Ht: 5' 4"

Wt: 111 lbs

Age: 20

Hair: blond

Eyes: blue

Currently incarcerated



ChickFighter's costume consists of a long-sleeved pink leotard accessorized with black footies, gloves, belt and mask. The leotard is monogrammed and bulletproof. The footies and gloves allow her to cling to most surfaces thereby making it possible for her to crawl up walls and even cling to ceilings. The mask is engineered to provide protection to her eyes, give her nightvision and decloaking capabilities, as well as having a gas mask extension for those hard-to-breathe situations.



ChickFighter stretches, works out and teaches kids classes everyday at the Saikyo Dojo. She is an extraordinarily fit and an amazing gymnast. ChickFighter is very flexible and several times as quick and strong as would seem humanly possible for a woman her size. She heals at an accelerated rate, but she can't heal like a deep, foot long gash in a minute or a broken bone in an hour (perhaps overnight!).

ChickFighter once considered her belt to be the source of her powers, but has since discovered otherwise. It's like her mentor, Masked Americana, once explained. "Powerbelts are like training wheels. One soon learns to operate without them and they become unnecessary." ChickFighter no longer needs her powerbelt, but she feels more comfortable with it and very much likes the way a black belt accessorizes her costume.


ChickFighter is impish. She is impetuous, impudent and imprudent as might be expected of one so youthful. She is drawn by the lure of the limelight she associates with all the superheroines she admires and will charge into the middle of trouble in hopes of achieving such fame for her self. She really does want to do good, just in a "hey look at me" sort of way. ChickFighter also discovered she was, or perhaps she became, arachnophobic during one particularly disturbing incident involving a crate full of tarantulas. She was mumbling incoherently and trembling with fear by the time Masked Americana rescued her.

Character History:

Molly Whipple (aka ChickFighter) is the former ward and sidekick of Tiffany Truesdale (aka women's wrestling champion Masked Americana). While visiting Japan as an exchange student Molly was taken captive and tortured by Master Shinji of the Snake Ninja clan and his assistant, Yumi. Eventually they began to retrain Molly as one of their own. She trained along side and became rivals with Yumi under the watchful eyes of the ninja enforcer Tsunami. He became fond of Molly, suspecting that she was a genetically engineered superhuman like himself. A quick examination of her past confirmed his suspicions. Molly's dead parents had not been her real parents at all, but rather the very scientists who had created her in the lab, possibly as a pet project while working on super soldiers for the government. Tsunami took the liberty of telling Molly about her origins. Eventually Molly broke the conditioning of the ninjas, was rescued by the Danger Dolls led by Blue Belle, and returned to the role of heroine.

Chickfighter's first solo mission was to find her missing friend and mentor Masked Americana, and after so doing, she decided to embark on her own career. Molly became the Empire City overall wrestling champion for a time in tribute to her former guardian. Wrestling landed Molly the lead role in the cable television show GunBunny, Bounty Hunter for Hire. She has since become a video game siren and b-movie actress, renown for doing her own stunts. Molly is young, willful, and likes to shop for clothes, sometimes with her pet chinchilla whom she cleverly named Chilli. ChickFighter is serious about doing good, and just as serious about looking good while doing it. She has also freelanced as a special agent for various international entities like Interpol and MI6 when they need a talented amateur or an unknown outsider. (See Agent Whipple at right)


I am looking for story and action involving peril. I prefer a role play to feel like it has some sort of denouement like a short story, an issue of a comic or an episode of a television show. This resolution could be almost anything, encompasing the entire gamut of possibilities from victory to defeat, but I'm partial to a deus ex machina escape or victory. I believe the best comic tradition is the one in which the underdog hero(ine) eventually triumphs over long odds to save the day. Old-fashioned? Naive even? Perhaps. My favorite comics have more in common with pulp adventure than gritty dark realism. Anyway, I expect the ending to at least allow me to imagine somehow surviving and escaping to continue my on-going battle against evil. And I want CLOSURE!

Likes fights (frenetic and fierce) / beasts or monsters / chases / costume malfunctions / undress, I mean distress / knockout blows / gagging / carrying / marched off to or displayed for sale / brief bondage / deathtraps / surprise me! Like I'm not overly into toilet scenes, but if you want to, for instance, splash me back to consciousness by taking a whiz, that's your prerogative and my warm wet rude awakening.

Dislikes (not to rule anything out completely, but these things simply don't particularly interest me) Mind control (I kicked the poop out of your zombies, and I prefer not to become one) / aphrodisiacs / chloroform / drugs / tickling / exploding collars (Sorry guys, I'm tired of this one) / lactation / snuff / permanent disfigurement or injury (Pain and blood are fine, but I still want to look good.) / on-going enslavement.

As the name suggests ChickFighter will fight you as long as, and in any way, she possibly can. Her body will react normally to physical stimuli, but do not expect her to suddenly go nympho and start screaming how much she loves it! Unless I have a sudden change of heart any sex with ChickFighter will have to be forced or coerced in some manner. Any villain (assassin, beast, dominatrix, mad scientist, mercenary, monster, mutant, naughty ninja, thug, whatever) who would like to challenge ChickFighter to a role play adventure or a wrestling match should simply PM me so we can discuss it.

"One of the perks of being a superheroine is getting to play dress-up everyday!"