Kunoichi Kei's Room



Height - 5' 4"


Weight - 118 lbs


Eyes - chestnut


Hair - brown




Kei Kishimoto is an exchange student fromJapan who came to live with SusanMacDuff (aka Blue Belle). Kei oftencarries a backpack strappedto her shoulders and oftenwearsherhairup in buns.Kei'sUncle Yuji sent her to the Schoolfor the Fighting Arts located in Empire Citybecause she was kickedout of the Kyoto Killers Academy after an embarrassingincident. Her uncle had hoped thatKei, who is his only heir, would learn to be an effective modern ninja assassin.ButwhileKei works out really hard and loves a goodfight, she justneverwantedto to be an assassin. Instead Kei would prefer to use her natural aptitude forturning everyday objects into weapons as a means to becomea superheroine.As a result her Uncle Yuji banished her from the clan. MsMacDuff (Bluebelle)becameKei'sguardianandallowed her to intern withtheDangerDolls. When BlueBelle and the other Danger Doll team members went missing,as Belle's sole heir,it was suddenly up to Kei to run DDSTV and create a new team of her own. Sheformed the Danger Debs with her friends to do just that, hoping her efforts wouldmakeBelleproud, butmore importantly that her team could be a positive force against villainy wheneverit reared it's ugly head in Empire City. Kei continues her studies atEmpireUniversity's School for the Fighting Arts and is often found in her schoolgirluniform withbackpack. Inthesummer Kei spends her free time at the waterpark or caddying at the Montgolfier'sClub to eavesdrop on the old villains there. In the winter Kei trades her swimsuitforaskisuitandknows how to work it. Kei hopes the earnest efforts of her new team to persevereinthefaceof overwhelming odds to defeat villainy will finally make her the respected heroinethat Belle always knew she could be.