Silk Shadow

blood red silk and black tidings....


Age - 22

Height - 5' 2"

Weight - 115 lbs

Eyes - Fiery

Hair - Jet Black


Silk Shadow trained from a young age to be an assassin and now seemingly operates as a lone mercenary. She has nearly perfected her shadow technique, which makes spotting her a challenge, especially at night when only the dragonfire in her eyes or a rustle of silk might give her away.

a flickering shadow with the grace of fluttering silk... becoming only a breezy whisper in dark space...

Under the red silk of her keikogi is the silhouette of a body builder with a strength several times that of a normal human. She is quite skilled with weapons or hand to hand, favoring her throwing knives and katana. She knows well the art of torture from personal experience with the needle and the cane. As a result she has amazing endurance to pain and is immune to many potions and poisons. Exactly what motivates her is unknown, but this assassin-for-hire is a dangerous foe!

a flash of steel as the katana is drawn... a tinkling like wind chimes as work is done...