Blue Belle's Room



Age - 36

Height - 5' 8"

Weight - 136 lbs

Eyes - Brown

Hair - Reddish brown




Susan MacDuff went straight from college to working for a cable news channel. There she earned the nickname "Danger Doll" action news reporter after she was attacked on camera and subsequently subdued the serial rapist whose crimes she was covering for the sensationalist network.


Suddenly Susan was a star! The ratings hungry network decided to use Susan's sex appeal to attract viewers, giving her assignments like erotic dancing, nude skydiving or hosting female club wrestling. These assignments annoyed Susan, but she continued to work for cable company because of the value of the many leads she could get on criminal activity while on the job. This eventually developed into Susan's own reality television program entitled "Danger Doll," in which a hi-tech hover camera followed the exploits of the superheroine Blue Belle and broadcast them uninterrupted to the world!


Blue Belle had numerous successes including, but not limited to, the capture of the notorious "Birds of Prey" biker gang and the crippling of an international white slavery organization known only as the "Scavengers!" This battle against international slavers led Belle to enlist the aid of friends like AmeriCat, Chickfighter, Dragon Doll and Serendipity. Under the leadership of Blue Belle, this group of superheroines became well-known to the world as the "Danger Dolls," due in no small measure to Susan's coverage of their exploits. Eventually Belle became CEO of her own satellite channel known as Danger Doll Satellite Television. It takes all of her time and experience to run DDSTV while still leading the Danger Dolls.


Belle's retro look was a leotard and tights ensemble, but her current costume consists of a long-sleeved bulletproof metallic-blue bodysuit, ankle booties, and a black belt with "BB" buckle. From this utility belt hang pockets for smart restraints, ziplines, a multi-use handgun, and her "brightsword," a light saber device developed for Susan by Serendipity. Belle has no real "super" powers as such, but she does have Olympic caliber skills as a fencer, markswoman and swimmer due to competing in modern pentathlon during her college years. In addition Blue Belle has a nearly infallible natural sense of direction and an unnatural resistance to mind control. And ever since a near-death experience resulted in the appearance of a dolphin tattoo on her tummy she has been able to communicate with dolphins. Belle is the senior memebr and leader of the Danger Dolls.



I prefer a strong dose of plot and action. This character is a strong competent woman endeavoring to thwart villainy in the face of personal peril and I play her as such. I like to discuss the set-up and resolution options without knowing any specifics. The set-up could be anything, but some sort of basic plot device to explain the character's motivations as they interact is a must for me. I have been told I like pulpy cliffhanger action with a dose of melodrama. I can live with that description.

I prefer a role play to feel like it has some sort of denouement like a short story, an issue of a comic or an episode of a television show (which in the case of Blue Belle is sometimes exactly what it is). This resolution could be almost anything, encompasing the entire gamut of possibilities from victory to defeat, but I much prefer a Deus ex machina escape or victory resulting from Belle's own actions. Belle must survive intact mentally and physically to coninue her adventures.

Likes - fights (Frenetic and fierce) / beasts or monsters / chases / costume malfunctions / undress, I mean distress / knockout blows / gagging / carrying / bondage (if to a purpose, I prefer action) / crude mencing groping / beatings / paraded for sale / forced sex (but do not dawdle here please... remember the plot... yes, the story that makes possible the motivations for playing the character is still important even during sex) / deathtraps.

Dislikes (Not to rule anything out completely, but these things don't particularly interest me) - mind control (I kicked the poop out of your zombies, and I prefer not to become one.) / aphrodisiacs / drugs / tickling / peril-free groping / cyber sex / on-going enslavement / exploding collars (Sorry guys, I'm tired of this one) / lactation / snuff / permanent disfigurement or injury (Pain and blood are fine, but I still want to look good.) / sexual mutilation.

Any villain (alien, assassin, beast, dominatrix, mad scientist, mercenary, monster, mutant, naughty ninja, slaver, thug, whatever) who would like to challenge any Danger Doll to a role play adventure should simply private message me and discuss it.