Chicky X: The queen of B kicks A!


Molly Whipple is Chicky X, super groovy cool agent of justice who battles all sorts of monsters, villains and their minions! Molly is better known as Chickfighter, former Empire City wrestling champion, Danger Doll team member, b-movie action star and video game character, most recently the NPC character pictured at above right in the Xbox360 live video game "Alpha Squad" to be released January, 2011.


Status: actress

Height: 5' 4"

Weight: 111 lbs

Hair: blond

Eyes: blue


Chicky X wears a full-length pink bodysuit that zips up the front and has gloves and boots sewn into it. She is a genetically enhanced super sexy agent with a bob cut and a cute giggle. She has no superpowers as such but does have enhanced speed, agility, strength, healing abilities and the like due to being the byproduct of a genetic engineering project. Chicky X is also a martial arts Xpert. Chicky X tends to leap into action without a second thought. This can get her into trouble with superpowered foes.


One of the perks of being a superheroine is getting to play dress-up every day!


Her scenes are all about wild Xcessive action, far-out fighting, Xtenuating costume malfunctions, kooky crazy cliffhanger peril, Xciting escapes, psychedelic scifi adventure and cheesy FX. Check out some of her video game appearances below, from the Alpha Squad to Merci's Meteor SMASH to Chickfighter versus Streetfighter...