Ht: 5' 4"

Wt: 117 lbs

Hair: chestnut

Eyes: hazel

Body type: fitness model


Many in the underworld of Empire City have begun to whisper the name "Moongoose" in real fear. Is this "Moongoose" a heroine or a dangerous assassin? Has a popular ninja schoolgirl finally become the deadly assassin her uncle always wanted her to be? Or is this finally the distinctive costume of a full-fledged heroine that the intern desired for so long? Is it the intern at all? Or an imposter? Is this insanely talented fighter kept restrained in her own costume by her handlers until such time as she is set loose on her unfortunate targets? Her lower face is masked in lavender and she isn't talking. But those loose-flopping lavender sleeves say plenty, hiding an assortment of shurikens, smoke bombs and other ninja surprises. And she obviously doesn't mind showing her ass while kicking others' with lavender ballet booties!