The Danger Debs are the new superheroine team led by kunoichi Kei Kishimoto, aka Lavender Lass. Kei was theDanger Doll intern and ward to Susan MacDuff (aka Danger Doll team leader Blue Belle). When the Danger Doll team suddenly fell victim to a series of unfortunate and suspect circumstances it was up to Kei to carry on the legacy. Kei, who had previously spent most of her time worrying about how to prove herself to Belle, suddenly had much bigger concerns. Kei quickly recruited several friends from Empire University to form a new team she dubbed the Danger Debs. Kei called herself Lavender Lass. Her friends became Glockwork, Questionnaire and Red Hornette. As Susan MacDuff's former ward Kei also found herself thrust into the position of CEO of DDSTV, with all the perks and pains that come with such a position, including her own building in downtown Empire City. The Danger Debs not only had their own television network but a comic company (faux cover artwork) as well. Be sure to read up on the Danger Debs and their adventures in these stories (logs). If you are wanting information on someone who is friend or foe to the Debs you should check the files. And you can always look here for what's new.


The Danger Debs Team:

Kei Panda

Penny Joanie



I prefer a strong dose of plot and action. These characters are strong competent women endeavoring to thwart villainy in the face of personal peril and I play them as such. I like to discuss the set-up and resolution options without knowing any specifics. The set-up could be anything, but some sort of basic plot device to explain the character's motivations as they interact is a must.

I prefer a role play to feel like it has some sort of denouement like a short story, an issue of a comic or an episode of a television show. This resolution could be almost anything, but I'm partial to a deus ex machina escape or victory that demonstrates the heroine is capable and competent. At the very least I expect the character to survive relatively intact to continue her ongoing story.

I enjoy fights (frenetic and fierce) / beasts or monsters / chases / costume malfunctions / undress, I mean distress / knockout blows / gagging / carrying / bondage (if I soon get a chance to escape) / paraded for sale / forced sex (but do not dawdle endlessly here please... yes, cybering without regard for the story will quickly lose my interest) / (escapable) deathtraps.

I loathe (not to rule anything out completely, but these things tend to turn me off) mind control (I kicked the poop out of your zombies, and I prefer not to become one) / aphrodisiacs / chloroform / drugs / tickling / peril-less groping / simple cyber sex / exploding collars (sorry guys, I'm tired of this one) / lactation / sexual disfigurement / branding / on-going enslavement.

Any one of these characters will fight you as long as, and in any way, she possibly can. Her body will react normally to physical stimuli, but do not expect her to suddenly go nympho and start screaming how much she loves it! Unless I have a total change of heart any sex will have to be forced or coerced in some manner.

Any villain (alien, assassin, beast, dominatrix, mad scientist, mercenary, monster, mutant, naughty ninja, slaver, thug, whatever) who would like to challenge any Danger Doll to a role play adventure should go to the channel called #superheroines_in_peril on and simply private message me to discuss.