, then drops her head with a loud sigh as the rubbing hands work the oil into the lips of her sex and between. Feasting otherworldly eyes check every inch of glistening flesh, guiding alien hands into every nook and cranny, making sure every curve has been coated.

The oil glistens on her skin, tingling, teasing, tormenting her body as the hands pull away and the process is deemed completed. "Now, in just a few minutes, your body will begin to burn with a sexual passion that you will find unquenchable. The chemicals of the oils are changing and adjusting to your own body chemistry to make you into the horniest human being the galaxy has ever known."

BlueBelle yelps as the flat of one of the familiar hands that oiled her skin slaps her upturned ass, the wet smack resounding about the room and mingling with Thakur's laugh. Belle shakes her head, auburn hair matted to her oiled face, panting past parted apple lips as the tingling sensation in her ass ripples outward through her flesh.

"Enjoy this last hour, human. We must make final preparations for the celebration." The aliens part and leave Belle alone with her herself and her body's forced desires.


The pimp Polonca points towards the cage. Inside is the blond human known as Chickfighter, stripped down completely, her hands outside the bars and then shackled at the wrists and pull taut, forcing her tiny breasts to be pressed around a single bar of the cage. "This is the treat, Captain. Please. Enjoy her as a token of my cooperation."

Molly strains, but despite the cording in her shoulders and rattling of chains, cannot budge the metal shackles that hold her wrists. She is on display in a tiny round cage slightly taller than she, so compact that she can barely turn her head. Her shoulders are trapped by bars even if she could free her hands. And her pert breasts, because of the arched position of her back and lifted shoulders, look larger than normal as they protrude past the bar between them.

The cage door behind her rattles and the Captain, one of Thakur's top bullies and in charge of making sure no rebel factions can topple Thakur's reign over Aethra, moves into the cage and gets a good view of the bared ass of the bound heroine. "You say her sexual chi has a magic ability to it? And can deliver great power to me?" "Absolutely, even more powerful than Thakur," the pimp says, knowing full well it's a lie.

Molly's lips form a little o of surprise at these words. They know about her power. But surely they can't harness it. She tries to shuffle her feet, but her ankles are shackled to the floor of the cage, and all she succeeds in doing is wiggling the round globes of her jutting buttocks at the Captain standing behind her.

The Captain's massive hands grab her much smaller hips and then his alien extension seeks out and presses against her sex from behind, the head of the warped member seeming to shape-shift to form just the right fit, and then growing just a bit larger, as the Captain prefers to make it more painful than pleasurable for the small human female.

Molly tries to clamp her legs together only to have them forced apart by huge gripping hands, which turn up the sight of her tight mound between squirming thighs, the lips as smooth and hairless as a baby's behind. She swallows hard, blinking and biting her lip as she feels the prodding member throbbing against her sex. Her eyes nearly pop out of their sockets as it is rammed inside her.

The Captain's hips then start to push hard up against her, pull back, push hard again, his alien extension driving up into her repeatedly. The pimp watches as his associates all begin to move, one to the cage door, another to a control panel and a third and fourth move towards the cage, holding their energy forks at their sides. "The more she orgasms, Captain, the more her power you can drain."

Molly lurches with every wet smack of thigh to ass, the alien cock driving into her like a piston, the force of the punching driving her whole body forward against the bars of the cage with every thrust, her tight breasts jiggling wildly, until one of the pimp's men clamps the nipples together outside the bars with a wired clamp as she wails in distress.

The Captain changes his focus from sadism to power mongering. His cock morphs again until it becomes an exact perfect fit for the human female's sex and then he continues to ram it in and out of her, holding her hips tight with his huge paws as the pimp watches with a smirk, holding a hand up towards his men. "Just a bit more, Captain," he says, his eyes dancing with mockery of the entire scene.

Molly squeals as she feels her body's natural reactions take over, creating a growing need to climax, her sex lubricating the general's member with generous fluids, the warm wet embrace of her sex rippling with desire. She holds off the coming wave, trying to build more power, maybe enough to break the chains that hold her if she can focus it well enough.

The Captain's natural dominant tendencies overtook him and he reached back with his right hand and slapped the heroine's ass. Again and again, as each thrust pounded inside her, the hand smacked against the flesh of her rear end with a smack that resounded throughout the small home that the pimp had made for his prize sex toy.

Molly mewls as beads of sweat fall from her face and splatter on her breasts, trickling along the upturned curve, then dripping to the floor from the clamped nipples. Her hips begin to gyrate in rhythm to the general's thrusts. She holds off her own release until the cock that pounds into her like a clenched fist seems to open like hot stroking fingers filling her womb, triggering her own climax.

The wired clamps register the climax, sending a signal to the control panel. At the moment of climax, the control panel's operations swing into gear. The cage door closes, locking the Captain in with the heroine. At the same time, the shackles on her ankles and wrists unlatch and then the clamps detach themselves as well, leaving the heroine unbound except for the cage that surrounds her and the Captain, who has no idea what is taking place.

Molly is also very confused by what is happening, at first thinking she has broken the shackles with the power of her chi, her thighs clamping down hard on the general's cock as his body and hers are pressed together, the cage barely large enough to hold both of them at the same time. She wriggles frantically trying to bend the bars and escape.

The Captain suddenly is aware of a change in her demeanor and grabs her around the waist as she clamps down on his cock. "Make sure she kills the Captain, but don't let her escape," the pimp orders as the energy forks are brought forwards and aimed at the cage. The bars are stronger than any earth metal but not indestructible.

Molly grinds against the alien captain whose cock is still trapped inside her, pummeling him with elbows, crushing him against the bars as she tries to break them before losing control of her chi. The general gives out before the bars, his bulk slumping against her, the sweaty press of their flesh seeming to fill with sand as she continues to struggle.

The Captain slumps between the bars and the heroine, his body crushed against the bars, his insides pierced by his own broken bones. As soon as it is apparent that the General has expired, the Pimp's entourage unleashes a double shot from the energy forks, zapping Chicky with twice the power that assaulted Belle on the spaceship.

Molly yelps, convulses, and slumps herself, held up by the tightness of the cage and the presence of the dead alien body behind her. She twitches randomly, sweat and other fluids dripping from her glistening naked flesh, used as a trap by one alien to murder another.

The aliens quickly reattach the shackles to her wrists as she slumps while the Pimp explains to her exactly what her role will be. "Thakur thinks he will be creating a new species to hunt. But the hunt is over on this planet. Thakur will be tempted to steal your power just as was his Captain. And you will kill him as well. And the new creations will not be prey for hunts, but rather toys for sex. The days of the hunt are over. Aehtra will become the new planet for sexual pleasures after Thakur dies tonight!"

Molly blinks at the alien pimp as he explains his plan. Still dripping wet, she hangs between the shackles that hold her up and secure as the general's body is dragged away. She wonders if she can turn this plan to her advantage. "And how do you expect to accomplish that? Is he to mate with me too?"

"You catch on fast, Chickfighter. He will mate with you out of vengeance for what you have done to the Captain of his guards. He believes himself to be indestructible. It will be his downfall."

Molly gapes incredulously, saying nothing even as her breasts are unclamped and she is hosed down to be clean for the next encounter. She grimaces as the high-pressure stream smacks her flesh, but is actually thankful to be clean.

"Carry the cage to the ceremonial grounds," the pimp Polonca orders. "This will be a party no one will ever forget."


Yumi lies in a shelter occupied by about half a dozen aliens. Their de facto leader sits on the straw bale that had been Yumi's bed while she recovered from the wounds she had received in the battle with her hunter. "You are the first one to kill a hunter," the alien says. "You must join us."

Yumi blinks awake to the odd sight of the little troupe of aliens she vaguely recalls carrying her off. She feels the dragon coil deep in the pit of her stomach. Still they don't seem to mean her harm. "Who are you? The Dolls! I need to rescue them!" She stands and realizes she is naked but for bandages about her chest and thigh, the thigh bandage wrapped over her sex as well.

"I am Yeti Taz. They are beyond hope, my friend. The catgirl has been killed and the bigger one will be sacrificed to Thakur tonight. You cannot rescue them."

Yumi replies with fire in her eyes. "Then I will avenge them!"

"But how can you? You are barely alive yourself? They will capture you and use you like they did the girl who interrupted the auction."

Yumi narrows those burning eyes. "Interrupted? After me? Kei? Good for her! She is a good ninja! But how do you know all this?"

The alien leads Yumi into a small room with a large television monitor. "The auction and the hunt are the number one source of income as well as entertainment for the planet. Your hunt, as well as catgirl's, was broadcast for us to see. As will be the ceremony later this evening."

Yumi stares at the screen as a slender blond in a cage is brought into a lavish outdoor amphitheater lighted with burning torches. "Chicky! She's alive!" Yumi turns back to the alien. "So they know you carried me from the field... are they looking for me?"

"No, actually they don't know. They switched to the catgirl's hunt before we took you. They think you are out there dead somewhere." He shrugs as AmeriCat's arrow filled body is brought up on the screen. She is still bound to the pole that is placed on a rack above a stack of wood. The arrow in her sex is grabbed and yanked out as the alien and Yumi watch.

Yumi watches as another arrow is removed. The limp body of the Carly is unbound from the pole from which she dangles, then spitted on it. Carly twitches. Her stout little gymnast's body bound so tightly with twine that it cuts into her skin. Trussed like a rump roast the aliens lift the spitted bleeding girl and place her over the wood. "She is alive! What are they doing? Are they going to burn her alive?"

The alien nods. "She is to be eaten as the festival meal."

Yumi clenches her fists in anger. "I must try to help them! You must tell me how to get to where they are? Now! Point me the way!" She takes a deep breath. "I tank you for saving me, but I must go. A warrior can do no less that fight for her friends!"

The aliens gather and regard the female human with curiosity and the desire to keep her with them. But then they part and the lead alien hands her a map. "Your friend who interrupted the auction will be located here," he shows Yumi on the map. "She will be alone as the guards will be preparing for the ceremony."

Yumi takes the map and bows respectfully. "Tanks, Yeti Taz."

"Good luck, warrior." They bow and let her depart as they regretfully return back to their hideout.

Yumi follows the map and does her best to cling to the shadows as she looks for Kei. She slips quietly inside the dojo where Kei is being held, everyone having apparently gone to the ceremony. Kei lies on the floor, attempting to saw at the leather straps that bind her with the blade like many that line the walls.

The dojo is indeed quiet, except for the bound and struggling heroine. Her breasts are visibly bruised, as are a few other spots on her body, including a couple red welts on the inside of each of her thighs.

Yumi takes a curved sword from the rack, moves toward Kei like a shifting shadow and cuts the straps with a few flicks of the blade. Kei looks up as she reaches to her hair to untie it from the S hook. "Yumi! You made it! I managed to bounce myself off the chain, but those straps were going to take a while..." Yumi nods and cuts her greeting short. "Pick a weapon and let's go! Now!" Kei winces as she gets up, grabbing a mace as they walk out of the dojo.

Meanwhile, the oiled body of Blue Belle is being dragged towards the ceremonial throne where, much like Fay Wray, she will be put on display between two pillars so that Thakur can perform his version of King Kong and close out the ceremony with a rite of mating beneath the starry spiral of the Milky Way.

Yumi leads the way, Kei limping behind. "Keep up Kei, you're wounds are not serious! The others need us! Now!" The naked girl covered with purple splotches grits her teeth, nods and quickens her pace. Outside the ceremonial amphitheater they stop and watch as many aliens large and small enter. Seeing Thakur and his entourage go past the pair look to find a way inside themselves.

Thakur walks up the steps of the ceremonial throne and stands before Belle, turning to address those gathered and motioning to the crew surrounding AmeriCat. They nod and drop the torch towards the stack of wood beneath Carly as Thakur turns and steps towards Blue Belle. "It's time my chosen mate for you to give your service to Thakur."

Chickfighter rattles her cage as the huge alien moves toward Belle, the redhead's bodacious body chained between two poles, her raised arms lifting her heaving breasts, glistening with some sort of oil, as she in fact is from head to toe. Chicky begins to cry as the wood beneath the spitted Carly is set alight. "Ohmyfuckingawd..."

The alien's hand touches Belle's breast and, again, he begins to form the shape of a human, transforming himself into something that more resembles something from a WWE show rather than a monster movie. "We must be able to have the right form to be able to mate," he says as his human looking shaft presses up against her thigh.

Belle looks down at the human-looking shaft, albeit larger than any she's ever seen. She swallows hard and looks over at Carly, her eyes pleading as they turn toward Molly. Molly returns the forlorn look and furiously rattles her chains. Belle's lower lip juts out into a pout and she tries to pull away from Thakur, a pitiful gesture as his fingers clutch and pull her to him by the breasts.

The human hands knead the soft flesh of her breasts as the staff presses itself on into her sex. "Such an odd way to mate, yet there is a genuinely nice physical feel to it," the alien dictator says as he slowly adapts himself to the human act of sexual intercourse and begins to thrust into Belle. The crowd cheers and the AmeriCat roast continues to turn over the open fire.

Carly's eyes flicker open as she turns, a sheen of sweat covers bound flesh, trussed with twine from neck to ankle, to the spit which protrudes from mouth and sex alike. Belle groans and shakes her head, her efforts to pull away only making it seem like she's writhing her hips in pleasure as the alien overfills her with his huge member.

One of the guards next to Carly pokes at her with a stick, the point jabbing into her breast as she turns over the fire. "She's still way too rare yet," he says to another guard as they turn back to watching the mating scene above them. Thakur grunts in animalistic thrill as he grinds himself deep into Belle. "I sure hate that I can only mate with you once."

Carly twitches as she is poked, the beading sweat just beginning to sizzle. Belle feels her body respond involuntarily to Thakur's kneading hands and stroking cock. "Nooo," she protests, "Please, don't do this to mmmm..." Her protestations are silenced by the alien tongue that is forced roughly into her mouth. Her back arches and her legs wrap around Thakur as an orgasm becomes imminent.

Thakur's lust begins to overtake him as his alien mind tries to comprehend why the male human anatomy can override common sense and business in such a manner. He wraps his arms tight around Belle's waist and pulls her ever harder up against himself as he begins to fuck her in a way much more conducive to lustful desire than to mating rituals.

Belle stiffens and strains, holding back for long seconds, before losing the battle with the tingling oil-induced sensations rippling through her flesh, humping Thakur wildly, her oiled flesh slapping against him, as she experiences an orgasm that just doesn't end, no doubt a function of the damned alien concoction coating her skin.

Thakur's own orgasm is triggered by that of the redheaded superheroine. He fills her insides with alien seed that immediately begins to work its way into her womb and starts to work on creating the fatal impregnation that would surely be the end of Blue Belle.

Molly watches Belle succumb to the ceremony which must surely lead to her death, turning her head to look at Carly as she hears the sizzle, suddenly becoming aware of the smell of seared flesh, sobbing and turning back as she hears Thakur call for his Captain, the huge leader leaving Belle writhing between the two poles as he withdraws.

An aide rushes up the steps towards Thakur, whispers something and then points to Molly. Thakur stiffens and then snarls. "The blonde whore has assassinated my Captain? Then she shall meet the fate of the redhead. Bring her to me. Thakur shall mate with both human women tonight!"

Molly gasps and gulps, her head on a swivel as her cage and frame that holds it is lifted and moved forward. Molly pulls her eyes away from Carly even as steam begins to rise from the muscular flesh of the little girl. She looks at Belle, who continues to writhe uncontrollably. Maybe if she can harness that energy she thinks.

Thakur's physical form returns to that of the rock man thing that first approached Belle at the auction. "So, you like to use sex to kill? Then I shall mate with you, not as a human, but as Thakur!" He grabs the bars and starts to pull them apart so he can get into the cage and at the heroine inside it.

Molly's blue eyes widen in horror, blinking as the powerful alien bends the bars of the cage aside, then nearly popping out of her head as he plunges his literally rock hard outcropping into her sex like a spit. She screams and strains at the chains that that hold her arms out wide. "Ohmyfuckingawd! Aaarrrggghhhh..."

Thakur snarls as he thrusts his inhuman shaft in and out of the heroine, not caring if he is damaging her too much to be able to breed her, not caring if she does indeed have some kind of sexual chi she can use, just caring to avenge the death of his Captain as he is oblivious to the fact that it has all been a set up by the pimp.

Molly does her best to focus as her genetically engineered flesh responds to this unbelievably brutal treatment, knowing her only chance is in generating enough chi to be able to defeat this alien leader. Her limber flesh twists and bends, her back arched beyond belief as she is nearly split in half, but the building orgasm promises to be similarly violent.

The guards move closer, enthralled by the violent taking of the tiny blonde that was once declared "too scrawny" to be of any use, their attention taken away from the roasting AmeriCat as they crowd closer to the throne, staring in awe at the spectacle before them.

Molly is seemingly shining with sweat when she reaches orgasm, snapping the chains that hold her like thread, battering the stone man inside her with those chains, trying to crack open his head with the chop of a manacled wrist. Meanwhile Kei and Yumi sneak forward, one each lifting an end of Carly's spit and setting her off of the fire, still sizzling as they lay her down.

Thakur's head snaps back as it cracks, pieces of the rock flying out into the crowd. The alien-thing stumbles back and then swings a huge rock-fist of his own back at Chicky, although it is a punch of blind rage without grace or any real knowledge of where his target is located.

Molly ducks under the wild punch and kicks Thakur in the midsection with enough force to knock down a building. Molly spins to free Belle, blinking as she sees Yumi skewering Mondor even as Kei steals his keys and moves to free the still climaxing woman who is their team leader. Thakur’s stunned guards finally respond, many meeting up with blade and mace before the Polonca's faction join the fray, moving to take advantage of the confusion.

From the darkness, Yumi's new friends also join the melee, as their Yeti Taz rushes up the throne. "You must wash that oil off her," he tells Yumi. "She's running out of time. If she becomes impregnated, it will surely kill her."

Molly leaps into a flying one two three drop kick, bare flesh churning as she drives her feet into chest chin and cheek of the rock alien, sweat flying from her shimmering flesh. Molly flips to her feet, nodding to the pimp. Yumi nods to her new friend and throws Belle over a shoulder. "You decided to be warriors after all. Good."

The alien smiles and drives his own staff into the midsection of a guard charging up the throne. "Courage is contagious," he says as one of his friends stops and points up towards the sky. "What is that?"

Molly joins Kei and they carry their spitted teammate Carly from the amphitheater, following Yumi, who carries the still writhing Belle over her shoulder. "Our ride," replies Yumi impassively. The DDSTV airship descends, lowering the freight elevator, quickly lifting the team away. Yumi nods stoically to her former rescuer as the lift begins to rise. "Good luck."

Yeti Taz, the alien insurgent nods as he watches they airship fly off before returning to the three-sided battle still raging in the ceremonial amphitheater.

Molly and Kei carry Carly to the infirmary and Yumi brings in Belle a second later. Sara shakes her head over Carly, using some equipment to remove the spit, blood spurting as the poor girl shudders. "There's nothing I can do for her..." Rex pads in and begins to lick his mistress. "But Rex... maybe..." Sara then turns to the task of cleansing Belle inside as well as out, being very thorough. As Belle slumps into a fitful slumber she complains in her dream so loudly that all her team can hear, “I want to go home.”

(June 2008)