The Danger Doll Satellite TV Tower

The DDSTV Tower is located on the corner of HillDale and Messick Streets near the heart of the Empire City business district. It was designed in a futuristic style by Serendipity. The studios and offices of Danger Doll Satellite Television are housed in the six-story office building at ground level. There is a below ground parking garage where the Dolls' limo, Belle's BMW and Chicky's Mustang can often be found. The operations bunker, Sara's laboratory and the vault are buried beneath another six stories of reinforced concrete in the "basement" level. The tower is composed of the base structure and twelve cubes rising along a tru-steel core. This core contains a stairwell and three elevators (only one has access to the basement level). Each cube contains a unique layout. Currently the top three cubes are all luxury suites, four per cube, one per floor. Each Danger Doll has her own floor and there are several guest suites as well. One entire cube is devoted to a natural habitat for Rex, AmeriCat's sabretooth tiger. Other cubes house facilities such as gym, weight, and meeting rooms, weapons training and the holotheatre. All cubes measure 48x48x48ft and have a double-walled facade. The outer wall of each is made of transparent aluminum and the inner of perplexiglass. Perplexiglass is a newly developed material with embedded microscopic ceramic fibers that allow for adjustments in color and opacity through a nearly full range - from totally transparent to utterly opaque - mood glass if you will. The resulting material is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also exhibits all the best thermal and shatter-resistant properties of real and synthetic glass. All areas are kept under 24/7 surveillance by miniature security cameras and access is controlled through use of retinal scans. The building is LEED certified and features "green" properties, including rooftop rain collection, bonsai garden and hot tub. The roof is 818 feet above street level and the tethering spire reaches on up to 1111 feet. The upper section of spire is designed to sway slightly in the wind when the DDSTV submersible airship is moored there like a pennant.