Dragon Doll's Room



Status: Wanted

Age - 22

Height - 5' 2"

Weight - 115 lbs

Eyes - Hazel

Hair - Jet Black



Dragon Doll is an assassin trained by the Snake Ninja Clan. She is generally known as Yumi Sushi, but has gone by other names. From an early age she received training in interrogation techniques from Master Shinji (the current Sacred Snake) and fighting techniques from his enforcer, Tsunami. She was like a child to Shinji, like a sister to Tsunami and a lover to both!

Her mother (right) was a prostitute. When Yumi was very young she sat in the corner of a basement dungeon and watched Master Shinji torture her mother to death for information about a client. After watching Shinji interrogate her mother for long hours the young Yumi offered herself to him. Shinji accepted her as his own and raised her as his personal assistant. She learned from him the way of shibari ropes and acupuncture needles as well as the psychology of breaking the human will ... not to mention the smack of a well-aimed cane!

Tsunami taught Yumi how to fight hand to hand and with weapons. With her inhumanly (it is rumored her real father was a demon) quick and powerful gymnast's body, as well as a seeming sixth sense, Yumi proved particularly adept at killing. She was 'Nami's best student until the arrival of Molly Whipple...

Molly was an exchange student from America. Molly and Yumi became bitter rivals at their Japanese prep school. Then Yumi exposed Molly as the American superheroine Chickfighter. Yumi enjoyed helping her Master Shinji torture the American girl until she broke down and disclosed the real names of the Snake Clan's nemeses, the Japanese heroines known as the Bubblegum Dolls.

After selling the Bubblegum Dolls into slavery Master Shinji decided to reprogram the slender American as yet another lethal female assassin for his clan. As a result Yumi and Molly once again became bitter rivals as they trained together under the stern eyes of Tsunami. Yumi, the older of the two, was more powerful and at first relished beating the American mercilessly. But over time the quicker blond American began to become Tsunami's favorite. The two girls were sent on a mission together. They refused to cooperate with each other, and as a result were captured and sold into slavery (left).

Eventually Yumi and Molly were rescued by the Danger Dolls, led by Blue Belle. Blue Belle asked Yumi to reform her ways and join her group. Although she remains a wanted fugitive Yumi helped the Danger Dolls from time to time, using the nickname Dragon Doll until she helped frame Molly for murder. That incident put Dragon Doll back on the Danger Dolls most wanted list.

Yumi has the muscularity of a body builder and her strength is several times that of a normal human. She was trained from a young age by her ninja clan to be an assassin so she is quite skilled with weapons or hand to hand. She knows well the art of torture and has amazing endurance to pain. She is also immune to many poisons.

Yumi also has some Japanese calligraphy and the image of a dragon fused into her skin. This dragon's application was more painfully intense than an ordinary tattoo and the resulting image that much more vivid. Yumi stole a potion from her Master Shinji which she used to try to remove the image. Instead the dragon (see her arm at right) was brought to life, disappearing, reappearing and moving about her body. The dragon image seemingly imbues an almost mystical super power to any part of her body on which it appears. Beware of Dragon Doll!