Kunoichi Kei's Room


Height - 5' 4"


Weight - 118 lbs


Eyes - brown


Hair - chestnut



Kei Kishimoto is an exchange student from Japan who has come to live with Susan MacDuff (aka Blue Belle). Kei often carries a backpack strapped to the shoulders of her school uniform and wears her hair up in buns. She keeps these buns up with white ribbons or two heavy hair sticks, one silver and one wood. Kei's Uncle Yuji sent her to the School for the Fighting Arts located in Empire City because she was kicked out of the Kyoto Killers Academy for an embarrassing incident. Her uncle had hoped that Kei, who is his only heir, would learn to be an effective modern ninja assassin. But while Kei works out really hard and loves a good fight, she just never wanted to kill people. Instead Kei would prefer to use her natural aptitude for turning everyday objects into weapons as a means to become a superheroine. As a result her Uncle Yuji disowned her. Ms MacDuff (Bluebelle) become Kei's guardian and allowed her to intern with the Danger Dolls. Now if only Kei could find a way to stay out of trouble, keep as good a track of her clothes as she does her backpack, prove herself to Belle and become an official member of the Danger Dolls...