Omitsu Saga

blood red silk and black tidings....


Age - 23

Height - 5' 2"

Weight - 115 lbs

Eyes - Fiery

Hair - Jet Black


Omitsu Saga has only recently become known to the jet set as the companion of restaurateur Marc Tanaka, CEO of Japan's Tanaka Enterprizes. She often makes appearances with, or in the place of, Mr. Tanaka when his company makes charitable contributions such as donations of antiquities to the Empire Museum of History or pledges of funds to modern building projects like schools and hospitals. Nothing is known about her past and her present is almost as shadowy. Is she a girlfriend? A bodyguard? An enforcer? A vice-president of procurement?

a flickering shadow with the grace of fluttering silk... becoming only a breezy whisper in dark space...

Her sense of fashion tends to favor silk which does little to hide the silhouette of the body builder beneath. The power of her body when it moves and the menacing flash of daggers in her eyes belies her small stature. She treats everyone with thinly-veiled disdain, saying little. Exactly what motivates her is unknown, but this woman exudes danger!

a sense of dread as shadows lengthen into one... a tinkling like wind chimes as the work is done...