GunBunny, Bounty Hunter For Hire

Ht: 5' 4"

Wt: 110 lbs

Age: 18

Hair: blond, cupped about face

Eyes: green

Skin: fair, smooth, hairless

Body type: slender and very flexible, 35-21-34


GunBunny wears a bulletproof pink playboy bunny costume, cowgirl boots, leather hat and two guns. She usually wears a long black leather coat over her costume in which she hides various clips for her guns and her "Easter egg" grenades.


GunBunny is extraordinarily fit and an amazing acrobat with genetically enhanced abilities just like ChickFighter. She is all about non-stop action, attacking and firing her vintage Colt 1911s (these antiques have been reworked to emulate .357 caliber Glock 32s) frenetically and accurately, or tossing an "Easter egg" grenade, even as she executes difficult tumbling maneuvers.




Molly Whipple (aka ChickFighter) plays "GunBunny, Bounty Hunter for Hire" on cable television. The show is a non-stop brutal action fest with plenty of T&A. GunBunny is a gunslinging crazy woman who will do anything or kill anyone for money and chocolate. Unfortunately however there have been some disturbing incidents involving GunBunny in the real world, an attempt on the life of the former Empire City mayor for instance. Molly denies any knowledge of these incidents and insists the GunBunny character is pure fiction. Is she telling the truth? Is it a simple publicity stunt? Or could there be something more sinister at work? Could there be an evil clone of Molly running around as GunBunny in the real world? An army of clones? A plague of pink locusts descending on the city? Molly sure hopes not...