Pink Pantheress


Ht: 5' 4"

Wt: 111 lbs

Age: 20ish

Hair: blond

Eyes: blue

Skin: fair, smooth, hairless




Pink Pantheress' costume consists of a full-length pink lycra/spandex bodysuit and mask. She wears a black leather gadget corset about her middle and accesorizes with matching thigh boots and fingerless elbow gloves. Her katana is carried in a black sheath slung over the shoulder.



Who is Pink Pantheress? Is she a new cat burgler come to town? Is she an assassin come to collect a bounty? Is she the agent of some secret turtle organization? Does she have a sidekick named Kato?

I am looking for story and action. I prefer a role play to feel like it has some sort of denouement like a short story, an issue of a comic or an episode of a television show. This resolution could be almost anything, encompasing the entire gamut of possibilities from victory to defeat, but I'm partial to a deus ex machina escape or victory. I expect the ending to at least allow me to imagine somehow surviving and escaping to continue my on-going story. I want CLOSURE!

I like fights (frenetic and fierce) / beasts or monsters / chases / costume malfunctions / undress, I mean distress / knockout blows / gagging / carrying / brief bondage / deathtraps / surprise me!

I dislike mind control / aphrodisiacs / chloroform / drugs / tickling / exploding collars / lactation / snuff / permanent disfigurement or injury / peril-free romance / endless cyber sex / on-going enslavement.

Pink Pantheress will react normally to physical stimuli, but do not expect her to suddenly go nympho and start screaming how much she loves it! Unless I have a sudden change of heart any sex with Pink Pantheress will have to be forced or coerced in some manner. Any villain (alien, assassin, beast, dominatrix, mad scientist, mercenary, monster, mutant, naughty ninja, thug, whatever) who would like to challenge Pink Pantheress to a role play adventure should simply PM me to discuss it.