AmeriCat and her pet sabretooth...

Status: Inactive (Living on an island with Rex)

Ht: 5'

Wt: 100 lbs

Hair: dirty blond, often pulled back in a ponytail

Eyes: yellowish brown

Body type: powerful and flexible



It was as she stood on the gold medal platform at the Olympics listening to the "Star Spangled Banner" that world-class gymnast Carly Peterson decided to fight crime in the name of her country. She donned a bulletproof leotard in the red, white and blue colors of her country, added blue boots and called herself AmeriCat.


Early battles against the likes of the Naughty Ninjas and the LeopardMistress did not go well, and eventually AmeriCat found herself in a deathtrap spawned from the demented mind of the villainess. But instead of killing the bound AmeriCat the huge sabretooth named Rex actually helped the young heroine escape, much to the dismay of the LeopardMistress.


There was an immediate telepathic bond between the young heroine and her pet, Rex. And the regenerative sabretooth DNA that coursed through the fluids of the big cat had a profound effect on the body chemistry of the girl. Her already impressive gymnastic skills became extraceptional, she gained night vision, her nails became fierce retractable claws, and she aquired amazing regenerative capabilities.


Soon Blue Belle asked new AmeriCat to join the Danger Dolls superheroine team full time as their newest and youngest member. Carly accepted the offer to become a Danger Doll only after Serendipity designed and created a large natural habitat for Rex at the the Dolls' tower... though he seems to prefer to sleep in Carly's room...



Length: 12'

Wt: 727 lbs

Fur: dirty blond

Eyes: yellowish brown

Fangs: 8"

Rex is very protective of his little mistress. This prehistoric sabretooth was recreated entirely from his DNA code by the application of an aggressive reanimation process to excavated genetic material placed in the vacuumed ovum of a common housecat. This process continues to course through his flesh, resulting in his having amazing regenerative capacity.